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Robert Holmes, Doctor Who - The deadly assassin

Category:BBC - BBCDVD (Click on this button to view other releases of BBC - BBCDVD DVD's.)
Label and catalogue number:BBC DVD - BBCDVD 2430
Format:Disc DVD's
Country:UK UK flag
Genre:Dramas - Sci-fi View all other tracks listed as Dramas - Sci-fi.
Run-off codes:A0101177241-A911 04 IFPI L556 Sony DADC
Item deleted?Yes
Distributed / printed by2 entertain
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My rating:*****
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Below is a list of tracks for this release.
Side & trackTrack and ArtistLength
A1The deadly assassin - Part 121.17
A2The deadly assassin - Part 224.48
A3The deadly assassin - Part 324.24
A4The deadly assassin - Part 424.23
A5The Matrix revisited29.17
A6The Gallifreyan candidate10.31
A7The frighten factor16.38
A8Radio Times billings [PDF]
A9Photo gallery5.37
A10Easter egg
Total length of media 2:36:55.

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Front cover
Front cover of BBCDVD 2430
Back cover
Back cover of BBCDVD 2430

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Cover conditionNear mint
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Tom Baker
Llewellyn Rees
Bernard Horsfall
George Pravda
Angus Mackay
Peter Pratt
Hugh Walters
Erik Chitty
Derek Seaton
Maurice Quick
Hugh Walters
Angus Mackay
John Dawson
Michael Bilton
Peter Mayock

Written by

Robert Holmes

Produced by

Philip Hinchcliffe

Directed by

David Maloney


Gallifrey. Planet of the Time Lords. The Doctor has finally come home, but not by choice.

Summoned by a vision from The Matrix, he is drawn into web of political intrigue and assassination. Nothing is quite what it seems, and in the shadows lurks his oldest and dealiest enemy ...


One of the main reasons The Deadly Assassin was made by the production team was a necessity for the Doctor. Unfortunately, as a one off, due to the superb script by Robert Holmes and the masterly direction of David Maloney, they produced yet another classic.

For the first timed in the series' history an entire story is set on Gallifrey. Indeed there are many firsts here, which still influence the series today. We learn that Time Lords have only twelve regenerations, that the Doctor's TARDIS is a Type 40, and that there is a secret organisation called the Celestial Intervention Agency at work, plus we see the Seal of Rassilon and meet Cardinal Borusa.

Fandom at the time rebelled against this decrepit version of the Time Lords, the Doctor's race having previously been presented as all-powerful beings. However, hindsight has shown that this stagnating, insular society of politics, ceremony and greed, illustrates clearly why the Doctor had to leave.

With Tom Baker at the height of his powers sumptuous design by James Acheson, a wonderful Holmes double act in Engin and Spandrell and the shock return of the Master, The Deadly Assassin is Doctor Who at its very best.

Further information

BBC Radio Enterprises Ltd and BBC Enterprises Ltd, predecessors of BBC Worldwide / BBC Worldwide Ltd., the BBC's commercial arm. Formed 1968 and 1979 respectively, they were a subsidiary wholly owned by the BBC and merged into BBC Worldwide in 1995. In that time, there were companies set up within or structured brands as part of the company to deal with separate parts of the business, e.g. BBC Records for recorded audio. Sometimes written as BBC Enterprise Ltd.

The items shown here are from the "main" BBC Records and Tapes library covering a wide secletion of genres from themes, comedy dramas and others, depending on which format you have selected.


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