Mike's collection site, welcome !

This website lists all my collections, including BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) and other television themes, BBC Transcription Discs as well as other more 'mainstream' artists like The Cure and The Stranglers.
I use the site to check that I am not buying something I already have, unless the one for sale is of better quality!

Random release

Here are some random releases from the website.

518678 - 2 SG Once in a red moon - Secret Garden Secret GardenTitle: Once in a red moon - Secret Garden
Artist(s): Secret Garden
Catagory: cds
Sub-catagory: Secret Garden cds
Catalogue number: 518678 - 2 SG
CDP 746066-2 The collection 1977 - 1982 The StranglersTitle: The collection 1977 - 1982
Artist(s): The Stranglers
Catagory: cds
Sub-catagory: The Stranglers cds
Catalogue number: CDP 746066-2
BMGCAT430DSV Work rest & play (Limited edition triple gatefold 7" RSD2020) MadnessTitle: Work rest & play (Limited edition triple gatefold 7" RSD2020)
Artist(s): Madness
Catagory: singles
Sub-catagory: Madness singles
Catalogue number: BMGCAT430DSV
BBC 3006 50 BBC TV themes VariousTitle: 50 BBC TV themes
Artist(s): Various
Catagory: albums
Sub-catagory: BBC albums - BBC
Catalogue number: BBC 3006
REB 597 Jazz Classics - Louis Armstrong Louis ArmstrongTitle: Jazz Classics - Louis Armstrong
Artist(s): Louis Armstrong
Catagory: albums
Sub-catagory: BBC albums
Catalogue number: REB 597


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Latest additions and updates

Below are the latest items either added or changed on the website.

SILLP 1360 cover F1 - SGB 08610DVDC cover RWSCD 003 cover 95 0030 cover REB 601 cover REB 177 cover REB 213 cover REB 339 cover REB 366 cover REC 197 cover

Update on cataloging progress

Vinyl7 inch singles
Currently working on Comedy / themes section.
10 inch singles
Completed cataloging.
12 inch singles
Completed cataloging.
Completed cataloging.
Currently working on BBC RESR Study series.
Completed cataloging.
Completed cataloging.
Completed cataloging.
DiscsCD singles
Completed cataloging.
Completed cataloging.
Progress started on the BBC releases.
Some random releases are catalogued.
4K UltraHD
Completed cataloging.
Completed cataloging.
Completed cataloging.
Two catalogued.
Completed cataloging.
Completed cataloging.
Anything else
Completed cataloging.