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Below is a listing of the top 50 most viewed items on the site.

Some of these releases are my 'go to' release to test changes, so these are slightly inflated. They are: singles RESL 1 and albums REA 1.

Note the ratings column is slowly being populated by me as well as you, my guest! viewsRating
1dvdsBBCDVD 2798K-9 and Company - A girl's best friendTerence Dudley42073
2dvdsEKA 50012The Brittas empire - Series 2Richard Fegen / Andrew Norriss27185
3singlesRESL 1The six wives of Henry VIIIThe Early Music Consort / Arr. David Munroe26593
4singlesRESL 125Floreo de llamas (Flight of the condor)Guamary / Inti Illimani26475
5books0-563-40584-8Doctor Who - CatastropherTerrance Dicks23473
6dvdsBBCDVD 1016Walking with dinosaursKenneth Branagh21962
7dvdsBBCDVD 1962Doctor Who - Series 2, volume 3Tom MacRae / Mark Gatiss20995
8dvdsBBCDVD 1032Doctor Who - The tomb of the CybermenKit Pedler / Gerry Davis19903
9singlesRESL 11Doctor WhoRon Grainer19545
10dvdsBBCDVD 3163Doctor Who - DreamlandPhil Ford18704
11dvdsBBCDVD 1353Doctor Who - Lost in timeVarious17623
12albumsREGL 409Yehudi MenuhinYehudi Menuhin17503
13singlesPD 1BBC 1922*1962 - Historic sounds from forty years of broadcastingVarious17254
14blu-raysBBCBD 03444Doctor Who - Spearhead from spaceRobert Holmes17123
15dvdsBBCDVD 1040Doctor Who - Remembrance of the DaleksBen Aaronovitch16815
16dvdsBBCDVD 3378Doctor Who - Nightmare of EdenBob Baker16333
17singlesRESL 7Lord Peter Wimsey themeHerbert Chappell / Boyfriends16153
18dvdsBBCDVD 1006Doctor Who - The five DoctorsTerrance Dicks16033
19singlesRESL 4Elizabeth RThe Early Music Consort / Arr. David Munroe15882
20dvdsBBCDVD 1019Black adder 2Richard Curtis / Ben Elton15803
21dvdsKLT 62027[ spooks ]2David Wolstencroft / Howard Brenton / Matthew Graham / Simon Mirren / Steve Bailie / Ben Richards15763
22blu-raysBBCBD 0390Doctor Who - The power of the DaleksDavid Whitaker / Dennis Spooner15683
23dvdsBBCDVD 1012Doctor Who - The robots of deathChris Boucher15635
24dvdsBBCDVD 1042Doctor Who - The caves of AndrozaniRobert Holmes15513
25dvdsBBCDVD 1152Doctor Who - The talons of Weng-ChiangRobert Holmes15493
26albumsREA 1Our present knowledge of the UniverseSir Bernard Lovell15483
27dvdsBBCDVD 1118Red dwarf - Series IIRob Grant / Doug Naylor15413
28dvdsBBCDVD 2799Doctor Who - The invisible enemyBob Baker / Dave Martin15253
29cdsinglesLC 309 (ONLY1)Only youPortishead 15183
30dvdsBBCDVD 1098Doctor Who - Carnival of monstersRobert Holmes15063
31dvdsBBCDVD 1043Doctor Who - The movieMatthew Jacobs15033
32dvdsBBCDVD 1664Doctor Who - City of deathDavid Agnew14983
33dvdsBBCDVD 3691Doctor Who - The underwater menaceGeoffrey Orme14873
3412inches12 RSL 139The roly poly congaTaverner / Redmond / The Roly Polys14863
35singlesRESL 13Moonbase 3Dudley Simpson / BBC Radiophonic Workshop14834
36dvdsKLT 62039[ spooks ]3Howard Brenton / Rupert Walters / Ben Richards / David Wolstencroft / Raymond Khoury14773
37dvdsBBCDVD 1044Doctor Who - Vengence on VarosPhilip Martin14693
38singlesRESL 224Fireman SamMaldwyn Pope14594
39dvdsBBCDVD 1153Doctor Who - EarthshockEric Saward14593
40singlesNH 43ABirdsNot registered14533
41singlesRESL 5Waggoners' walkWade / Cliff / Trane14452
42cdsDRWRW 1Doctor Who - At the radiophonic workshop - Volume 1Various14213
43blu-raysBBCBD 0251Doctor Who - Series 7 boxed setVarious14154
44dvdsBBCDVD 2441Doctor Who - The war machinesIan Stuart Black14153
45singlesRESL 10What ever happened to you (Likely lads)Hugg / La Franais / Bewes14045
46dvdsBBCDVD 2508Doctor Who - The complete Davros collectionVarious13983
47albumsOP 195/196Punti di vista - BBC Radio second year Italian - Record 1 - Programmes 11 - 20Various13893
48singlesRESL 2This is the lifeStrousel / Adams / Bacharach / David / The Young Generation with the Alyn Ainsworth Orchestra13823
49singlesRESL 8ClochemerleAlan Roper13802
50cdsinglesCD RSL 201I want tomorrow (The Celts)Enya13612