WHO 50 Doctor Who - The 50th anniversary collection 1963-2013 by Various

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Picture of cds Doctor Who - The 50th anniversary collection 1963-2013 (Various)

Please find the details I have recorded for this release.

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Front cover
Picture of WHO 50 Doctor Who - The 50th anniversary collection 1963-2013 by artist Various from the BBC records and Tapes library
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Picture of WHO 50 Doctor Who - The 50th anniversary collection 1963-2013 by artist Various from the BBC records and Tapes library

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Release details

Catalogue numberWHO 50
TitleDoctor Who - The 50th anniversary collection 1963-2013
Cover conditionMint
Record conditionMint
Item deleted?Yes
Distributed / printed bySilva Screen Records
Country of originUK UK flag
FormatLimited edition
Media typePrimary
Media genreDramas - Sci-fi
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Run-off codes / Shop bar codesMy copy of this record is sealed, so I cannot view the code on it.
My rating*****
Guest rating*****

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Below is a list of tracks for this release.
Side & trackTrack and ArtistLength
DISC ONE - The First Doctor - William Hartnell 1963 - 1966
A1 Doctor Who (Original Theme) [Ron Grainer / BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Delia Derbyshire]2.21
A2Doctor Who (Pilot Theme) [Ron Grainer / BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Delia Derbyshire]2.05
An Unearthly Child - Unaired pilot version (1963)
A3 TARDIS Exterior Hum And Door [Original] [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.23
A4Entry into The TARDIS (Full Length Version) [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]11.56
A5TARDIS original takeoff sequence [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]1.47
A6Doctor Who (Original Titles Music) [Ron Grainer / BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Delia Derbyshire]2.09
An Unearthly Child (1963)
A7 Three guitars mood [Raymond / Nelson / The Arthur Nelson Group]2.03
A8TARDIS takeoff [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]1.23
The Daleks (1963)
A9 Forest atmosphere [Tristram Cary]1.08
A10Skaro - Petrified forest atmosphere ("Thal wind") [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]2.21
A11TARDIS Computer [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]1.08
A12Forest with creature [Tristram Cary]0.54
A13City music 1 and 2 [Tristram Cary]0.56
A14Dalek city corridor [Tristram Cary / BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]2.02
A15The Daleks [Tristram Cary]0.32
A16Dalek control room [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.34
A17The storm continued (Susan meets Alydon) [Tristram Cary]2.34
A18The fight [Tristram Cary]1.03
A19The ambush [Tristram Cary]2.00
A20Rising tension [Tristram Cary]1.16
A21Demented Dalek [Tristram Cary]0.22
A22Capsule oscillation (Dalek destructor fuse / bomb countdown) [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.19
The Edge Of Destruction (1964)
A23 Explosion, TARDIS stops [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]1.10
The Keys Of Marinus (1964)
A24 Sleeping machine [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.52
The Sensorites (1964)
A25 Sensorite speech background [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]1.11
The Chase (1965)
A26 The chase (Music and effects from the soundtrack) [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]
A27Dalek spaceship lands [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.16
A28Dalek tracking device [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.36
A29Dalek spaceship takeoff [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.47
A30TARDIS lands [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.11
Galaxy 4 (1965)
A31 Chumbley (Constant run) [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.27
A32Cumbley at rest [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.28
A33 Marche [Daniel Ouzounoff / Les Structures Sonores]2.40
A34Chumbley sends message [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.07
A35Chumbley dome (Rises / Falls / Rises / Falls) [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.19
