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I have watched Doctor Who since the 1970's (and yes I did hide behind the sofa!) For me my favourite era was Tom Baker, but I didn't know about the previous Doctors until the BBC showed one story from the them over one summer in the early 1980's. They interested me as I hadn't really seen them before and some were broadcast in black and white! They were later released on video, so I lapped them up as soon as they came out - and yes when they were rereleased again on DVD and some on Blu-Ray too, yes I have them as well!

I am often asked what I think about the 'new seasons', for me there are some very good stories in the list of episodes - but just like the original run there are poor ones too! I like the 'evil angel' stories and was very tempted to buy one of those statues you could get! The evil idea I had here was to move it around the front garden from time to time to scare people! I liked others too but have yet to watch them all.

The other question I am asked is about which was my favourite monster, this one is more difficult and has been known to vary. As a child, I liked the Daleks, but when getting older, they lost favour. For me it was always whether the monster had intelligence, so I guess overall it has to be the Master - trying to see how the Doctor would outwit him in that particular story!

As for which Doctors and others from the series I have met, I didn't see the first two, but have met all the other Doctors from the original series. I have also had the opportunity to see a number of others and many of them signed some of the Doctor Who books and records I have.

You can view one Doctor at a time and below is a list of Doctor Who stories and the media they exist on that I have. For more details of the release and story, click on the catalogue number(s).

Doctor Who Tom Baker (1974-1981) picture Tom Baker (1974-1981)

CodeStory titleCompaniansTapesCDsDVDs / Blu-raysBooksOther formatsParts existSeason
4ARobotH-BBCDVD 23321,2,3,412
4CThe Ark In SpaceaJBBCDVD 3672; BBCDVD 1097EE 11581,2,3,4 Trailer, unused title seq., model film12
4BThe Sontaran ExperimentraBBCDVD 1811; BBCDVD 26171,212
4EGenesis Of The DaleksrnZBBC 1020ISBN 978-1-4084-6817-3BBCDVD 1813REH 364; DEMREC 160; DEMWHOBOX0121,2,3,4,5,6 (1 damaged)12
4DRevenge Of The CybermenyeBBCDVD 2854A1,2,3,412
4FTerror Of The Zygons|BBCDVD 3482EE 12031,2,3,413
4HPlanet Of EvilSBBCDVD 18141,2,3,4 Studio film13
4GPyramids Of MarsmBBCDVD 13501,2,3,4 (2 damaged) Deleted scenes13
4JThe Android InvasioniBBCDVD 3376B1,2,3,413
4KThe Brain Of MorbiustBBCDVD 18161,2,3,4 (1 music missing)13
4LThe Seeds Of DoomhBBCDVD 30441,2,3,4,5,613
4MMasque Of Mandragora|BBCDVD 28051,2,3,414
4NThe Hand Of Fear|BBCDVD 18331,2,3,414
4PThe Deadly AssassinBBCDVD 24301,2,3,414
4QThe Face Of EvilLBBCDVD 33791,2,3,4 Studio film14
4RThe Robots Of DeatheBBCDVD 10121,2,3,414
4SThe Talons Of Weng-ChiangeBBCDVD 11521,2,3,4,5,6 Studio film14
4VHorror Of Fang RocklBBCDVD 1356DEMWHOLP0061,2,3,415
4TThe Invisible EnemyKaBBCDVD 27991,2,3,4 Studio film15
4XImage Of The Fendahl|BBCDVD 18200-426-20077-21,2,3,4 Extended/deleted scenes (1 damaged)15
4WThe Sunmakers9|BBCDVD 2955SILLP 15361,2,3,415
4YUnderworld||BBCDVD 2851B1,2,3,4 Studio film15
4ZThe Invasion Of Time||BBCDVD 2586; BBCDVD 26171,2,3,4,5,6 Deleted scenes 5,615
5AThe Ribos Operation|RBBCDVD 2335A1,2,3,416
5BThe Pirate Planet|oBBCDVD 2335BDEMWHOLP0091,2,3,416
5CThe Stones Of Blood|mBBCDVD 2335C1,2,3,416
5DThe Androids Of Tara|aBBCDVD 2335D1,2,3,416
5EThe Power Of Kroll|nBBCDVD 2335E1,2,3,416
5FThe Armageddon Factor|aBBCDVD 2335F1,2,3,4,5,616
5JDestiny Of The Daleks||BBCDVD 2434DEMWHOLP0021,2,3,4 Trailer17
5HCity Of Death||BBCDVD 1664DEMREC 2541,2,3,4 Studio film, model film17
5GThe Creature From The Pit||BBCDVD 28491,2,3,4 Deleted scenes 317
5KNightmare Of Eden||BBCDVD 33781,2,3,417
5LThe Horns Of Nimon||BBCDVD 2851C1,2,3,417
5MShada||BBCDVD 3388A1,2,3,4,5,6 (Story incomplete)17
5NThe Leisure Hive||BBCDVD 13511,2,3,418
5QMeglos||BBCDVD 28520-426-20316-X1,2,3,418
5RFull CircleA||BBCDVD 1835A1,2,3,418
5PState Of Decayd||BBCDVD 1835BDEMWHOBOX0121,2,3,4 Model film18
5SWarriors Gater||BBCDVD 1835C1,2,3,4 Deleted scenes 218
5TThe Keeper Of TrakeniNBBCDVD 1331A1,2,3,418
5VLogopoliscTyBBCDVD 1331B1,2,3,4 Trailers18
6BEarthshock|J|BBCDVD 1153FILMCD 7091,2,3,4 Location film19

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