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Privacy statement

Under the new European Privacy laws (GDPR) single non-business websites don't need a privacy policy if the data is only stored for personal reasons. This site is not a shop and as such is therefore exempt.

However, I thought you would still like to know what is stored about visitors. In addition to cookies which stores details of variables on your PC to help you navigate, I store some of the pages you view and the IP address used when you viewed that page. For all releases I count the number of times that release has been viewed and (if you vote) the vote count. I don't store any other details about those visits. If you sign up to the blog alerts / forum posts, then some additional information is also stored. You have the ability to change these details or delete your account at any time by logging onto your account. If you send me a message from the site, I *may* store your email for future reference in case you provide to me information which will help the site improve.

Other than these reasons, I do not store any other details about you.

Note I do use some Google tools for my site and they do store additional details, you may wish to visit their site for more information about their privacy policy.

Any queries, please make contact with me.