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BBC release facts

Below are all the BBC release facts I have seen over the years I have been collecting. These facts will take you to more details if you click on the links!


Did you know ...

1Was the price you paid for a BBC Record based on the catalogue number?
2Did early BBC Albums have different catalogue numbers for each side and did others seem to follow odd orders?
3Did original BBC Transcription Discs and BBC Radioplay Music discs have a very small print run?
4Did the BBC label have the widest selection of subjects of any label?
5How many unique standard releases are there on the BBC label that I catalogue?
6How many BBC Records label designs over the years have there been?
7Do I have more tracks written by members of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop than any other for BBC releases?
8Has BBC Records had success in the UK music charts?
9What was the first standard official BBC Records release?
10Which format did the BBC release the most items?