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Did early BBC Albums have different catalogue numbers for each side and did others seem to follow odd orders?

Posted by Mike (2021-04-06).

Yes they did!

Going back to BBC Transcription Discs, BBC Records always had a different catalogue number and a different run-out matrix on each side - but they always linked back to the catalogue number on the label.

This, however, continued for the Language courses from 1963 up until 1974. The "Main" catalogue became far more normal in 1970.

But this isn't the end of the story! What seems to be unique for BBC Records is what is shown in the run-out matrix. These don't always show the same catalogue number on the label!

Below is a list of the interesting ones I have seen so far.

REA 1 record sleeveHere is the first example. Side 1 has a runout code of RE 1, side 2 though has RE 2. This follows on from the non-consumer records and the OP language series which did the same. Slightly different here though it also includes a side of 1 and 2!

Runout codes are:
Side 1 = RE 1 S1 BBC
Side 2 = RE 2 S2 BBC

RE 3 record sleeveHere is the second release, which in number 3, not 2.

Runout codes are:
Side 1 = RE 3 BBC
Side 2 = RE 4 BBC

RE 5 record sleeveI don't have this release as yet, but this one is one sided. This is something the BBC did for transcription discs regularly, but for a commercial release?

Runout codes are:
Side 1 = RE 5 BBC

REB 6 record sleeveThe next release follows the first two.

Runout codes are:
Side 1 = RE 6 BBC
Side 2 = RE 7 BBC

RE 8 record sleeveThe next release follows the first two, though this seems to have only been released to the Cunard passengers.

Runout codes are:
Side 1 = RE 8 BBC
Side 2 = RE 9 BBC

RE 10 record sleeveThe next release has a slightly different code. It doesn't state BBC on it, instead it has LP.

Runout codes are:
Side 1 = RE LP 10
Side 2 = RE LP 11

I haven't been able to find what RE 12 was, maybe another single sided release?
RE 13 exists, but I have not been able to buy it or get a picture of the cover. It is another two sided disc about choirs and where they sing.

RE 15 is like RE 12, maybe another single sided disc?

BBC 1005 record sleeveWhat should be RE 16 and RE 17 uses a completely different code BBC 1005! I haven't been able to track BBC 1001-1004 yet either.

Runout codes are:
Side 1 = RE 16
Side 2 = RE 17

From releases 18, the runout code format resembles normal coding, that is one number for each release. There are a few more odd entries to come!

REB 21 record sleeveThe odd thing about record 21 is the runout code is not 21, it's 22!

Runout codes are:
RE 22 SIDE 1 1 G
RE 22 SIDE 2 1 G

REGL 1 record sleeveNext we are onto the subset of "Gold" records. REGL 1 cunningly has RE 21, but RE 21 already exists - though as shown above this has a runout code of RE 22!

Runout codes are:

I don't have REGL 2 or 3 yet.

REGL 4 record sleeveNext REGL 4 uses RE 25!

Runout codes are:

RBT 2 record sleeveNow moving on ... The next tricky part is the Roundabout series. The second disc in this series has runout codes from the main catalogue, with the additions of side 3 and 4! Bit odd as release 55 is a Wildlife series record!

Runout codes are:
RE + 55 + 3 BBC
RE + 55 + 4 BBC

RBT 3 record sleeveStraight after that is Roundabout 3 which cunningly has RE 55 again, but sides 7 and 8! I have yet to find sides 5 and 6.

Runout codes are:
RE + 55 + 7 BBC
RE + 55 + 8 BBC

RBT 1 record sleeveWhile on the subject of Roundabout records, the first one uses RE 57 sides 3 and 4!

Runout codes are:
RE + 57 + 3 BBC
RE + 57 + 4 BBC

RBT 4 record sleeveThe last one is the fourth Roundabout record, this uses RE 59!

Runout codes are:
RE + 59 - 3 BBC
RE + 59 - 4 BBC

The other Roundabout series then uses RERT, followed by RBT for the later ones.

While we are talking about strange entries, one other thing about the Roundabout series is that it ends with release 21 only to start again with release 101 ...

I hope you enjoyed this interesting article!