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Picture of dvds Doctor Who - The caves of Androzani (Robert Holmes)

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Catalogue numberBBCDVD 1042
Sleeve picturePicture of BBCDVD 1042 Doctor Who - The caves of Androzani by artist Robert Holmes from the BBC records and Tapes library
TitleDoctor Who - The caves of Androzani
ArtistRobert Holmes
Cover conditionNear mint
Record conditionNear mint
BBC records label codeA
BBC DVD label
Item deleted?Yes
BBC%20DVD label
Distributed / printed byBBC Worldwide Ltd
Media typePrimary
Media genreDramas - Sci-fi View all other tracks listed as Dramas - Sci-fi.
Run-off codes / Shop bar codesA0100369149-A911 16 IFPI L556 Sony DADC
My ratingNot set
Guest ratingCurrent average value is 3.

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Front cover
Front cover of BBCDVD 1042
Back cover
Back cover of BBCDVD 1042
Inserts from BBCDVD 1042 Inserts from BBCDVD 1042


Below is a list of tracks for this release.
Side & trackTrack and ArtistLength
A1Part 124.33
A2Part 225.00
A3Part 324.36
A4Part 425.37
A5Behind the scenes - The regeneration7.39
A6Extended scene2.30
A7Creating Sharek Jek5.06
A8BBC 1 trailer0.34
A9BBC One O'Clock news 28/07/1983
A10BBC Nine O'Clock news 28/07/1983
A11South East at Six 29/07/1983
A12Photo gallery
Total length of media 1:55:35.

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Peter Davison (Fifth Doctor)
Colin Baker (Sixth Doctor)
Nicola Bryant (Peri Brown)
Christopher Gable - Sharaz Jek
John Normington - Morgus
Barbara Kinghorn - Timmin
David Neal - The President
Maurice Roves - Stotz
Roy Holder - Krelper
Martin Cochrane - Chellak
Robert Glenister - Salateen
Ian Staples - Soldier
Anthony Ainley - The Master
Matthew Waterhouse - Adric
Sarah Sutton - Nyssa
Janet Fielding - Tegan Jovanka
Mark Strickson - Turlough
Gerald Flood - Voice of Kamelion

Written by

Robert Holmes

Produced by

John Nathan-Turner

Directed by

Graeme Harper


Arriving on the barren world of Androzani Minor, the Doctor and Peri find themselves embroiled in a long-running underground war.

Military troops mount an armed blockade whilst gunrunners bring in weapons for the sinister, masked renegade, Sharak Jek. Meanwhile, lethal androids guard the caves, and a deadly creature lurks in the shadows, killing all in its path. At the heart of the conflict is a substance called Spectrox - the most valuable item in the universe ... and the deadliest!

The very presence of the Doctor and Peri on Androzani sets in motion a chain of events that will have dramatic consequences for everyone involved. As the situation gets even more desperate, the Doctor realises time is running out - both for Peri and himself.

Will the Doctor make the ultimate sacrifice to save his young friend's life ... ?


Arguably, no-one knew more about writer for 'Doctor Who' than Robert Holmes, and his first script for the series in nearly five years clearly demonstrates his pedigree.

Razor-sharp dialogue proliferates, and Peter Davison certainly plays to the script's strengths, giving a final performance that allows the fifth Doctor to depart on a real high.

Director Graeme Harper's enthusiasm for the story is apparent, allowing him to demonstrate an ability to bring the script visually to life in a way that few mastered, whilst assembling a guest cast that injects a sense of reality and vitality to the story.

The Caves of Androzani truly deserves its status as one of the series' all-time classics ...

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