ISBN 0-563-52342-5 Doctor Who - The reign or terror by Dennis Spooner

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Picture of cds Doctor Who - The reign or terror (Dennis Spooner)

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Front cover
Picture of ISBN 0-563-52342-5 Doctor Who - The reign or terror by artist Dennis Spooner from the BBC records and Tapes library
Rear cover
Picture of ISBN 0-563-52342-5 Doctor Who - The reign or terror by artist Dennis Spooner from the BBC records and Tapes library

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Catalogue numberISBN 0-563-52342-5
TitleDoctor Who - The reign or terror
Artist(s)Dennis Spooner
Cover conditionNear mint
Record conditionNear mint
BBC records label code-
Item deleted?Yes
Distributed / printed byBBC Audiobooks Ltd
Country of originUK UK flag
Media typePrimary
Media genreDramas - Sci-fi
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Run-off codes / Shop bar codesA0100659199-0102 15 Sony DADC IFPI L 551
A0100659199-0202 14 Sony DADC IFPI L554
A0100644798-0303 25 Sony DADC IFPI L554
My rating*****
Guest rating*****

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Front cover
Front cover of ISBN 0-563-52342-5
Back cover
Back cover of ISBN 0-563-52342-5
Middle of cover
Middle of cover of ISBN 0-563-52342-5 Middle of cover of ISBN 0-563-52342-5 Middle of cover of ISBN 0-563-52342-5 Middle of cover of ISBN 0-563-52342-5 Middle of cover of ISBN 0-563-52342-5
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Below is a list of tracks for this release.
Side & trackTrack and ArtistLength
A1 Opening titles0.22
A2Scene 1 - A forest (evening)0.32
A3Scene 2 - Inside the TARDIS3.23
A4Scene 3 - A forest (evening)2.14
A5Scene 4 - A courtyard outside a farmhouse0.27
A6Scene 5 - The forest1.27
A7Scene 6 - A courtyard outside a farmhouse1.02
A8Scene 7 - Inside the farmhouse (evening)2.23
A9Scene 8 - Farmhouse, upstairs landing0.19
A10Scenes 9-11 - Farmhouse, downstairs (late evening)3.02
A11Scene 12 - Courtyard outside a farmhouse0.55
A12Scene 13 - Inside the farmhouse0.11
A13Scene 14 - Courtyard outside a farmhouse0.13
A14Scene 15 - Inside the farmhouse0.33
A15Scene 16 - Courtyard outside a farmhouse1.20
A16Scenes 17-18 - Farmhouse, upstairs landing and boxroom0.19
A17Scene 19 - Farmhouse, downstairs0.38
A18Scene 20 - Farmhouse, upstairs boxroom0.13
A19Scene 21 - Courtyard outside a farmhouse1.35
A20Scene 22 - Farmhouse, upstairs boxroom0.41
A21Scenes 23-24- A forest (night)0.42
A22Scene 25 - The farmhouse1.36
A23 Opening titles0.21
A24TELECINE - A farmhouse north of Paris (night)0.23
A25TELECINE - Paris and the guillotine0.31
A26Scene 1 - Outside the Conciergerie Prison (early morning)0.12
A27Scenes 2-3 - An office in Conciergerie Prison0.31
A28Scene 4 - Dungeons, Conciergerie Prison1.30
A29Scene 5 - A cell, Conciergerie Prison0.58
A30Scene 6 - Courtyard outside the ruined farmhouse (early morning)1.46
A31TELECINE - The Doctor on his way to Paris0.21
A32Scene 7 - Dungeons, Conciergerie Prison0.08
A33Scene 8 - A cell, Conciergerie Prison1.21
A34Scene 9 - Dungeons, Conciergerie Prison0.21
A35TELECINE - Ian's cell, Conciergerie Prison3.04
A36Scene 10 - A country road (day)2.40
A37Scene 11 - A cell, Conciergerie Prison1.32
A38TELECINE - Ian's cell, Conciergerie Prison0.58
A39Scene 12 - Dungeons, Conciergerie Prison1.05
A40Scene 13 - A cell, Conciergerie Prison0.58
A41Scene 14 - A country road (early afternoon)2.39
A42TELECINE - The Doctor on his way to Paris0.21
A43Scene 15 - A country road, some distance further on (afternoon)0.34
A44Scene 16 - Dungeons, Conciergerie Prison (late evening)0.35
A45TELECINE - Ian's cell, Conciergerie Prison1.14
A46 Opening titles0.24
A47Scene 1 - Dungeons, Conciergerie Prison (late evening)0.15
A48TELECINE - Ian's cell, Conciergerie Prison0.22
A49Scene 2 - A Paris street (early evening)1.19
A50Scene 3 - Dungeons, Conciergerie Prison1.12
A51TELECINE - Ian's cell, Conciergerie Prison2.05
A52Scene 4 - Dungeons, Conciergerie Prison0.49
A53Scene 5 - A Paris street2.20
