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Picture of dvds Doctor Who - The invisible enemy DVD (Bob Baker / Dave Martin)

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Catalogue numberBBCDVD 2799
Sleeve picturePicture of BBCDVD 2799 Doctor Who - The invisible enemy DVD by artist Bob Baker / Dave Martin from the BBC records and Tapes library
TitleDoctor Who - The invisible enemy DVD
ArtistBob Baker / Dave Martin
Cover conditionNear mint
Record conditionNear mint
BBC records label code-
Item deleted?Yes
BBC%20DVD label
Distributed / printed by2 entertain
Media typePrimary
Media genreDramas - Sci-fi View all other tracks listed as Dramas - Sci-fi.
Run-off codes / Shop bar codesA0100964477-A911 16 IFPI L556 Sony DADC
My ratingNot set
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Front cover
Front cover of BBCDVD 2799
Back cover
Back cover of BBCDVD 2799
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Below is a list of tracks for this release.
Side & trackTrack and ArtistLength
A1Part 123.09
A2Part 225.13
A3Part 323.28
A4Part 421.22
A5Dreams and fantasy - Making The Invisible Enemy20.36
A6Studio sweepings20.34
A7Visual effect - The model work for The Invisible Enemy16.27
A8Blue Peter - Meeting K-94.32
A9Trailers and continuity3.48
A10Photo gallery5.06
A11Coming soon - The brain of Morbius1.00
A12Radio Times billings [PDF]
Total length of media 2:45:15.

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Tom Baker (Fourth Doctor)
Louise Jameson (Leela)
John Leeson (Voice of K-9 Mk. I)
Michael Sheard - Lowe
Brian Grellis - Safran
Jay Neill - Silvey
Edmund Pegge - Meeker
Anthony Rowlands - Crewman
Frederick Jaeger - Professor Marius
John Leeson - Nucleus Voice
Roy Herrick - Parsons
Elizabeth Norman, Nell Curran - Nurses
Jim McManus - Ophthalmologist
Roderick Smith - Cruikshank
Kenneth Waller - Hedges
Pat Gorman - A Medic
John Scott Martin - Nucleus

Written by

Bob Baker
Dave Martin

Produced by

Graham Williams

Directed by

Derrick Goodwin


While answering a mayday from ma refuelling station on Saturn's largest moon, the TARDIS passes through a mysterious cloud. Alarmed, Leela senses a malevolent presence. The danger turns out to be an intelligent space virus, and the Doctor is soon infected and fighting for control of his mind.

With the Time Lord incapacitated, Leela's only hope lies on a nearby medical satellite. There, help comes in the unlikely coupling of eccentric scientist Professor Marius and his dog-shaped computer, K-9 ...

But can they save the Doctor before he is utterly consumed by the enemy within?


The invisible Enemy is primarily remembered not for the fact it was Graham Williams' first fully-produced story or for the ambitious, extensive model-work, but for the introduction of a certain robot dog. Not the usual arbitrary sci-fi robot, he was to become one of the most popular and enduring of the Doctor's companions.

The inspiration for K-9 (initially to be called FIDO) came about from Dave Martin's love of dogs. His own dog having been run over prior to starting the story, K-9 was by contrast the ultimate dog - super-intelligent, ultra-loyal and resistant to fatal accidents.

The initial design fore K-9 was to have involved an actor dressed in a costume resembling an armoured Doberman. This was rejected by Graham Williams. Visual Effects Assistant, Tony Harding then came up with the design for the remote-controlled version that was to be used in the story. John Leeson was hired to voice the robot dog and, much to Tom Baker's approval, would crawl about on hands and knees during rehearsals.

However, the prop suffered from numerous technical problems, the radio controls interfering with the studio cameras, and their cables in turn sending the dog off in all directions.

It had not originally been intended for K-9 to join the TARDIS crew at the end of the story. But the well-received design and concept along with the rather expensive construction of the prop meant that the Doctor gained a new best friend as companion on his fantastic voyage through time and space.

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