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BBC - BBC Radiophonic Workshop

Do I have more tracks written by members of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop than any other for BBC releases?

Posted by Mike (2021-03-17).

Below is a table of the number of tracks listed with a writer. This is still being populated though!

It is interesting at time of writing the BBC Radiophonic Workshop writers currently still have a number of entries in the top twenty. The others listed are from the Goon Show, Portishead and the Stranglers! I recently decided to increase this to the top 20, only to find more of them at BBC Radiophonic Workshop people, I am wondering if I increase this further, which Workshop people would get added who are not listed!

The "Various" entry is here where the actual artist is not listed on the release.

The Stranglers590
Spike Milligan183
Dick Mills168
The Cure166
Paddy Kingsland152
Murray Gold143
Terrance Dicks142
John Baker116
Delia Derbyshire108
John Williams96
Enya / Roma Ryan93
BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson90
Brian Hodgson87
Ray Ellington87
Max Geldray81
Peter Howell75