A36Chumbley dies [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.11
The Daleks' Master Plan (1965)
A37 A Strange Sickness [Tristram Cary / Eddie Walker and musicians]0.44
A38Kembel I [Tristram Cary / Eddie Walker and musicians]0.46
A39Daleks I [Tristram Cary]0.41
A40Activity on Dalek ship control panel [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.46
A41Daleks at the TARDIS [Tristram Cary]0.25
A42Wall of fire [Tristram Cary / Eddie Walker and musicians]0.24
A43At the city walls [Tristram Cary / Eddie Walker and musicians]0.37
A44Leaving Kembel [Tristram Cary / Eddie Walker and musicians]0.21
A45The experiment [Tristram Cary / Eddie Walker and musicians]0.41
A46Invisible creatures [Tristram Cary / Eddie Walker and musicians]0.51
A47Dalek time machine [Tristram Cary]0.19
A48The missing TARDIS [Tristram Cary / Eddie Walker and musicians]0.51
A49The tomb [Tristram Cary / Eddie Walker and musicians]0.54
A50The heart of the mountain [Tristram Cary]0.35
A51Growing menace [Tristram Cary]2.08
A52The Time Destructor [Tristram Cary]5.17
The Gunfighters (1966)
A53 Excerpts from "The ballad of the Last Chance Saloon" [Tristram Cary / Donald Cotton / Rex Tucker / Tom McCall / Lynda Barron]3.51
The Savages (1966)
A54 Transfer of Human energy into reserve [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]1.56
A55Energy escapes [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.23
The Tenth Planet (1966)
A56 Space adventure part 2 [Martin Slavin]1.22
A57Cybership interior atmoshpere [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]1.00
A58Machinery in TARDIS goes wild (Regeneration) [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]1.03
DISC TWO - The Second Doctor - Patrick Troughton - 1966-1969 - The Power Of The Daleks (1966)
B1 Regeneration runs down [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.10
B2The Doctor's transitional trauma [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.52
The Underwater Menace (1967)
B3 The Fish People [Dudley Simpson / BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.37
The Macra Terror (1967)
B4 Heartbeat chase [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]1.57
B5Chromophone band [Dudley Simpson / BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Delia Derbyshire]1.56
B6Controller chimes [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.10
B7Muzak (From "Time in advance") [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / John Baker]3.19
B8Propaganda sleep machine [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]1.08
B9The Macra Terror (Incidental music excerpt) [Dudley Simpson / BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.31
B10Doctor Who (New Opening 1967 - Full Version) [Ron Grainer / BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Delia Derbyshire]2.19
The Tomb Of The Cybermen (1967)
B11 Univers Sidereal [Paul Bonneau / Paul Bonneau and his orchestra]2.26
B12Space time music Part 1 [Wilfred Josephs / Westway Studio Orchestra]1.21
The Abominable Snowmen (1967)
B13 Yeti control sphere move, Call and answer [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.22
The Ice Warriors (1967)
B14 The Ice Warriors one [Dudley Simpson / Dudley Simpson and orchestra]0.52
The Ice Warriors two-six
B15 Titles [Dudley Simpson / Dudley Simpson and orchestra]0.43
The Web Of Fear (1968)
B16 Space time music Part 2 [Wilfred Josephs / Westway Studio Orchestra]1.19
B17Sting & web (Cocooning interior / Cobweb pulsates) [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]2.04
B184 stings [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.18
Fury From The Deep (1968)
B19 Mr Oak and Mr Quill [Dudley Simpson / BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.40
The Wheel In Space (1968)
B20 Lead-in to cyber planner [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.14
B21Cyber planner background [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.37
B22Cybermen stab & music [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]1.32
B23Rocket stab [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.07
B24Birth of Cybermats [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.44
B25Cybermats attracted to wheel [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.39
B26Rocket in space [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]1.49
