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I have watched Doctor Who since the 1970's (and yes I did hide behind the sofa!) For me my favourite era was Tom Baker, but I didn't know about the previous Doctors until the BBC showed one story from the them over one summer in the early 1980's. They interested me as I hadn't really seen them before and some were broadcast in black and white! They were later released on video, so I lapped them up as soon as they came out - and yes when they were rereleased again on DVD and some on Blu-Ray too, yes I have them as well!

I am often asked what I think about the 'new seasons', for me there are some very good stories in the list of episodes - but just like the original run there are poor ones too! I like the 'evil angel' stories and was very tempted to buy one of those statues you could get! The evil idea I had here was to move it around the front garden from time to time to scare people! I liked others too but have yet to watch them all.

The other question I am asked is about which was my favourite monster, this one is more difficult and has been known to vary. As a child, I liked the Daleks, but when getting older, they lost favour. For me it was always whether the monster had intelligence, so I guess overall it has to be the Master - trying to see how the Doctor would outwit him in that particular story!

As for which Doctors and others from the series I have met, I didn't see the first two, but have met all the other Doctors from the original series. I have also had the opportunity to see a number of others and many of them signed some of the Doctor Who books and records I have.

You can view one Doctor at a time and below is a list of Doctor Who stories and the media they exist on that I have. For more details of the release and story, click on the catalogue number(s).

Doctor Who William Hartnell (1963-1966) picture William Hartnell (1963-1966)

CodeStory titleCompaniansTapesCDsDVDs / Blu-raysBooksOther formatsParts existSeason
AAn Unearthly ChildIBSBBCDVD 1882A1 Studio film (entire session)Pilot
AAn Unearthly ChildaauBBCDVD 1882A1,2,3,41
BThe DaleksnrsISBN 0-563-50424-21; SILCD 1536BBCDVD 1882B; BBCDVD 4580SILLP 15361,2,3,4,5,6,71
CThe Edge Of DestructionbaBBCDVD 1882C1,2 (1,2 Arabic, 1 Spanish)1
DMarco PoloCanISBN 978-1-78753-523-70-426-19967-7DEMWHOBOX006X7 made1
EThe Keys Of Marinushr|BBCDVD 26161,2,3,4,5,6 (1 Arabic)1
FThe Aztecsea|BBCDVD 1099; BBCDVD 36891,2,3,4 (4 Arabic)1
GThe Sensoritess|ISBN 978-1-4713-4487-9BBCDVD 33770-426-20295-3DEMWHOBOX0081,2,3,4,5,61
HThe Reign Of TerrortW|ISBN 0-563-52342-5; ISBN 978-1-78753-523-7BBCDVD 3528; BBCDVD 1353 excerpts1,2,3,6 Animation 4,5 Excerpt 4 (10s),5 (11s)1
JPlanet Of Giantser|BBCDVD 34791,2,3 (1,2,3 Arabic)2
KThe Dalek Invasion Of Earthri|BBCDVD 1156; BBCDVD 13841,2,3,4,5,6 (1,2,4,6 Arabic) Trailer, rehearsal film2
LThe RescuetgVBBCDVD 29701,2 (Arabic)2
MThe RomansohiISBN 978-1-4713-4487-9BBCDVD 29711,2,3,42
NThe Web PlanetntcISBN 0-563-50424-23BBCDVD 1355DEMWHOBOX004X1,2,3,4,5,6 (6 Spanish)2
PThe Crusade||KISBN 0-563-50424-22; ISBN 978-1-78753-523-7BBCDVD 13531,3 4 made2
QThe Space Museum||yISBN 978-1-4713-4487-9BBCDVD 2809A1,2,3,42
RThe ChaseS|||BBCDVD 2809B1,2,3,4,5,62
SThe Time Meddlert|BBCDVD 23311,2,3,4 (4 damaged)2
TGalaxy Foure|ISBN 0-563-47700-8; ISBN 978-1-78753-523-7BBCDVD 4463; BBCDVD 3689; BBCDVD 1353 excerpts0-426-20202-3DEMWHOLP0013 Animation 1, 2, 4 Excerpt 1 (6.03m) 4 made3
T/AMission To The Unknownv|DEMWHOBOX001X1 made3
UThe Myth MakerseK|ISBN 0-563-47777-6; ISBN 978-1-78753-523-7BBCDVD 1353 excerpts0-426-20170-1DEMWHOLP008Excerpt 1 (21s),2 (20s),4 (15s) 4 made3
VThe Daleks MasterplannSaISBN 978-1-78753-750-7BBCDVD 1353DEMWHOBOX001X2,5,10 Excerpt 1 (1.43m),3 (1.38m),4 (58s) Audio 12 made3
WThe Massacre|atDISBN 0-563-55261-1; ISBN 978-1-78753-750-7DEMWHOLP003 4 made3
XThe ark|raoISBN 978-1-4713-4487-9BBCDVD 29571,2,3,43
YThe Celestial Toymaker|ardISBN 978-1-78753-750-7BBCDVD 4583; BBCDVD 4583; BBCDVD 1353DEMWHOLP0114-Part missing Animation 1, 2, 33
ZThe Gunfighters|ioISBN 978-1-4056-7691-5; ISBN 978-1-4713-4487-9BBCDVD 3380A0-426-20195-71,2,3,43
AAThe Savages|n|ISBN 978-1-78753-750-7BBCDVD 1353 excerptsExcerpt 3 (3s),4 (41s) 4 made3
BBThe war machinesBPa|ISBN 978-1-4713-4487-9BBCDVD 24411,2,3,4 (3,4 edited)3
CCThe SmugglerseoISBN 978-1-78753-986-0BBCDVD 1353 excerptsExcerpt 1 (23s),3 (24s),4 (3s) Location film 4 made4
DDThe Tenth PlanetnlISBN 0-563-52332-8; OCH 050; ISBN 978-1-78753-986-0BBCDVD 3382; BBCDVD 1353 excerpts1,2,3 Animation 4 Excerpt 4 (1.18m)4

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