SBN 563 08559 2 Amici, buona sera!

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Picture of books Amici, buona sera! (Hugh Shankland / Ernesto Mussi)

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Catalogue numberSBN 563 08559 2
Sleeve picturePicture of SBN 563 08559 2 Amici, buona sera! by artist Hugh Shankland / Ernesto Mussi from the BBC records and Tapes library
TitleAmici, buona sera!
ArtistHugh Shankland / Ernesto Mussi
Cover conditionGood
Record conditionVery Good Plus
BBC records label codeN/A
Item deleted?Yes
BBC label
Distributed / printed byBilling and Sons Limited, Guildford
Media typeOP 145/146
Media genreLanguage View all other tracks listed as Language.
Run-off codes / Shop bar codesSBN 563 08559 2
My ratingNot set
Guest ratingCurrent average value is 3.

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What type of seller was used?Not recorded

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Front cover
Front cover of SBN 563 08559 2
Back cover
Back cover of SBN 563 08559 2


Below is a list of tracks for this release.
Side & trackTrack and ArtistLength
A1How to use the course
A2Pronunciation notes
A3Lesson 1 - Come sta?
A4Lesson 2 - Piazza Garibaldi
A5Lesson 3 - In un bar
A6Lesson 4 - In un negozio
A7Lesson 5 - Amici, buona sera!
A8Lesson 6 - Ernesto telefona a Carla
A9Lesson 7 - Il compleanno di Carla
A10Lesson 8 - 'Da Gianni' si mangia bene
A11Lesson 9 - 'Da Gianni' (secondo atto) ... Al bacio!
A12Lesson 10 - Al Bar dello Sport
A13Lesson 11 - Strade di notte
A14Lesson 12 - L'incubo di Ernesto
A15Lesson 13 - Diamoci del tu!
A16Lesson 14 - Alla sfilata di moda
A17Lesson 15 - A pranzo dalla mamma
A18Lesson 16 - L'arrivo di Carla
A19Lesson 17 - A Livorno
A20Lesson 18 - La gita all'isola d'Elba
A21Lesson 19 - Le buone notizie
A22Lesson 20 - In un locale notturno
A23Lesson 21 - Sull' autostrada
A24Lesson 22 - Con Laura a Firenze
A25Lesson 23 - In aereo
A26Lesson 24 - Mattina a Venezia
A27Lesson 25 - Al Casino
A28Lesson 26 - Incontro sulla neve
A29Lesson 27 - Al mercato di Napoli
A30Lesson 28 - Ad Assisi
A31Lesson 29 - I ricordi dello zio Raffaela
A32Lesson 30 - Ritorno a Roma
A33Key to the drills
A34Regular and irregular verbs
A35Grammar index
Total length of media 0:00.

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Other versions

I have other similar versions, here is the 'primary' release in the database:
OP 145/146Amici, Buona sera! - Starting Italian - A course of 30 lessons for beginners in Italian - Record 1 - Lessons 1 - 16

Other versions

I have the title track on these releases:
[albums]OP 145/146Amici, Buona sera! - Starting Italian - A course of 30 lessons for beginners in Italian - Record 1 - Lessons 1 - 16

Further information

BBC sub label for foreign language records.

This was the first BBC label starting in the early 1960's. Their were (to start with) Radio shows where by listeners could follow the programme on the Radio then purchase the record and separate book to continue their learning.

Later the shows were also recorded for television and the records and books became more widely available via record and book shops.

You can view the complete list of all BBC releases on this site by viewing the BBC List page.


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