B27Interior rocket (Suspense music) [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]1.55
B28Servo robot music [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]1.27
B29Wheel stab [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.14
B30Cosmos atmosphere [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]1.08
B31Alien ship music [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]1.00
B32Jarvis in a dream state [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.47
B332 stabs [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.11
The Dominators (1968)
B34 TARDIS (New landing) [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.18
B35Dominators' Saucer Power On [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.40
B36Sting [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.05
B37Statues move (A and B) [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.35
B38Galaxy atmosphere [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]1.04
B39Dominators' Saucer Interior [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]2.04
B40Tension builder (A) [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.45
B41Tension builder (B) [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.40
B42Tension builder (C) [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]1.06
B43Low sting [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.03
The Mind Robber (1968)
B44 TARDIS, extra power unit plugged in [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]1.53
B45Zoe's Theme [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]1.19
B46White void [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]1.17
The Invasion (1968)
B47 The dark side of the moon [Don Harper/ Don Harper And Musicians]0.31
B48The company [Don Harper/ Don Harper And Musicians]1.30
B49Muzak (From "Time in advance") [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / John Baker]2.44
B50Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart [Don Harper/ Don Harper And Musicians]1.22
B51Mysteries [Don Harper/ Don Harper And Musicians]1.30
B52Cyberman Brought To Life [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]1.13
B53 Cyber invasion [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]2.12
The Krotons (1968)
B54 The Learning Hallf [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]2.40
B55Entry into the machine [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]1.33
B56Sting [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.33
B57Machine and city theme [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]1.49
B58Kroton theme [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]2.13
The Seeds Of Death (1969)
B59 The Seeds Of Death - Titles [Dudley Simpson / Eric Allen / John Blanchard]0.35
B60Moon control [Dudley Simpson / Eric Allen / John Blanchard]0.24
B61Diffraction (Ice Warrior gun impact) [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.35
B62Ice Warriors music [Dudley Simpson / Eric Allen / John Blanchard]0.25
B63Moon homing beam signal & reply [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.21
The Space Pirates (1969)
B64 TARDIS Lands [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.24
The War Games (1969)
B65 Alien Control Centre [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.27
B66Time zone atmosphere [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.40
B67Dimensional control (SIDRAT dimensions contract) [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.50
B68War lord arrival [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.16
B69 War chief music [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.14
B70Silver box (The Doctor calls for help) [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]1.02
B71Time Lord court [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]1.32
DISC THREE - The Third Doctor - Jon Pertwee - 1970-1974
C1 Doctor Who Opening Title Theme (1970) [Ron Grainer / BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Delia Derbyshire]0.46
Spearhead From Space (1970)
C2 TARDIS tries to take off [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.30
Doctor Who And The Silurians (1970)
C3 Music from "Doctor Who and the Silurians" [Carey Blyton]7.34
The Ambassadors Of Death (1970)
C4 Outer space [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]2.04
Inferno (1970)
