BBCDVD 1049 The league of gentlemen - Series 2 by Mark Gatiss / Steve Pemberton / Reece Shearsmith

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Picture of dvds The league of gentlemen - Series 2 (Mark Gatiss / Steve Pemberton / Reece Shearsmith)

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Front cover
Picture of BBCDVD 1049 The league of gentlemen - Series 2 by artist Mark Gatiss / Steve Pemberton / Reece Shearsmith from the BBC records and Tapes library
Rear cover
Picture of BBCDVD 1049 The league of gentlemen - Series 2 by artist Mark Gatiss / Steve Pemberton / Reece Shearsmith from the BBC records and Tapes library

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BBC DVD label

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Release details

Catalogue numberBBCDVD 1049
TitleThe league of gentlemen - Series 2
Artist(s)Mark Gatiss / Steve Pemberton / Reece Shearsmith
Cover conditionNear mint
Record conditionNear mint
BBC records label codeA
Item deleted?Yes
Distributed / printed byBBC
Country of originUK UK flag
Media typePrimary
Media genreComedies - Situation
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Run-off codes / Shop bar codesA0100383601-A911 46 B 1
A0100383601-A511 26 A 8
My rating*****
Guest rating*****

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What type of seller was used?Physical shop
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Front cover
Front cover of BBCDVD 1049
Back cover
Back cover of BBCDVD 1049
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Below is a list of tracks for this release.
Side & trackTrack and ArtistLength
A11 Destination Royston Vasey28.59
A22 Lust for Royston Vasey29.07
A33 A Plague on Royston Vasey29.25
A44 Death in Royston Vasey30.05
A55 Anarchy in Royston Vasey29.15
A66 Royston Vasey and the Monster from Hell29.43
A7Pre and post examples1.58
B1Behind the scenes documentary29.22
B2Local people - Alvin Steele
B3 - Sunny Steele
B4 - Toy Cluedo
B5 - patch Lafayette
B6 - Bob Chagall
B7 - Murray Mint
B8 - Major Vaugn
B9 - The mechanic
B10 - Wolf Lipp
B11 - Lotte Lipp
B12 - Cathy Carter-Smith
B13 - Papa Lazarou
B14 - Mama Lazarou
B15 - Simba Brown, Pebble Reynolds & Tik-Tikk Binns
B16 - Iain Cashmore
B17 - Olive Kilshaw
B18 - Chris Frost
B19 - Reenie Calver
B20 - Vinnie Wythenshawe
B21 - Dr. Edgar Fish
B22 - Dr. Lucas Wesley
B23 - Paul Bamford
B24 - Simon Saez ('Doc')
B25 - Mike King ('Charles II')
B26 - Jonathan Best ('Georgie')
B27 - Pamela Doove
B28 - Jed Hunter
B29Missing - Have you seen these scenes? - Barbara and Gary & Lynne0.50
B30 - Gary & Lynne and the loonies0.45
B31 - Tubbs and Edward in bed1.24
B32 - Henry and Ally - Die Hard vs Lecter0.24
B33 - Pam Doone3.45
B34 - Charity shop 32.37
B35 - Iain and olive2.57
B36 - Papa Lazarou's shadow0.43
B37 - Papa talk (Alternative takes)3.40
B38 - Chinnery and the dog1.50
B39 - Minge-o-morph0.17
B40 - Amphibarium0.20
B41 - L'enfant oiseau0.14
B42 - Portaloo repair0.43
B43 - The wobbly stick0.43
B44 - Title cards for the extra U.S. shows0.15
B45Series II scrapbook
B46Territorial army
B47Royston Vasey tunes - House rules song (Singalong version)2.06
B48 - Voodoo lady (Performance video)2.56
B49 - Show tunes (Joby's music) = Papa's arrival & opening titles1.31
B50 = Herr Lipp's love theme0.21
B51 = Pauline vs Ross0.50
B52 = Burning down the shop2.46
Total length of media 4:01:49.


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My rating3
Guest ratingCurrent average value is 3.

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Extra notes on cover, middle (gatefold sleeve) and any inserts


Mark Gatiss
Steve Pembleton
Reece Shearsmith

Rusty Goffe (Episode 1)
Gerald Stadden (Episode 1)
Jon Key (Episode 1)
Paul Popplewell (Episode 1)
Johnny Leeze (Episodes 1, 3, 5, 6)
Frances Cox (Episode 1)
John Lebar (Episode 1)
Megan & Rosy De Wolf (Episodes 1, 2, 6)
John Talbot (Episode 2)
Sian Foulkes (Episode 2)
Hope Johnstone (Episode 2)
Christine Furness (Episode 2)
Martina McClements (Episodes 2, 6)
Blake Ritson (Episodes 2, 4, 5)
Laurel Gibb (Episodes 2, 3)
Liam Winston (Episode 2)
Jennifer Lim (Episodes 3, 4)
Chris Freeney (Episodes 3, 4)
Alison Lloyd (Episodes 3, 5)
Helen Lambert (Episodes 3, 4, 5, 6)
Victoria Lambert (Episode 3)
Martin Crocker (Episode 4)
Alan Faulkner (Episode 4)
Judith Vause (Episode 5)
Ted Robbins (Episode 5)
John R. Thompson (Episode 5)
Paul H. Marshall (Episode 6)
Roy "Chubby" Brown (Episodes 4, 6)
Niall Ross Hogan (Episode 6)
Jeillo Edwards (Episode 6)
Jaqui Ross (Episode 6)
Mike Flannagan (Episode 6)
Tim Beasley (Episode 6)
Ian Ralph (Episode 6)
Edward Wiseman (Episode 6)
Les Doherty (Episode 6)
Amanda Lockett (Episode 6)
Griff Rhys-Jones (Documentary)

Written by

Jeremy Dyson
Mark Gatiss
Steve Pembleton
Reece Shearsmith

Music by

Joby Talbot

Produced by

Jemma Rogers

Directed by

Steve Bendelack

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