ZCF 398 The final chapter by Bing Crosby

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Catalogue numberZCF 398
TitleThe final chapter
Artist(s)Bing Crosby
Record statusNot currently in my collection.

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Country of originUK UK flag
Media typeREB 398
Media genreMusic - Popular
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Extra notes on cover, middle (gatefold sleeve) and any inserts

It is with some sadness I record that one of the high spots of my professional life should find me at the end of a long illustrious list of Musical Directors beginning with Paul Whiteman.

Whilst I never could remember a time when there was no Bing, the first time I actually met him was at the preliminary rehearsal for the three provincial dates, London Palladium fortnight and the BBC Broadcast, all of which I was contracted to do with my Orchestra, and which constituted his last professional appearances.

An early reserve quickly gave way to a warmth which was always evident in the voice and film performances which I knew so well, and on learning of my interests (I played jazz guitar and trumpet) he delighted in telling me outrageous stories of the great musicians with whom he has been associated. Every evening I would hear of the unpublished expliots of such jazz greats as Louis Armstrong, Eddie Lang, Joe Venuti, Bix Beiderbecke, Frankie Trumbauer, the Teagarden Bothers etc. etc., and these stories, together with Bing's humourous turn of phrase, were unforgettable.

Of Bing Crosby the artiste and of his magnificent voice, surely everything has been said, but I would like to add a small personal observation; I consider myself the most privileged of men to have worked with the greatest entertainer of this century, and am very proud that this all too short season is represented for posterity in this Album.

Personnel of the orchestra
Violins: Pat Halling (leader), Howard Ball, Andy Babynchuck, John Davies, Geoff Grey, Ken Hogg, Dave Randall, Gerry Richards
Violas: Ben Thomas, Alan Smyth
Celli: Quentin Williams, Dennis Southard
Saxophones / Wood-wind: Dougie Robinson, Bill Jackman, Vic Ash, John Francis, Cyril Reuben
Trumpets / Flugelhorns: Derek Healey, Mike Davis, Peter parkes, Trevor Barber
Trombones: Bobby Lamb, Eddie Thompson, Phil Brown
Harp: John Marson
Percussion: Brian Pickles
Drums: Bobby Orr
Guitar: Terry Drummond
Bass guitar: Ian White
Piano: Bunny Thompson
Producer 'The Bing Crosby Story' - Brian Willey

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REB 398Bing Crosby - The final chapter

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[albums]BBC - 22398Bing - The final chapter
[albums]BBC - 22398Bing - The final chapter
[albums]BBC - 22398Bing - The final chapter
[albums]REB 398Bing Crosby - The final chapter
[albums]REB 398Bing Crosby - The final chapter
[albums]REB 398Bing Crosby - The final chapter

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