C5 TARDIS control on & Warp transfer [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.22
C6Blue veils and golden sands [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Delia Derbyshire]3.26
C7The Delian mode [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Delia Derbyshire]5.32
C8Battle theme [St. George]1.01
The Mind Of Evil (1971)
C9 The Master's theme [Dudley Simpson / BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.43
C10Hypnosis music [Dudley Simpson / BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.36
C11Dover Castle [Dudley Simpson / BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.29
C12Keller machine appears and vanishes [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.22
C13Keller machine theme [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.42
The Claws Of Axos (1971)
C14 Axos cell interior atmosphere [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.50
C15Brain centre atmosphere [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.16
C16Copy machine tickover [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.16
C17The Axons approach [Dudley Simpson / BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]1.45
C18TARDIS lands [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.22
The Curse Of Peladon (1972)
C19 TARDIS interior (Stationary) [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.56
C20TARDIS interior (In flight) [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.54
The Sea Devils (1972)
C21 Music from "The Sea Devils" [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Malcolm Clarke]5.24
The Mutants (1972)
C22 Transfer machine arrival [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Brian Hodgson]0.17
C23Music from "The mutants" [Tristram Cary]7.13
C24 Doctor Who (Stereo Version 1972) [Ron Grainer / BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Delia Derbyshire]2.23
C25Doctor Who (Delaware version 1972) [Ron Grainer / BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Delia Derbyshire / Paddy Kingsland]2.10
The Three Doctors (1973)
C26 Time Lords background [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Dick Mills]1.20
Carnival Of Monsters (1973)
C27 Music from "Carnival of monsters" Episode 1 [Dudley Simpson]3.35
Frontier In Space (1973)
C28 Frontier in space - Hyperspace jump [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Dick Mills]0.27
C29Music From "Frontier in space" Episodes 1 and 2 [Dudley Simpson]5.37
Death To The Daleks (1974)
C30 TARDIS malfunctions (Sequence) [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Dick Mills]2.00
C31Exxilon City beacon [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Dick Mills]0.54
C32Music from "Death to the Daleks" (Extended suite) [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Dick Mills]10.25
The Monster Of Peladon (1974)
C33 Aggedor's temple atmosphere, Peladon [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Dick Mills]1.37
Planet Of The Spiders (1974)
C34 Music from "Planet of the spiders" part 2 [Dudley Simpson]2.00
C35Planet of the spiders - Metebelis III atmosphere [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Dick Mills]1.52
C36Doctor Who closing title theme (1970) [Ron Grainer / BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Delia Derbyshire]1.14
DISC FOUR - The Fourth Doctor - Tom Baker - 1974-1981
D1 Doctor Who Opening Title Theme [Ron Grainer / BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Delia Derbyshire]0.44
Robot (1974)
D2 Mysterious robots [Dudley Simpson]1.15
The Ark In Space (1975)
D3 Nerva Beacon infrastructure and T-Mat couch [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Dick Mills]1.42
The Sontaran Experiment (1975)
D4 Styre's scouting machine [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Dick Mills]1.04
Revenge Of The Cybermen (1975)
D5 Music From "Revenge of the Cybermen" (Extended Suite) [Carey Blyton / Carey Blyton and orchestra]6.54
Terror Of The Zygons (1975)
D6 The destruction of Charlie Rig [Geoffrey Burgon]0.41
D7A landing in Scotland [Geoffrey Burgon]1.22
D8The Zygons attack [Geoffrey Burgon]0.49
D9Monster on the moor [Geoffrey Burgon]3.27
The Android Invasion (1975)
D10 Music from "The android invasion" Episodes 3 & 4 (Extended suite) [Dudley Simpson]9.04
The Brain Of Morbius (1975)
D11 The planet Karn [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Dick Mills]1.48
