BBC Records - Number of unique releases

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BBC Records - Number of unique releases

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How many unique standard releases are there on the BBC label that I catalogue?

Posted by Mike (2023-12-02).

Across all formats that I either collect or have, there have been 9133 releases that I am aware of, see below.

Out of this number, I have 5082 releases.

This represents 56% of releases.

Note this number doesn't include all posters, postcards, books, blu-rays, dvds, items in the anything else catagory or videos as I do not catalogue all of them. If I did, it would cost a fortune if I purchased them all!

Also items like the Transcription Discs are not all known to me as yet! As time passes, I will continue adding them to my site. Actually, over time, I am finding the figure I have is reducing, this is because I keep adding Transcription discs! Maybe one day my listing will include them all ... but I think that is unlikely.