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Picture of dvds [ spooks ]3 DVD (Howard Brenton / Rupert Walters / Ben Richards / David Wolstencroft / Raymond Khoury)

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Catalogue numberKLT 62039
Sleeve picturePicture of KLT 62039 [ spooks ]3 DVD by artist Howard Brenton / Rupert Walters / Ben Richards / David Wolstencroft / Raymond Khoury from the BBC records and Tapes library
Title[ spooks ]3 DVD
ArtistHoward Brenton / Rupert Walters / Ben Richards / David Wolstencroft / Raymond Khoury
Cover conditionNear mint
Record conditionNear mint
Item deleted?Yes
LabelContender Entertainment Group
Contender%20Entertainment%20Group label
Distributed / printed byContender Entertainment Group
Media typePrimary
Media genreDramas View all other tracks listed as Dramas.
Run-off codes / Shop bar codesDVP17419 KLT62039ARO/L1 04 0MM Technicolor
DVP17362 KLT62039BRO/L1 03 A01 Technicolor
DVP17360 KLT62039CRO/L1 04 0MM Technicolor
DVP17375 KLT62039DRO/L1 04 0MM Technicolor
DVP17364 KLT62039ERO/L1 04 0MM Technicolor
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Front cover
Front cover of KLT 62039
Back cover
Back cover of KLT 62039
Middle of cover
Middle of cover of KLT 62039 Middle of cover of KLT 62039
Label LabelLabel Label Label


Below is a list of tracks for this release.
Side & trackTrack and ArtistLength
A1Project friendly fire [Howard Brenton]59.36
A2The sleeper [Howard Brenton]59.39
A3 Episode 3.110.41
A4Episode 3.24.47
A5Director Jonny Campbell4.24
A6Resolving series 22.24
A7Series 315.59
A8Deleted scenes3.00
A9Image gallery
A10Secret credits
B1Who guards the guards? [Rupert Walters]58.12
B2A prayer for my daughter [Ben Richards]59.09
B3 Episode 3.39.05
B4Episode 3.48.02
B5Director Cilla Ware5.14
B6Directing Spooks9.55
B7Rubert Penry-Jones5.10
B8Adam Carter5.42
B9Image gallery
B10Secret credits
C1Love and death [David Wolstencroft]59.12
C2Persephone [Ben Richards]59.06
C3 Episode 3.58.24
C4Episode 3.64.15
C5Writing series 322.58
C6Deleted scenes2.19
C7Image gallery
C8Secret credits
D1Outsiders [Raymond Khoury]58.37
D2Celebrity [Howard Brenton]58.09
D3 Episode 3.76.18
D4Episode 3.87.37
D5Olga Sosnovska7.51
D6Fiona Carter8.08
D7Relating to the real World9.15
D8Deleted scenes2.29
D9Image gallery
D10Secret credits
E1Frequently asked questions [Rupert Walters]58.28
E2The suffering of strangers [Ben Richards]59.03
E3 Episode 3.910.55
E4Episode 3.107.30
E5Hellos and goodbyes19.49
E6Series 45.11
E7Deleted scenes2.29
E8Image gallery
E9Secret credits
Total length of media 13:19:02.

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Matthew Macfadyen (Tom Quinn) - Episodes 1 & 2
Rupert Penry-Jones (Adam Carter)
Keeley Hawes (Zoe Reynolds) - Episodes 1 - 6
David Oyelowo (Danny Hunter)
Peter Firth (Harry Pearce)
Shauna Macdonald (Sam Buxton)
Hugh Simon (Malcolm Wynn-Jones)
Rory MacGregor (Colin Wells)
Nicola Walker (Ruth Evershed)
Olga Sosnovska (Fiona Carter) - Episodes 4, 7 - 10
Raza Jaffrey - Zafar Younis - Episode 10

Megan Dodds - Christine Dale
Tim McInnerny - Oliver Mace
Richard Harrington - Will North
Ian McDiarmid - Fred Roberts
Anupam Kher - Harakat
Dermot Crowley - Eric Newland
Barnaby Kay - Ruth's potential love interest
Andy Serkis - Riff
Owen Teale - Robert Morgan
James Dicker - Wes Carter

Written by

Howard Brenton
Rupert Walters
Ben Richards
David Wolstencroft
Raymond Khoury

Produced by

Andrew Woodhead

Directed by

Jonny Campbell
Cilla Ware
Justin Chadwick
Bill Anderson
Alrick Riley


Episode 1
Taking place just after "Smoke and Mirrors", Tom Quinn (Matthew Macfadyen) is framed for assassinating Air Chief Marshal Sir John Stone by believed-to-be-dead Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) agent Herman Joyce (Tomas Arana) as revenge for ruining his daughter's life. Chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC) Oliver Mace (Tim McInnerny) conducts an unorthodox investigation into Section D in an attempt to control it. Harry Pearce (Peter Firth) recovers from Tom's shooting of him and brings in MI6 officer Adam Carter (Rupert Penry-Jones) to prove Tom's innocence. Tom, posing as a vagrant, tracks Joyce to his daughter's church and kills him, before delivering the body to Thames House. Though it proves Joyce faked his death, it does not prove Tom's innocence. Later, Section D learns that Joyce's wife, Carmen (Frances Tomelty) plans to meet Joyce in London. The team follow her to a flat building, where Adam pays her a visit. Through recording devices, Adam has Carmen confess to framing Tom, before allowing her to kill herself, which prevented Mace from making her change her story. Tom is cleared and reinstated, but his CIA girlfriend Christine Dale (Megan Dodds) resigns. She warns Tom to leave his work before it will "destroy" him.