The Seeds Of Doom (1976)
D12 Antarctica [Geoffrey Burgon]2.19
D13Harrison chase [Geoffrey Burgon]0.40
D14The hymn of the plants [Geoffrey Burgon]0.49
D15Get Dunbar! / Krynoid on the loose [Geoffrey Burgon]2.53
The Masque Of Mandragora (1976)
D16 The Mandragora helix [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Dick Mills]1.26
The Invisible Enemy (1977)
D17 Inside The Doctor's mind [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Dick Mills]1.52
The Sun Makers (1977)
D18 Music From "The sun makers" [Dudley Simpson]11.22
The Invasion Of Time (1978)
D19 Music From "The Invasion Of Time" episodes 3 and 4 [Dudley Simpson]5.37
Destiny Of The Daleks (1979)
D20 Movellan runs down [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Dick Mills]2.01
D21Nova device countdown and explosion [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Dick Mills]0.28
Nightmare Of Eden (1979)
D22 Pretty planet [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Dick Mills]0.33
D23Doctor Who closing titles theme (40" Version) [Ron Grainer / BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Delia Derbyshire]0.41
D24Doctor Who 1980 (Opening titles) [Ron Grainer / BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Peter Howell]0.36
The Leisure Hive (1980)
D25 Into Argolis [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Peter Howell]1.44
D26Earth shuttle arrives [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Peter Howell]1.21
Meglos (1980)
D27 The Deons [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Paddy Kingsland]1.27
D28Meglos [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Peter Howell]1.31
Full Circle (1980)
D29 Summons to Gallifrey [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Paddy Kingsland]1.21
D30K9 on a mission [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Paddy Kingsland]0.35
Warrior's Gate (1980)
D31 Banqueting Music [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Peter Howell]1.21
The Keeper Of Traken (1981)
D32 Nyssa's Theme [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Roger Limb]0.42
D33Kassia's wedding music [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Roger Limb]0.48
D34The threat of Melkur [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Roger Limb]0.54
Logopolis (1981)
D35 TARDIS interior (Flying, landing beep, stationary, cloister bell) [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Dick Mills]1.29
D36It's the end... [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Paddy Kingsland]3.18
D37Doctor Who 1980 (Closing titles) [Ron Grainer / BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Peter Howell]1.17
DISC FIVE - The Fifth Doctor - Peter Davison - 1982-1984 Castrovalva (1982)
E1 "The moment has been prepared for" [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Paddy Kingsland]1.02
E2Doctor Who Theme (1980 - Full Version) [Ron Grainer / BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Peter Howell]2.41
Castrovalva (1982)
E3 Castrovalva (Suite) [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Paddy Kingsland]3.18
Four To Doomsday (1982)
E4 Exploring the lab [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Roger Limb / Dick Mills]1.48
E5Nyssa is hypnotised [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Roger Limb / Dick Mills]0.59
Kinda (1982)
E6 TSS machine attacked [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Peter Howell / Dick Mills]1.03
Black Orchid (1982)
E7 Black orchid [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Roger Limb / Dick Mills]3.17
Earthshock (1982)
E8 March of the Cybermen [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Malcolm Clarke / Dick Mills]5.13
Arc Of Infinity (1983)
E9 Omega force shield [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Dick Mills]1.54
E10Ergon threat [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Dick Mills]1.03
E11The termination of The Doctor [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Dick Mills]2.08
Snakedance (1983)
E12 Janissary band [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Peter Howell]0.48
Mawdryn Undead (1983)
E13 Mawdryn undead (Suite) [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Paddy Kingsland]4.17
Enlightenment (1983)
E14 Enlightenment [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Malcolm Clarke]7.56
The King's Demons (1983)
