BBCDVD 2616 Doctor Who - The Keys of Marinus by Terry Nation

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Front cover
Picture of BBCDVD 2616 Doctor Who - The Keys of Marinus by artist Terry Nation from the BBC records and Tapes library
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Picture of BBCDVD 2616 Doctor Who - The Keys of Marinus by artist Terry Nation from the BBC records and Tapes library

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Release details

Catalogue numberBBCDVD 2616
TitleDoctor Who - The Keys of Marinus
Artist(s)Terry Nation
Cover conditionNear mint
Record conditionNear mint
BBC records label code-
Item deleted?No
Distributed / printed by2 entertain
Country of originUK UK flag
Media typePrimary
Media genreDramas - Sci-fi
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Run-off codes / Shop bar codesA0101330018-A911 27 IFPI L337
My rating*****
Guest rating*****

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What type of seller was used?Amazon online shop
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Front cover of BBCDVD 2616
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Back cover of BBCDVD 2616


Below is a list of tracks for this release.
Side & trackTrack and ArtistLength
A1The sea of death23.16
A2The velvet web25.17
A3The screaming jungle23.49
A4The snows of terror24.57
A5Sentence of death25.02
A6The Keys of Marinus25.10
A7The sets of Marinus9.24
Cadet sweets
A8 'Doctor Who and the Daleks' scans the entire set of Cadet Sweets cards, which feature a mini Doctor Who story (PDF)
A9Radio Times billings articles and listings from this story's original 1964 transmission (PDF)
A10Photo gallery7.25
A11Coming soon trailer1.20
Total length of media 2:45:40.


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My rating3
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William Hartnell
William Russell
Jacqueline Hill
Carole Ann Ford
George Coulouris
Robin Phillips
Katherine Schofield
Martin Cort
Heron Carvic
Francis De Wolff
Henley Thomas
Raf De La Torre
Fiona Walker
Donald Pickering
Stephen Darknell
Peter Stenson
Gordon Wales
Edmund Warwick
Michael Allaby
Alan James
Anthony Verner

Written by

Terry Nation

Produced by

Verity Lambert

Directed by

John Gorrie


On a remote island of glass surrounded by a sea of acid, there is a machine that can remove evil from the minds of an entire population - the Conscience of Marinus. Fearful of its immense power falling into the wrong hands, its sole guardian has scattered the machine's operating keys across the planet.

The TARDIS crew arrive to find the island under attack by the evil Voord. Marinus' last line of defense - and its only hope - is the Conscience machine. The Doctor and his companions must undertake a deadly quest to recover the Keys of Marinus.


The Keys of Marinus marked the point at which Doctor Who production team turning their attention from launching the series to keeping it running week-in week-out.

Stpry editor David Whitaker had spent the latter half of 1963 putting together a selection of adventures sufficient for the series' initial set of fifty-two episodes. However, a last-minute reshuffle of stories meant that Terry Nartion's first Dalek tale was produced earlier in the run than originally planned. The Daleks introduced elements of action and adventure, as well as evil alien monsters - a combination which proved popular with the programme's viewers. Suddenly, more of the same was required - and quickly! Who better to provide it than the creator of the Daleks?

Nation was skilled in producing scripts rapidly, and fired off The Keys of Marinus in just four weeks. The story, consisting of several mini-adventures in vastly different settings, tested the technical skills of the production team to the full.

Nation's scripts also had to take into account of William Hartnell's two-week holiday during the recording of the serial. The keys of Marinus thus gives prominence to the Doctor's companions, and demonstrates that, in its early days, Doctor Who was very much an ensemble piece.

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