Episode 2
Harry activates his first sleeper agent, university professor Fred Roberts (Ian McDiarmid) for "Operation Flytrap". Section D detonates a bomb in an abandoned council house and spread a rumour that two terrorists died while tampering with hypothetical red mercury created by Roberts to develop nuclear weapons. Section D proceed to ruin Roberts' life by arresting him, make his family leave him and put him in debt to make any potential buyers believe he would be selling the red mercury for financial security. He is later approached by Lawrence Sayle (Jalaal Hartley) of AlF Command, a Kyrgyzstan-based terrorist group. Over time, Tom becomes more concerned with Roberts' mental state. He ultimately undergoes an "exploding conscience" and sabotages the operation by attempting to take Roberts to his family. However, he is stopped and is decommissioned from MI5 as a result. The operation continues and MI5 are able to arrest Sayle and kill his accomplices who attempts to kill Roberts' family. Meanwhile, Zoe Reynolds (Keeley Hawes) starts a relationship with photographer Will North (Richard Harrington).

Episode 3
Danny Hunter (David Oyelowo) is assigned to protect controversial Pakistani novelist Zuli (Simon de Selva) when they are attacked by two gunmen, resulting in the wounding of bookseller Harakat (Anupam Kher). However, Adam notes that an assassin had a clear shot at Zuli but did not take it. As Zuli organises his own security, Danny befriends Harakat. Later, Section D find an aerial photograph of Mace talking with Muhammed Khordad (Paul Bhattacharjee), the head of terrorist group the Path of Light in Hebron, West Bank. Adam decides to meet the source of the image (Harriet Walter). However, Mace sends MI6 watchers to shadow him and intercept the meeting. Because Adam is an expert in countersurveillance, he eventually loses them. The source reveals that Harakat worked with the Path of Light until he betrayed them by becoming an MI6 asset to help stop them, and years later Khordad agrees to co-operate with the West, on the condition that they kill Harakat, who was the intended target all along. Harakat is killed by a hidden sniper of Mace's when Danny drives him to a safe house. Meanwhile, Zoe and Will's relationship flourishes. Harry has Adam transferred to Section D to fill in for Tom's position.

Episode 4
Influential United Nations negotiator Patricia Norton (Jan Chappell), who Adam is fond of, is kidnapped and later found murdered. Adam discovers that a far-right pro-Israeli group called the November Committee, in which media mogul David Swift (Corin Redgrave) is a key member, was involved as they wanted her to cease any peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian territories. Section D finds evidence that the next target could be pro-Palestinian MP Nicholas Ashworth (Anton Lesser). Knowing that Catherine Townsend (Caroline Carver), Harry's estranged daughter, works with Ashworth, Danny is sent in to befriend her as she may be an agent with the November Committee, though it is later revealed she is trying to expose it. Ashworth's boyfriend Richard Hollins (Stuart Laing) turns out to be the committee agent. When Adam finds that Swift was complicit in Norton's death, he blackmails him into leaving the country by having his wife, Fiona (Olga Sosnovska), fake a sexual assault case against him. Meanwhile, Will proposes to Zoe. However, Danny also learns that Will's brother Andy (Huw Rhys) leaked photographs of the episode's investigation to the press.

Episode 5
Danny and Zoe are assigned to follow rogue scientist Eric Newland (Dermot Crowley), an expert in plague bacteria, to a North Sea ferry with the hopes of dissuading him from selling biological weapons to North Korean buyers. However, Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) learn a deal has already been made, and the two are now ordered to kill Newland by overdosing him on insulin, as he is a diabetic. Zoe is unable to perform the task as she is suffering from seasickness, so Danny reluctantly carries it out with some persuasion and support from Adam. As this transpires, Ruth Evershed (Nicola Walker) is interested in a man she was spying on, but could not bring herself to start a relationship with him. Later, Danny tells Zoe about Will's brother leaking the photographs. Feeling Will betrayed her trust, Zoe breaks off their engagement.