E15 The King's demons [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Jonathan Gibbs / Tim Barry / Jakob Lindburg]5.23
The Five Doctors (1983)
E16 The five Doctors [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Peter Howell]8.44
Warriors Of The Deep (1984)
E17 Warriors of the deep [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Jonathan Gibbs]3.54
The Awakening (1984)
E18 The awakening [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Peter Howell]3.26
Frontios (1984)
E19 Frontios (Suite) [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Paddy Kingsland]4.21
Resurrection Of The Daleks (1984)
E20 Resurrection of the Daleks (Suite) [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Malcolm Clarke]5.01
Planet Of Fire (1984)
E21 Planet of fire [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Peter Howell]3.55
The Caves Of Androzani (1984)
E22 The caves of Androzani (Extended suite) [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Roger Limb]6.57
DISC SIX - The Sixth Doctor - Colin Baker - 1984-1986 The Twin Dilemma (1984)
F1 The twin dilemma (Extended suite) [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Malcolm Clarke]7.19
Attack Of The Cybermen (1985)
F2 Attack of the Cybermen (Suite) [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Malcolm Clarke]8.12
Vengence On Varos (1985)
F3 Vengence on Varos (Suite) [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Jonathan Gibbs]6.53
The Mark Of The Rani (1985)
F4 The mark of the Rani (Extended Suite) [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Jonathan Gibbs]6.47
The Two Doctors (1985)
F5 The two doctors (Extended Suite) [BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Peter Howell / Les Thatcher]6.31
Timelash (1985)
F6 Timelash [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Elizabeth Parker]5.51
Revelation Of The Daleks (1985)
F7 Revelation of the Daleks - The funeral parlour [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Dick Mills]2.19
F8Revelation of the Daleks [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Roger Limb]6.15
F9Doctor Who (1986 - Opening) [Ron Grainer / Dominic Glynn]2.53
The Trial Of A Time Lord - The Mysterious Planet (1986)
F10 The mysterious planet (Extended suite) [Dominic Glynn]7.39
The Trial Of A Time Lord - Mindwarp (1986)
F11 Mindwarp (Sound effects montage) (Machine / Sil's chamber / Test room background / Light tunnel background / Force beam and TARDIS / Time bubble / Unfreeze) [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Dick Mills]3.59
The Trial Of A Time Lord - Terror Of The Vervoids (1986)
F12 Terror of the Vervoids (Extended suite) [BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Malcolm Clarke]8.26
The Trial Of A Time Lord
F13 The Ultimate Foe (1986) [Dominic Glynn]6.49
F14Doctor Who Theme (1986 - Closing) [Ron Grainer / Dominic Glynn]
DISC SEVEN - The Seventh Doctor - Sylvester McCoy - 1987-1989 - Time And The Rani (1987)
G1 "It's the man I want" [Keff McCulloch]0.22
G2Doctor Who (1987 - Opening) [Ron Grainer / Keff McCulloch]0.53
Time And The Rani (1987)
G3 Music from "Time and the Rani" (Extended suite) [Keff McCulloch]4.02
Paradise Towers (1987)
G4 Taken to the cleaners [Keff McCulloch]1.31
G5Drinksmat dawning [Keff McCulloch]1.28
G6The making of Pex [Keff McCulloch]1.22
Delta And The Bannermen (1987)
G7 Music from "Delta and the Bannermen" [Keff McCulloch]3.38
G8"Here's to the future" [Keff McCulloch / The Lorells]1.56
Dragonfire (1987)
G9 Music from "Dragonfire" (Extended suite) [Keff McCulloch]7.11
Remembrance Of The Daleks (1988)
G10 Music from "Remembrance of the Daleks" (Extended suite) [Keff McCulloch]8.21
G11Time will tell [Keff McCulloch]1.00
The Happiness Patrol (1988)
G12 Music from "The happiness patrol" [Dominic Glynn / Adam Burney]7.11
Silver Nemesis (1988)
G13 Fourth Reich [Keff McCulloch]1.21
G14Landing of the Cybermen [Keff McCulloch]2.47
G15Shooting at us [Keff McCulloch]1.26
The Greatest Show In The Galaxy (1988)
G16 Music From "The Greatest show in the galaxy" (Extended suite) [Mark Ayres]7.07
Battlefield (1989)
G17 Music from "Battlefield" (Extended suite) [Keff McCulloch]5.04
Ghost Light (1989)
G18 Music from "Ghost light" [Mark Ayres]4.32
The Curse Of Fenric (1989)
G19 Music from "The curse of Fenric" (Extended Suite) [Mark Ayres]7.30
Survival (1989)
G20 Music from "Survival" (Extended suite) [Dominic Glynn / David Hardington]8.25
