BBC Cassettes - Pickwick-PWKS discovery

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BBC Cassettes - Pickwick-PWKS discovery

You will find all the US Pickwick label versions linked at the parent company Pickwick International, Inc. Pickwick Records quickly established itself as the market leader in budget-price LPs thanks to its innovative business practices. It was the first UK company to put in place exclusive licensing deals with the major record companies (for many years it was the official budget reissue outlet for labels such as RCA - since 1973 - and CBS.)

You can view the complete list of all BBC releases on this site by viewing the BBC List page.

cassettes catagory Cassettes

CoverCat. no.TitleArtistYear
Picture of HSC 645 The best of BBC TV's themes by artist Unknown from the BBC cassettes - Records and Tapes libraryHSC 645The best of BBC TV's themesUnknown1987
No coverHSC 646All through the night - Aled JonesAled Jones1985
No coverHSC 647Always there - Marti WebbMarti Webb1986
No coverHSC 648BBC sporting themes1988
No coverHSC 649Misty water - Colour memories1983
No coverHSC 650Children's themes from the BBC1988
No coverHSC 651Voices from the Holy Land1985
No coverHSC 652Midnight1989
No coverHSC 653The best of playschool1989
No coverHSC 654Fireman Sam1989
No coverHSC 655Academy award winners - Tony Baker and his orchestra, volume one 1934 - 1950Tony Baker1989
No coverHSC 656The very best of Sing Something Simple1989
No coverHSC 657Marti Webb sings GershwinMarti Webb 1987
No coverHSC 658Kenneth McKellarKenneth McKellar1990
No coverHSC 659Nightingale sang Berkeley Square and others ??.1990
No coverHSC 660Cliff Adams - Volume 2Cliff Adams1990
No coverHSC 661Tony Baker - Academy awardsTony Baker1990
No coverHSC 662Aled JonesAled Jones1990