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Catalogue numberZCM 328
TitleSing for joy
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Media typeREC 328
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Extra notes on cover, middle (gatefold sleeve) and any inserts

Songs with a message sung and played by members of The Girl Guides Assocaition and The Scout Association. Including the groups Rainbow Wood, The Hopkins Sisters and The Brand Sisters with douglas Coombes (keyboards) and Howard Tibble (drums). Musical director: Susan Stevens of the G. G. A.

This record is a new departure from the previous records which the BBC has produced featuring members of the Girl Guides Association and the Scout Association in that I have used more sophicated recording techniques, such as eight-track recrding with double-tracking,l synthesizer, harmonizer and disc-delay effects. All this was new to the performers, but they rose to the challenge magnificently giving performances that are full of life and conviction even though it was extremely hard work for them, involving many hours in the studio. They had come from as far afield as Wales, the West Country, the Midlands and the Home Counties and did not have the opportunity to sing together until they met for the recording in London - which meant a great deal of 'creativity' in the studio both in performance and on the technical side. I think the final result is not only a very high standard of performance but also a very creditable 'commercial' sound and I should like to thank all those who were in any way involved, especially the members of the Girl Guides Association and the Scout Association who gave up so much time for individual rehearsals and for the recording. It is a delight to work with young people who are so responsive and have so much self-discipline and dedication.

There appears to be as great a need among the youth of today for good, new, 'songs with a message' as in the Sixties when such songs were so popular and many were being written. We have, therefore, included on this record not only some of the old favourites of the Sixties such as 'Family of Man', 'Lord Jesus Christ', 'Bland and White' - and even the Beetles hit 'Let it be' - but also some songs of the Seventies, such as those by Susan Stevens which have become extriemely popular within the Guide Movement throughout the world and with the pupils at Wells Blue comprehensive school where she is Director of Music and Drama. I feel that it is important that good songs of this type should continue to be written and sung in order to keep it a 'living' and developing tradition, giving expression to the thoughts and feelings of each new decade. We have tried to give a nice balance of the old and the new and I hope that not only Schools, Youth and Religious Organisations will find this record useful, but thank all who listen to 'Sing For Joy'', young and older people alike, will enjoy it and feel the true Spirit behind these songs with a message.
Sylviaq Cartner

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