G21"... and somewhere else, the tea's getting cold" [Dominic Glynn / David Hardington]0.23
G22Doctor Who (1987 - Closing) [Ron Grainer / Keff McCulloch]1.14
DISC EIGHT - The Eighth Doctor - Paul McGann - 1996 - Doctor Who - The Television Movie (1996)
H1 Prologue [Ron Grainer / John Sponsler / John Debney]2.19
H2Breakout [John Sponsler]2.36
H3Wimps / Doctor #7 is shot [John Sponsler]1.49
H4Aftermath [John Debney / John Sponsler]1.04
H5Mr Smith and the ambulance [John Debney]1.51
H6"I am not Human" [John Debney]1.13
H7Flatline [John Debney]1.01
H8X-Ray / Snake in the bathroom [John Debney / John Sponsler]1.37
H9The taking of Bruce [John Debney]1.03
H10Seven to eight [John Debney]2.02
H11"Who am I?" [Louis Febre]1.55
H12City scape [John Debney / John Sponsler]1.51
H13Bad morning [John Debney]0.33
H14Time [John Debney / Louis Febre]0.57
H15"I quit" [John Debney]1.01
H16Primitive wiring / The un-Bruce [John Debney / Louis Febre]1.43
H17Two hearts [John Debney / Louis Febre]1.12
H18The TARDIS / True identity [John Debney / Louis Febre]2.15
H19Night walk [John Debney / Louis Febre]1.45
H20The eye of Harmony / Half human [Louis Febre]4.35
H21Until midnight / Atomic clock [Louis Febre]2.01
H22Green eyes [John Sponsler]0.49
H23The chase [John Debney / John Sponsler]3.17
H24Beryllium clock / Bragg's key [Louis Febre]1.12
H25Jelly Baby [John Debney]0.12
H26Slimed [John Debney / Louis Febre]2.06
H27Under the influence [Louis Febre]0.47
H28Crown of nails [ John Debney / John Sponsler]1.13
H29Lee's last chance [ John Debney / John Sponsler]2.09
H30"Open the eye" [ John Debney / John Sponsler]2.26
H31"Reroute the power" / Temporal orbit [ John Debney / John Sponsler / Louis Febre]6.17
H32To hold death back [ John Debney / Louis Febre]1.55
H33Farewell [ John Debney / Louis Febre]1.37
H34End credits / "Doctor Who" theme [ Ron Grainer / John Debney / John Sponsler]0.49
DISC NINE - The Ninth Doctor - Christopher Eccleston - 2005
I1 Doctor Who Theme (TV Version) [Ron Grainer / Murray Gold]0.42
I2 Westminister Bridge [Murray Gold]2.08
I3Seeking The Doctor [Murray Gold]0.41
I4The Doctor's theme [Murray Gold]1.13
The End Of The World
I5 Clockwork TARDIS [Murray Gold]1.17
I6Cassandra's waltz [Murray Gold]3.07
I7Rose's theme [Murray Gold]2.13
Aliens Of London
I8 Slitheen [Murray Gold]1.20
World War Three
I9 Harriet Jones, Prime Minister [Murray Gold]2.13
I10 The lone Dalek [Murray Gold]4.59
Father's Day
I11 Father's Day [Murray Gold]1.53
Boom Town
I12 Boom town suite [Murray Gold]3.00
I13Monster Bossa [Murray Gold]1.37
Bad Wolf
I14 Rose in Peril [Murray Gold]1.31
I15The Daleks [Murray Gold]3.00
I16I'm coming to get you [Murray Gold]1.11
The Parting Of The Ways
I17 Finding Jackie [Murray Gold]0.53
I18Rose defeats The Daleks [Murray Gold]2.29
I19Holograms [Murray Gold]2.14
I20New adventures [Murray Gold]2.18
I21Doctor Who theme - Album version [Ron Grainer / Murray Gold]2.33
Classic Doctor Who - Bonus Tracks
I22 Behind the sofa (From - More than 30 years in the TARDIS) [Mark Ayres]2.25
I23Doctor Who 1986 [Ron Grainer / Dominic Glynn]2.54
I24Doctor Who 1987 [Ron Grainer / Keff McCulloch]2.37
I25Back to the TARDIS (Version 1) (From 30 years in the TARDIS) [Mark Ayres]1.04
I26"... and somewhere else the tea is getting cold" (From "Survival") [Dominic Glynn / David Hardington]0.21
I27Back to the TARDIS (Version 2) (From - More than 30 years in the TARDIS) [Mark Ayres]0.54
The New Series - The Tenth Doctor - Bonus tracks
I28 The Doctor forever (From "The Runaway Bride") [Murray Gold /Tom Williams]4.18
I29Song for ten (From "The Christmas Invasion") [Murray Gold / Ben Foster / Neil Hannon / Gillian Wisdom / Matthew David / Yvonne John-Lewis]3.27
I30My angel put The Devil in me (From "Daleks In Manhattan") [Murray Gold / Yamit Mamo]3.08
I31The Cyberleader runs amok (From "The Next Doctor") [Murray Gold]1.56
I32Never too old to shoot and fly (From "The End Of Time") [Murray Gold]2.15
The New Series - The Eleventh Doctor - Bonus tracks
I33 Emotions get the better of him (From "Victory Of The Daleks") [Murray Gold]4.34
I34Impossible choice (From "The Beast Below") [Murray Gold]3.33
I35 Glasgow (From "The Name Of The Doctor") [Murray Gold]0.58
I36Whisper men (From "The Name Of The Doctor") [Murray Gold]1.32
DISC TEN - The Tenth Doctor - David Tennant - 2005-2010 - The Christmas Invasion
J1 Sycorax Encounter [Murray Gold]1.12
