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This website lists all my collections, including BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) and other television themes, BBC Transcription Discs as well as other more 'mainstream' artists like The Cure and The Stranglers.
I use the site to check that I am not buying something I already have, unless the one for sale is of better quality!

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BBC Records top 9 facts

Here are some facts for you about the BBC Records releases. I will complete the details to back these up as soon as I can!

1Part of the catalogue number affects the price you paid for it.
2Early BBC Albums had different catalogue numbers for each side, others seem to follow odd orders.
3Original BBC Transcription Discs had a very small print run.
4The BBC label probably has the widest selection of subjects of any label.
5There have been 5922 unique standard releases on the BBC label that I catalogue.
6There have been 9 single, 3 twelve inch and 7 album label designs over the years.
7I have more tracks written by members of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop than any other for BBC releases.
8BBC Records have had success in the UK music charts.
9The first standard official BBC Records release contained BBC Language courses. The first one of these was released in 1963.

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Below are the latest items either added or changed on the website.

WMSF 6052-2 cover DEMWHOLP006 cover REB 582 cover REC 470 cover REB 327 cover REC 467 cover 95 0047 cover 95 0031 cover 95 0037 cover BEEB 001 cover

Update on cataloging progress

Vinyl7 inch singles
Currently working on Comedy / themes section.
10 inch singles
Completed cataloging.
12 inch singles
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Currently working on Comedy / themes section.
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DiscsCD singles
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Progress started on the BBC releases.
Some random releases are catalogued.
4K UltraHD
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Two catalogued.
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Anything else
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