A54Scene 6 - Outside a tailor's shop, Paris0.15
A55Scene 6A - A tailor's shop, Paris2.48
A56Scene 7 - Jules Renan's hide-out (evening)1.34
A57Scenes 8-9 & TELECINE - Dungeons, Conciergerie Prison1.57
A58Scene 10 - Jules Renan's hide-out (late evening)3.59
A59Scene 11 - Dungeons, Conciergerie Prison3.55
A60Scene 12 - Jules Renan's hide-out0.49
A61Scene 13 - Dungeons, Conciergerie Prison1.15
A62 Interview part 13.45
B1 Opening titles0.28
B2Scene 1 - Dungeons, Conciergerie Prison (late evening)0.19
B3Scene 2 - Robespierre's Palace, Paris3.43
B4Scene 3 - Jules Renan's hide-out, Paris (night)3.54
B5Scene 4 - Conciergerie Prison1.22
B6Scene 5 - Lemaitre's room, Conciergerie Prison0.16
B7Scene 6 - Conciergerie Prison0.16
B8Scene 7 - Lemaitre's room, Conciergerie Prison1.04
B9Scene 8 - Jules Renan's hide-out5.15
B10Scene 9 - Conciergerie Prison (early morning)0.58
B11Scene 10 - Jules Renan's hide-out1.06
B12Scene 11- The physician's rooms, Paris (day)1.16
B13Scene 12 - Conciergerie Prison0.29
B14Scene 13- The physician's rooms0.21
B15Scene 14 - Jules Renan's hide-out0.43
B16Scene 15 - Conciergerie Prison0.29
B17Scene 16 - Lemaitre's room, Conciergerie Prison0.24
B18Scene 17 - A passageway in Conciergerie Prison0.07
B19Scene 18 - A church crypt, Paris1.19
B20 Opening titles0.21
B21Scene 1 - A church crypt, Paris (day)1.50
B22Scenes 2-4 - Lemaitre's room, Conciergerie Prison0.38
B23Scene 5 - Conciergerie Prison0.48
B24Scene 6 - Lemaitre's room, Conciergerie Prison0.51
B25Scene 7 - Dungeons, Conciergerie Prison1.42
B26Scene 8 - Jules Renan's hide-out0.10
B27Scene 9 - Church crypt3.44
B28Scene 10 - The cells, Conciergerie Prison0.36
B29Scene 11 - Dungeons, Conciergerie Prison1.33
B30Scene 12 - Robespierre's Palace2.03
B31Scene 13 - Anteroom, Robespierre's Palace0.16
B32Scene 14 - Jules Renan's hide-out2.05
B33Scenes 15-18 - The cells, Conciergerie Prison0.43
B34Scene 19 - Dungeons, Conciergerie Prison1.30
B35Scene 20 - Lemaitre's room, Conciergerie Prison2.30
B36Scene 21 - Jules Renan's hide-out (early evening)2.56
B37 Opening titles0.24
B38Scene 1 - Jules Renan's hide-out, Paris (early evening)5.30
B39Scene 2 - Outside the Sinking Ship Inn (night)0.21
B40Scene 3 - The bar of the Sinking Ship Inn0.50
B41Scene 4 - Private room, the Sinking Ship Inn0.23
B42Scenes 5-9 - Bar and private room, the Sinking Ship Inn2.25
B43Scenes 10-12 - Private room and bar, the Sinking Ship Inn2.30
B44Scene 13 - Jules Renan's hide-out, Paris (morning)2.05
B45Scene 14 - Robespierre's Palace (day)1.00
B46Scene 15 - Anteroom, Robespierre's Palace0.44
B47Scene 16 - Paris street0.32
B48Scene 17 - Dungeons, Conciergerie Prison2.35
B49Scene 18 - Paris street1.04
B50Scene 19 - Dungeons, Conciergerie Prison1.00
B51Scene 20 - Paris street1.28
B52TELECINE - Coach sequence0.47
B53Scene 21 - Inside the TARDIS1.40
B54 Interview part 23.35
Total length of media 2:34:11.


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My rating3
Guest ratingCurrent average value is 3.

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Extra notes on cover, middle (gatefold sleeve) and any inserts


William Hartnell (The Doctor)
William Russell (Ian Chesterton)
Jacqueline Hill (Barbara Wright)
Carole Ann Ford (Susan Foreman)

Peter Walker - Small boy
Neville Smith - D'Argenson
Laidlaw Dalling - Rouvray
Ken Lawrence - Lieutenant
Robert Hunter - Sergeant
James Hall / Patrick Marley / Terry Bale - Soldiers
James Cairncross - Lemaitre
Jack Cunningham - Jailer
Dallas Cavell - Peasant
Howard Charlton - Judge
Jeffrey Wickham - Webster
Roy Herrick - Jean
Donald Morley - Jules Renan
John Barrard - Shopkeeper
Caroline Hunt - Danielle
Edward Brayshaw - Leon Colbert
Keith Anderson - Robespierre
Ronald Pickup - Physician
Tony Wall - Napoleon
John Law - Barrass

Music by

Ron Grainer
BBC Radiophonic Workshop

Incidental music composer

Stanley Myers

Written by

Dennis Spooner

Produced by

Verity Lambert

Directed by

Henric Hirsch
John Gorrie

Further information

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