New Earth
J2 The face of Boe [Murray Gold]1.14
Tooth And Claw
J3 Tooth and claw [Murray Gold]3.19
The Girl In The Fireplace
J4 Madame De Pompadour [Murray Gold]2.11
Rise Of The Cybermen / The Age Of Steel
J5 The Cybermen [Murray Gold]3.48
J6 Doomsday [Murray Gold]5.07
The Runaway Bride
J7 The runaway bride [Murray Gold]4.18
Smith And Jones
J8 Martha's theme [Murray Gold]2.34
J9 Gridlocked Cassinis [Murray Gold]1.13
J10All the strange, strange creatures [Murray Gold]3.47
Daleks In Manhattan / Evolution Of The Daleks
J11 Evolution of the Daleks [Murray Gold]1.53
Human Nature / The Family Of Blood
J12 Mr. Smith and Joan [Murray Gold]1.54
J13Just scarecrows to war [Murray Gold]1.29
J14 Blink (Suite) [Murray Gold]2.54
Utopia / The Sound Of Drums / The Last Of The Time Lords
J15 The Futurekind [Murray Gold]1.43
This Is Gallifrey
J16 Our childhood, our home [Murray Gold]3.16
J17Doctor Who - Season 4 opening credits [Ron Grainer / Murray Gold]0.45
Voyage Of The Damned
J18 Voyage of The Damned suite [Murray Gold]4.56
Partners In Crime
J19 A nobel girl about town [Murray Gold]2.12
Planet Of The Ood
J20 Songs of captivity and freedom [Murray Gold]4.01
The Sontaran Stratagem / The Poison Sky
J21 UNIT rocks [Murray Gold]1.10
The Doctor's Daughter
J22 The Doctor's daughter [Murray Gold]1.36
Silence In The Library / Forest Of The Dead
J23 Silence in the library [Murray Gold]2.56
J24 Midnight [Murray Gold]3.07
Turn Left
J25 Turn left [Murray Gold]2.19
The Stolen Earth / Journey's End
J26 Song of freedom [Murray Gold]2.51
The Next Doctor
J27 Not The Doctor [Murray Gold]3.19
Planet Of The Dead
J28 A special sort of bus [Murray Gold]2.19
The Waters Of Mars
J29 By water borne [Murray Gold]2.23
The End Of Time
J30 Vale Decem [Murray Gold]3.20
DISC ELEVEN - The Eleventh Doctor - Matt Smith
K1 2010-2013 [Murray Gold]1.01
The Eleventh Hour
K2 Little Amy [Murray Gold]1.41
K3I am The Doctor [Murray Gold]4.02
K4The mad man with a box [Murray Gold]2.08
The Beast Below
K5 The beast below [Murray Gold]1.21
Victory Of The Daleks
K6 Battle in the sky [Murray Gold]3.23
The Time Of The Angels / Flesh And Stone
K7 The time of the Angels [Murray Gold]3.56
Amy's Choice
K8 This is the dream [Murray Gold]1.39
The Hungry Earth / Cold Blood
K9 The Silurians [Murray Gold]1.02
Vincent And The Doctor
K10 A troubled man [Murray Gold]2.18
The Pandorica Opens / The Big Bang
K11 Words win wars [Murray Gold]1.47
K12The life and death of Amy Pond [Murray Gold]2.54
K13The sad man with a box [Murray Gold]3.18
A Christmas Carol
K14 Abigail's song (Silence is all you know) [Murray Gold]4.41
The Impossible Astronaut / Day Of The Moon
K15 The impossible astronaut [Murray Gold]3.11
The Curse Of The Black Spot
K16 Deadly siren [Murray Gold]4.51
The Doctor's Wife
K17 Run, sexy [Murray Gold]1.56
The Rebel Flesh / The Almost People
K18 Which one is the flesh? [Murray Gold]1.39
Let's Kill Hitler
K19 The enigma of River Song [Murray Gold]3.57
The Girl Who Waited
K20 Lost in the wrong stream [Murray Gold]3.23
A Town Called Mercy
K21 Make peace [Murray Gold]0.52
The Angels Take Manhattan
K22 Together or not at all (The song of Amy and Rory) [Murray Gold]3.16
The Snowmen
K23 Clara in the TARDIS [Murray Gold]2.53
The Bells Of Saint John
K24 Up the Shard [Murray Gold]3.00
The Rings Of Akhaten (2013)
K25 The long song [Murray Gold]3.35
Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS
K26 A machine that makes machines [Murray Gold]3.00
The Name Of The Doctor
K27 What's his name? [Murray Gold]1.58
K28Remember me [Murray Gold]3.00
Day Of The Moon (Bonus Track)
K29 The majestic tale (Of a madman with a box) [Murray Gold]3.09
Total length of media 14:02:29.


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Doctor Who is a British science fiction television programme produced by the BBC since 1963. The programme depicts the adventures of a Time Lord called "the Doctor", an extraterrestrial being, to all appearances human, from the planet Gallifrey. The Doctor explores the universe in a time-travelling space ship called the TARDIS. Its exterior appears as a blue British police box, which was a common sight in Britain in 1963 when the series first aired. Accompanied by a number of companions, the Doctor combats a variety of foes while working to save civilisations and help people in need.


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