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Picture of dvds The Brittas empire - Series 2 DVD (Richard Fegen / Andrew Norriss)

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Catalogue numberEKA 50012
Sleeve picturePicture of EKA 50012 The Brittas empire - Series 2 DVD by artist Richard Fegen / Andrew Norriss from the BBC records and Tapes library
TitleThe Brittas empire - Series 2 DVD
ArtistRichard Fegen / Andrew Norriss
Cover conditionNear mint
Record conditionNear mint
Item deleted?Yes
LabelEureka Video
Eureka%20Video label
Distributed / printed byEureka Video
Media typePrimary
Media genreComedies - Situation View all other tracks listed as Comedies - Situation.
Run-off codes / Shop bar codesDVD13611 EKA 50012 DISC 1 V2/A 02 A03 Technicolor IFPI01
DVD13153 EKA 50012 DISC 2/A 02 B01 Technicolor IFPI01
My ratingNot set
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Front cover
Front cover of EKA 50012
Back cover
Back cover of EKA 50012
Middle of cover
Middle of cover of EKA 50012 Middle of cover of EKA 50012 Middle of cover of EKA 50012 Middle of cover of EKA 50012
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Below is a list of tracks for this release.
Side & trackTrack and ArtistLength
A1Back from the dead29.14
A2Temple of the body28.19
A3An inspector calls29.27
A4Set in concrete29.34
A6Good morning - interview4.23
A8Barrie's bulletin board
A9Picture gallery
A10Pippa Haywood biography
B1Mums and dads28.24
B2Safety first29.35
B3New generations29.11
Total length of media 3:28:07.

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Brittas - Chris Barrie
Helen - Philippa Haywood
Colin - Michael Burns
Laura - Julia St John
Linda - Jill Greenacre
Angie - Andree Bernard
Carole - Harriet Thorpe
Tim - Russell Porter
Gavin - Tim Marriott

Baby Ben - Phoebe Gilpin (Episodes 1)
John - David Thorp[e (Episode 1)
Woman - Brenda Cavendish (Episode 1)
Man - Karl Moffatt (Episode 1)
Lad - Martino Lazzeri (Episode 1)
Reporter - Geoffrey Drew (Episode 2)
Photographer - Graeme Smith (Episode 2)
Changing room girls - Samantha Perkins, Amanda Edwards, Heidi Gjertsen (Episode 2)
Woman in car park - Judith Pearson (Episode 3)
Mr Wilmot - Patrick Monckton (Episode 3)
Mr Kitson - John D Collins (Episode 3)
Graham Hanson - Philip Shelley (Episode 4)
Squash player - Michale Crossman (Episode 4)
Stunt woman - Tracey Eddon (Episode 4)
Stone mason (Episode 4)
Petrov - Damien Thomas (Episode 5)
Pianist - Vanessa Latarche (Episode 5)
Police Constable - Jonathan Stratt (Episode 6)
Victim - Lee Fyles (Episode 6)
Mrs Dapping - Jo Kendall (Episode 6)
Reporter - Annabel Lamber (Episode 6)
Stunt woman - Chrissy Monk (Episode 6)
Buttercup the cow - Dawn
Mr Garrick - Ian Lindsay (Episode 7)
Vet's dog - Roger (Episode 7)
Newcombe - Brian Gwaspari (Episode 7)
Squash player - Tim Poole (Episode 7)

Written by

Richard Fegen
Andrew Norriss

Produced by

Mike Stephens

Directed by

Mike Stephens


Episode 1
The leisure centre is quiet until word gets out that Gordon Brittas is away in Bulgaria, whereupon it gets very busy. Helen arrives and informs the staff that Gordon is dead, however as the staff and Helen prepare for an easier life without Brittas, the staff are all horrified when he walks through the leisure centre doors. Meanwhile, unaware her husband is alive, Helen prepares for her wedding. Carole faints in shock, and after a talk with Colin, believes Brittas wants her child to gain perpetual youth, a misunderstanding leading to Carole crushing Brittas' car with a digger, with him inside it.
Episode 2
Brittas is horrified to discover women's underwear in his office, and is convinced that a staff member is using the facilities to have sex. He segregates the sexes and bugs Linda; the evidence gathered leads him to Gavin. The real culprit is in fact Helen, who discovers Gordon unknowingly had sex with Carol at a fancy dress party. Simultaneously, Julie is being hounded by reporters for rescuing a dog from a river in the nude.
Episode 3
Brittas fears for his job when the Southern Area Inspector visits, fully aware that visiting figures are poor. Colin accidentally causes a pigeon to roost in the gymnasium, leading to a chain of chaotic trivialities threatening the inspection. Helen meanwhile has been insulted by a badly chosen birthday present, a moped with a yellow helmet reading "Hi I'm Helen", thus she decides to leave Gordon.
Episode 4
An extreme argument with the Rotary Club has caused Brittas's feet to be set in concrete, who after frequent fights breaking out, considers if the centre has Sick Building Syndrome; a Specialist arrives. However Laura tries to explain to Brittas that it is he who is the cause of the centre's problems.
Episode 5
The centre is preparing for a concert by Vladimir Petrov, a visiting pianist from the Leningrad Conservatory. Brittass father arrives with an old piano, which after being dropped knocks the pianist unconscious. As a result, Gordon decides to perform the concert himself.
Episode 6
Brittas closes the centre for a series of fire drill exercises while trying to convince Councillor Dapping to install a new fire escape. Meanwhile Helen prepares a special lunch in Brittas's office to help save their marriage; she even intends to give up the pills needed to cope with her husband. Later in the episode, Helen accidentally causes a fire.
Episode 7
A pregnant cow, loose in the centre, accidentally eats some of Colin's "herbs", sending it into labour on the squash courts. Carole has also eaten the leaves, and her babies end up being delivered by the vet who had originally come to assist the cow.

Further information

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