Episode 6
Zoe is put on trial for involuntary manslaughter of undercover police officer Hasan Doyan (Cosh Omar) while she was sent undercover to stop the Turkish Mafia from transporting weapons to the UK. Zoe allegedly talked member Sevilin Ozal (Kayvan Novak) into killing his boss Emre Celenk (Haluk Bilginer), which also resulted in the murder of Doyan. Before the jury makes a decision, Zoe confides in Danny in a development that should not be disclosed to the public; Harry and Adam believed Celenk had connections with Al-Qaeda. When this was confirmed, Zoe did talk Ozal into killing him, but did not expect Doyan's death. Later, despite assurances from Attorney General Lord Young (James Laurenson) that Zoe would only get away with a "slapped wrist", she is found guilty and sentenced to ten years imprisonment. Angered, Harry accuses Young of running a show trial for Doyan's family. Harry arranges for Zoe to run to Chile with a new identity while a stand in would serve the sentence, but she refuses to go. Danny, who earlier admitted to being in love with her, convinces her to go, and the two tearfully say goodbye.

Episode 7
Nine people die after taking paracetamol. Section D finds that a computer hacker breached the database of a pharmaceutical company and tainted select batches of the drug with a poison. Later, the hacker wipes out several bank accounts. Section D and the National Hi-Tech Crime Unit (NHTCU) trace the hacking to a mosque. However, when a special forces team storm it, they find nothing. The hacker strikes again, manipulating traffic lights and redirecting 999 calls to sex chat lines. Adam later realises Islamic extremists are not involved when he hears the hacker demanding 100 million in diamonds. Ruth has dinner with NHTCU officer Andrew Forrestal (Adrian Rawlins) when she realises he is the hacker, and is kidnapped. He reveals his motives; he invented a G&J algorithm, which allows the user to hack into any computer system, however his colleagues took all the credit for it. He is given the diamonds, but dies later because they were coated with synthetic cobra venom. Meanwhile, Danny has trouble dealing with Zoe's departure. Will confronts him about her whereabouts. Despite being under Harry's orders not to reveal her location to him, Danny eventually tells Will she is in Chile. Later, Danny learns from a postcard that Zoe and Will are back together.

Episode 8
Knighted rock star Riff (Andy Serkis) and his supermodel wife B (Rebecca Palmer) request MI5's assistance when their infant son, Alfie, is kidnapped. Mace transfers Fiona to MI5 to work undercover and befriend B. However, Adam grows concerned with her cocaine use in the operation. When the kidnappers eventually demand 3 million, Section D plants the money with tracking devices, which are disabled when the kidnappers put them under magnets in a scrapyard. Furthermore, Alfie is found dead outside the couple's house. Fiona learns B arranged the kidnapping with the help of Italian drug running friend Rudolphino Ponti (Vincenzo Nicoli) for publicity. What she did not anticipate was Alfie's death, which has been ruled as an accident. When Riff learns of this, he wounds Ponti, kills B and then himself. Meanwhile, politician John Sylvester (Adrian Lukis), on Mace's suggestion, takes the opportunity to cover up the accidental murder of a young woman he had an affair with by resigning his post. However Harry and Adam know the truth, and they leak it to the press, which would result in his arrest.

Episode 9
British Army officer turned mercenary Robert Morgan (Owen Teale) is arrested after he is found digging on a Soviet weapons cache near a Royal Air Force base, containing a missing laser designated missile. Knowing an attack is imminent in 72 hours, Danny and Adam play "good cop, bad cop" using the latter's interrogation methods to extract the information. However, Danny grows concerned with Adam's methods, after learning that Adam himself was tortured in Yemen. They later find Morgan has a daughter needing a liver transplant. At the same time, Fiona discovers he is working with the Anglo-West Africa oil company, who plan to attack the headquarters of a rival company. After threatening to leave his daughter behind in the building, Morgan reveals the location of his accomplices. Meanwhile, Harry has been shortlisted to replace the Director General of MI5, who is retiring. He asks Ruth to prepare him for an interview, even though he does not want the promotion; the position would be passed on to another candidate.

Episode 10
"Butterfly", an asset of Danny and Fiona, informs MI5 of a possible sarin gas attack against the London Underground during a speech the Prime Minister will make regarding the Iraq War. However, "Butterfly" is killed by an Iraqi terror cell led by Ahmed (Zubin Varla). On Fiona's birthday, the cell leads Danny and Fiona into a trap, revealing that the threat was a distraction to capture the two; Ahmed threatens to kill them unless the Prime Minister withdraws forces from Iraq. Adam learns of this when a female cell member, Khatera Abuzeid (Badria Timimi), is assigned to handle him. Danny and Fiona attempt to escape but are caught. Because Danny killed a guard in the attempt, Ahmed gives Adam an ultimatum; choose which of the two must die as retribution. Danny, in a bid to save Fiona, provokes Ahmed and is executed as a result. Khatera forces Adam to send her to the function the Prime Minister will attend. By then, Khatera reveals she has a bomb inside her stomach that will release a chemical agent when the Prime Minister enters. No longer wanting to die, Khatera surrenders and reveals Fiona's location to MI5. Special forces arrive in time to kill Ahmed and his men before they can burn Fiona alive. As Adam and Fiona reunite, Ruth grieves over Danny's demise.

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