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Welcome to my site!

This website lists all my collections, including BBC Records (British Broadcasting Corporation) and other television themes, BBC Transcription Discs, BBC Radioplay Music, BBC Radiophonic Workshop as well as other more 'mainstream' artists like The Cure and The Stranglers.
I use the site to check that I am not buying something I already have, unless the one for sale is of better quality! Please note that none of the items listed on this site are for sale at this time, however, there are some items I am actively buying.

This site probably has the most complete discography of BBC Records on the internet!

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Latest additions and updates

Below are the latest items either added or changed on the website.

  Picture of DEMWHOBOX008 cover   Picture of SIL7 1638 WL cover   Picture of SILLP 1569 WL cover  
  Picture of SILLP 1570 WL cover   Picture of books-WTS 1-2 cover   Picture of WTS 1-2 cover  
  Picture of CN 2137 3 cover   Picture of CN 4807 06 cover   Picture of CN 3217 27 cover  
  Picture of CN 2109 S cover   Picture of CN 1450 NPR 12 cover   Picture of SILLP 1540 WL cover  
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  Picture of CN 3149 S 1 cover   Picture of RE 5 cover   Picture of RESR 6 cover  
  Picture will be added soon   Picture of SILLP 1224 cover   Picture of 538718031 cover  
  Picture of 10FRD 99176 cover   Picture of 10FRD 99174 cover   Picture of BBCCD869 cover  

Some items

BBC Records and Tapes, people ask ...

Here are some questions you may have about the BBC Records and Tapes releases.

1Was the price you paid for a BBC Record based on the catalogue number?
2Did early BBC Albums have different catalogue numbers for each side and did others seem to follow odd orders?
3Did original BBC Transcription Discs and BBC Radioplay Music discs have a very small print run?
4Did the BBC label have the widest selection of subjects of any label?
5How many unique standard releases are there on the BBC label that I catalogue?
6How many BBC Records label designs over the years have there been?
7Do I have more tracks written by members of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop than any other for BBC releases?
8Has BBC Records had success in the UK music charts?
9What was the first standard official BBC Records release?

Last forum post

Site reviews

Posted by Mike Everitt,
on 23-1-2022 15:03:16.

Following Google's last updates, some SEO websites are suggesting that adding reviews as well as making the ratings more prominent will bring in more traffic.

With this in mind, I have started adding reviews for the records I have recorded onto the site as well as my rating. Viewers can add your own ratings but not reviews at this stage. I might allow this for registered users when I get a moment!


I will post recent updates and other interesting things I find!

Hitch-Hiker's guide to the galaxy

BBC Transcription disc of the Hitch-Hiker\'s guide to the galaxy picture
I have always loved watching this show when it first appeared on TV in the very early 1980s. I later found out it was originally a radio show and lapped up the official releases when I found a version ...

Click on the text to read the entire article.

Posted by Mike (2022-07-11).

One missing main catalogue LP left!

Last missing LP picture
Hot on the trail of the last CD, I now own all the LP's I am aware about after getting hold of RE 5 - a single sided LP.

The one remaining to get is:

REB 443 Hol ...

Click on the text to read the entire article.

Posted by Mike (2022-07-04).

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