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Below is a listing of the top 50 most viewed items on the site.

Some of these releases are my 'go to' release to test changes, so these are slightly inflated. They are: singles RESL 1 and albums REA 1.

Note the ratings column is slowly being populated by me as well as you, my guest!

NoCategoryCatalogue numberTitleArtist(s)Page viewsRatings
1dvdsBBCDVD 1186Blake's 7 - Series 4Chris Boucher / Ben Steed / Robert Holmes / James Follett / Allan Prior / Roger Parkes / Rod Beacham / Bill Lyons / Tanith Lee / Colin Davis / Simon Masters114063
2dvdsKLT 62027[ spooks ]2David Wolstencroft / Howard Brenton / Matthew Graham / Simon Mirren / Steve Bailie / Ben Richards69493
3singlesECS 2M1Vans: FordNot registered51603
4albumsREB 228-iDHands across the seaThe Band of the Welsh Guards47853
5dvdsBBCDVD 2798K-9 and Company - A girl's best friendTerence Dudley47073
6singlesECS 2M3Vans: FordNot registered38863
7dvdsBBCDVD 3163Doctor Who - DreamlandPhil Ford38644
8dvdsBBCDVD 1962Doctor Who - Series 2, volume 3Tom MacRae / Mark Gatiss38185
9singlesRESL 1The six wives of Henry VIIIThe Early Music Consort / Arr. David Munroe36833
10dvdsBBCDVD 3484Doctor Who - The ambassadors of deathDavid Whitaker / Malcolm Hulke / Trevor Ray35453
11dvdsBBCDVD 2224Doctor Who - The mark of the RaniPip and Jane Baker35363
12singlesEC 146DWarfare Vietnam 1969Not registered35283
13dvdsEKA 50012The Brittas empire - Series 2Richard Fegen / Andrew Norriss34955
14dvdsBBCDVD 2799Doctor Who - The invisible enemyBob Baker / Dave Martin34873
15singlesEC 121DPaddle Steamer (2400 HP): Telegraph bell signals, etc.Not registered34723
16dvdsBBCDVD 3381Doctor Who - Colony in spaceMalcolm Hulke34653
17blu-raysBBC3DBD 0248Doctor Who - The day of the Doctor (50th anniversary special)Steven Moffat31903
18singlesRESL 42Mr Men - Mr GreedyRoger Hargreaves31665
19singlesRESL 125Floreo de llamas (Flight of the condor)Inti Illimani31595
20singlesNH 72ZAnimalsNot registered31593
21dvdsBBCDVD 1356Doctor Who - Horror of fang rockTerrance Dicks31065
22singlesECS 2S3County rugby football matchNot registered30773
23dvdsBBCDVD 2334Doctor Who - The time warriorRobert Holmes30163
24singlesECS 2H2Two-horse brake (On hard surface)Not registered29883
25dvdsBBCDVD 1350Doctor Who - Pyramids of MarsBob Baker / Dave Martin29663
26dvdsBBCDVD 1016Walking with dinosaursKenneth Branagh29572
27dvdsBBCDVD 1964Doctor Who - Series 2, volume 5Matthew Graham / Russell T Davies29095
28singlesNH 75ZBlack tailed praire dogs, western diamond black rattle snake, American bison, red howler monkeyNot registered29043
29dvdsBBCDVD 1032Doctor Who - The tomb of the CybermenKit Pedler / Gerry Davis28963
30cassettesZBBC 1770Doctor Who - KindaChristopher Bailey28813
31singlesECS 1C17Crowds: InteriorNot registered28573
32dvdsBBCDVD 2903Doctor Who - The next doctorRussell T Davies28544
33singlesECS 4C1Refuse collection (Occasional distant speech)Not registered28523
34singlesECS 5E3Electronic soundsNot registered28443
35singlesMP 25211Rhesus Monkey, Leopard, Tiger, New Forest PonyNot registered28383
36dvdsBBCDVD 1755Doctor Who - New series, volume 1Russell T Davies / Mark Gatiss28303
37dvdsBBCDVD 1829Doctor Who - The invasionDerrick Sherwin28263
38dvdsBBCDVD 2971Doctor Who - The RomansDennis Spooner27735
39dvdsBBCDVD 3378Doctor Who - Nightmare of EdenBob Baker27613
40singlesNH 118ZGoldeno riole, white stork,r uins:-s wifts,s tarlingsb, onelliNot registered27593
41dvdsBBCDVD 3383Doctor Who - The DaemonsGuy Leopold27513
42dvdsBBCDVD 1833Doctor Who - The hand of fearBob Baker / Dave Martin27293
43dvdsBBCDVD 2871ADoctor Who - KindaChristopher Bailey27173
44singlesECS 4S1YachtsNot registered26713
45dvdsBBCDVD 2381Doctor Who - Series 3, volume 1Russell T Davies / Gareth Roberts26613
46singlesNH 127ZMustle thrush, carrion crow, variousNot registered26573
47singlesECS 7T1American telephonesNot registered26483
48singlesECS 1C6Royal Albert HallNot registered26253
49dvdsBBCDVD 1019Black adder 2Richard Curtis / Ben Elton26243
50singlesECS 1W6WaterNot registered26193