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My favourite bands / artists

This is my list of favourite bands / artists page.

I don't just collect BBC records! Over the years, I have also collected more mainstream artists, which is reflected here in the updated menu at the top.

Some of these artists I have collected as I used to hear my friend Richard play them at various times over the years - so this seemed natural for me to collect them too. He also started recording his own output and on my site they are all listed using his current recording name "The Permanent Smilers". He has however used various band names over the years and this is reflected in the artist name field for each release. As for some of the others, the Adam and the Ants records came from my brother-in-law Iain, others though I have collected because I liked them when I heard them on the radio - e.g. The Cure. The odd one out here is Secret Garden, I got interested in them when they won the Eurovision Song Content - unusually for me I actually really liked it the first time I heard it on the programme - so much so I taped the music from TV onto an audio cassette!

Please feel free to select which one you wish to look at, all releases I have associated with that band / artist will be shown.

Note: Some of these listings, particularly The Stranglers page, will take around a minute to load.