ISBN 0-563-47700-8 Doctor Who - Galaxy 4 by William Emms

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Front cover
Picture of ISBN 0-563-47700-8 Doctor Who - Galaxy 4 by artist William Emms from the BBC records and Tapes library
Rear cover
Picture of ISBN 0-563-47700-8 Doctor Who - Galaxy 4 by artist William Emms from the BBC records and Tapes library

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Release details

Catalogue numberISBN 0-563-47700-8
TitleDoctor Who - Galaxy 4
Artist(s)William Emms
Cover conditionNear mint
Record conditionNear mint
BBC records label code-
Item deleted?No
Distributed / printed byBBC Worldwide Ltd
Country of originUK UK flag
Media typePrimary
Media genreDramas - Sci-fi
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Run-off codes / Shop bar codes92289 0563477008 CD1 1 : 1 : 2
92290 0563477008 CD2
My rating*****
Guest rating*****

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Front cover
Front cover of ISBN 0-563-47700-8
Back cover
Back cover of ISBN 0-563-47700-8
Middle of cover
Middle of cover of ISBN 0-563-47700-8 Middle of cover of ISBN 0-563-47700-8 Middle of cover of ISBN 0-563-47700-8 Middle of cover of ISBN 0-563-47700-8 Middle of cover of ISBN 0-563-47700-8
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Below is a list of tracks for this release.
Side & trackTrack and ArtistLength
Scene 1
A2 Exterior (day)0.21
Scenes 2-4
A3 TARDIS interior1.33
Scene 5
A4 Exterior (day)0.09
Scene 6
A5 TARDIS interior0.27
Scenes 7-12
A6 Exgterior (day) and TARDIS interior1.58
Scene 13
A7 Exterior (day)6.03
Scene 14
A8 Exterior Drahvin spaceship0.33
Scene 15-16
A9 Interior Drahvin spaceship4.06
Scene 17
A10 Exterior Drahvin spaceship0.09
Scene 18
A11 Interior Drahvin spaceship0.27
Scene 19
A12 Exterior Drahvin spaceship0.22
Scene 20
A13 Interior Drahvin spaceship1.38
Scene 21
A14 Exterior (day)0.36
Scene 22
A15 Interior Drahvin spaceship0.37
Scene 23
A16 Exterior (day), close to TARDIS1.33
Scene 24
A17 TARDIS interior1.29
Scene 1
A19 TARDIS interior0.23
Scene 2
A20 Interior Drahvin spaceship (episode titles)0.27
Scenes 3-5
A21 TARDIS interior and exterior2.21
Scene 6
A22 Interior Drahvin spaceship1.23
Scene 7
A23 Exterior Drahvin spaceship0.50
Scenes 8-10
A24 Interior Drahvin spaceship4.53
Scene 11
A25 Exterior Drahvin spaceship1.14
Scene 12
A26 Interior Drahvin spaceship4.30
Scene 13
A27 Exterior (day)1.58
Scene 14
A28 Interior Drahvin spaceship0.56
Scene 15
A29 Exterior (day)0.31
Scene 16
A30 Exterior rill centre1.15
Scenes 17-18
A31 Interior passageway, rill centre1.53
Scene 19
A32 Rill centre chamber0.29
Scene 20
A33 Exterior rill centre0.15
Scene 21
A34 Rill centre chamber1.31
Scene 1
B2 Rill Central chamber0.20
Scene 2
B3 Passageway, Rill Centre0.17
Scene 3
B4 Rill Central chamber0.31
Scenes 4-8
B5 Passageway and exterior, Rill Centre1.55
Scene 9
B6 Interior Drahvin spaceship4.19
Scene 10
B7 Rill Central chamber2.24
Scene 11
B8 Exterior Rill Centre0.10
Scenes 12-16
B9 Rill Central chamber and mental projections2.18
Scene 17
B10 External Rill Centre (evening)0.10
Scene 18
B11 Interior Drahvan spaceship0.26
Scenes 19-21
B12 Exterior Drahvan spaceship0.26
Scene 22
B13 Exterior Rill Centre1.02
Scene 23
B14 Interior passageway, Rill Centre3.05
Scene 24
B15 Rill Central chamber1.58
Scenes 25-27
B16 Interior Drahvin spaceship & airlock1.38
Scene 28
B17 Rill Central chamber0.47
Scenes 29-30
B18 Passageway and exterior Rill Centre0.38
Scene 31
B19 Planet exterior1.13
Scene 32
B20 Exterior Drahvan spaceship0.05
Scene 33
B21 Exterior Drahvan airlock1.26
Scene 1
B23 Interior Drahvin airlock0.48
Scene 2
B24 Exterior Drahvin airlock0.19
Scene 3
B25 Interior Drahvin airlock0.22
Scene 4
B26 Exterior Drahvin airlock0.44
Scene 5
B27 Interior Drahvin airlock0.10
Scene 6
B28 Exterior Drahvin airlock1.11
Scene 7
B29 Interior Drahvin airlock1.11
Scene 8
B30 Rill Central chamber4.31
Scenes 9-10
B31 Interior and exterior Drahvan spaceship0.36
Scene 11
B32 Exterior TARDIS0.43
Scene 12
B33 Interior Drahvan spaceship0.21
Scene 13
B34 Exterior Drahvan spaceship0.52
Scene 14
B35 TARDIS exterior (night)0.18
Scene 15
B36 Rill Central chamber0.53
Scene 16
B37 Exterior Drahvan spaceship0.26
Scene 17
B38 Rill Central chamber1.30
Scene 18
B39 Planet exterior0.41
Scene 19
B40 Rill inner chamber1.15
Scene 20
B41 Rill Central chamber0.24
Scene 21
B42 Exterior (dawn)0.28
Scene 22
B43 Rill Central chamber1.53
Scene 23
B44 Exterior (dawn)0.23
Scenes 21-22
B45 Exterior (dawn) - Elsewhere0.07
Scene 23
B46 Exterior (dawn)0.23
Scenes 24-25
B47 Exterior (dawn) - Elsewhere0.07
Scene 26
B48 Exterior (dawn) - Close to the TARDIS1.37
Scene 27
B49 TARDIS interior0.45
Scene 28
B50 Exterior jungle (night)1.56
Total length of media 1:38:36.


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