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Catalogue numberRMC 4047
TitleBaker's dozen (These you have loved)
Record statusNot currently in my collection.

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Country of originUK UK flag
Media typeREB 247
Media genreMusic - Popular
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Extra notes on cover, middle (gatefold sleeve) and any inserts

Richard Baker's personal choice from 'These you have loved' (Radio 4) & 'Bakers half dozen' (World Service.)

Of all the programme titles a broadcaster can inherit, 'These you have loved' is surely one of the most difficult: it is quite inconceivable that all the music we choose each week will have been loved by everyone who listens to it! However, the programme has had a long history as one of the most successful 'middle-of-the-road' record programmes on the air since it was first started by Doris Arnold in 1938; she presented it regularly for fourteen years and periodically until 1963. Several years after Doris Arnold's death, in October 1969, the title was revived, and on November 20th, 1971, Cliff Morgan introduced the first programme in the present series; I was asked to stand in when he fell ill in the Spring of 1972, and when, after his return, Cliff's career took another direction (he is now Head of Television Outside Broadcasts) I continued in the chair. Even in these days of relatively small radio audiences, 'These you have loved' is heard each week by about one and a quarter million people.

The staple fare of the programme consists of the popular 'classical' repertoire, but since most of us love more than one kind of music, the choice ranges far and wide - from folk music to brass bands, Gregorian chant to Hollywood musicals. Guided by many hundreds of listeners' suggestions and with help of my Producer (formerly Monica Chapman, currently Ronald Cook) I delve into the vast resources of the BBC Record Library and often emerge with records which are quire new to me. These 'discoveriesx' make an imporant ingredient of the programme and often prove extremely popular with the public; I'm glad to say several of them appear on this record, which includes a number of things which are not available elsewhere at present.

the thirteen tracks of ''Baker's Dozen'' represent very well the kind of selection we present each week in 'These you have loved' and in half-hour programmes on the BBC World Service names, predictable, ''Baker's Half-Dozen''. Some of the tiems I am sure you have loved; the rest I hope you will love - when you have heard them!
Richard Baker

Richard Baker was born in Willesden, North London and eeducated at Kilburn Grammar School and Peterhouse, Cambridge, where he gained an Honours degree in History and Modern Languages. After serving in the wartime Royal Navy he was an actor and a teacher before joining the BBC in 1950. Since then his career in Radio and Television has been concentrated in two main fields: news and music. He was awarded the O.B.E. for services to broadcasting in the Queen's Birthday Honours, 1976.

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REB 247Baker's dozen

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