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Picture of REMO 46 Decimal points by artist John Turtle from the BBC records and Tapes library
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Picture of REMO 46 Decimal points by artist John Turtle from the BBC records and Tapes library

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BBC Records label

BBC Records label

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Catalogue numberREMO 46
TitleDecimal points
Artist(s)John Turtle
Cover conditionVery Good Plus
Record conditionGood
BBC records label codeB
Item deleted?Yes
Distributed / printed byE. J. Day Group, London and Bedford
Country of originUK UK flag
Media typePrimary
Media genreInformational
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Run-off codes / Shop bar codesRE + 46 + 1 BBC
RE + 46 + 2 BBC
My rating*****
Guest rating*****

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Number have1
What type of seller was used?Not recorded
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Side & trackTrack and ArtistLength
A2What happens on D-Day
B1Writing tickets
B2Cash handling
B3Bills and books
B4Teaching staff
B5Calculating - adding
B6Calculating - subtracting
B7Calculating - multiplying
B8Calculating - dividing
B9Calculating - mixed money and tendering high
B10What's in it for me?
Total length of media 0:00.


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My rating3
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Extra notes on cover, middle (gatefold sleeve) and any inserts

This record is to help you to cope with problems of decimal currency - not just the coins and the arithmetic but also pricing, cheques, answering customers' queries, and paper work. It will also help you with training your staff for D-Day and for the time when you decide that your business is to go decimal. Produced in consultation with the Distributive Industry Training Board the record is designed for you either to listen to as a whole, or track by track as you need it for your own understanding, and for training staff.

Listen to it at home. Then decide how you are going to arrange to train your staff. You'll find advice on training for your staff on the disc and in ''Ten Steps to D-Day'', published by the Distributive Industry Training Board. You can use tracks from the record to illustrate points in training that you think need emphasising. For the most effective use of the disc it is advisable to get staff together in groups. It will speed their training if they are provided with decimal coins and can act out some of the situations of the disc if trainees have a copy of ''Ten Steps to D-Day'' handy.

You will find some of the publications listed here helpful, particularly if you have a lot of paper work in your business or unconverted scales and tills. Decimal Points on Radio 3 (Study)* will help retailers and others handling money and accounts with last minute planning, preparation and training for D-Day - and this record is based on these programmes.

Further information about these programmes and training programmes for cash handlers will be published nearer D-Day in the RADIO TIMES.

''Ten Steps to D-Day''
(Distributed Industry Training Board, free to levy-paying firms)

''New Money in Your Shop''
(HMSO 1969 SBN 11 700406 5)
1s (5p), by post 1s 4d

''Expression of amounts in printing, writing and in speech''.
(HMSO 1968 SBN 11 700401 4)

''Points for businessmen''
(HMSO 1969 SBN 11 7-00403 0)

''Cash transactions during the changeover''
(HMSO 1969 SBN 11 700404 9)

1s (5p) each, by post 1s 4d
1 for 25 copies, by post 1 4s 6d
3 for 100 copies, by post 3 6s 0d

''Conversion of accounting records''
(HMSO 1969 SBN 11 700407 3)

(HMSO 1969 SBN 11 700410 3)

''More points for businessmen''
(HMSO 1970 SBN 11 700503 7)

''Temporary adaptions of machines''
(HMSO 1970 SBN 11 700505 3)

1s (5p) each, by post 1s 4d
1 1s (1.05) for 25 copies, by post 1 5s 6d
3 15s (3.75) for 100 copies, by post 4 1s 0d

                         |             7 p. m.         |   Repeat 6.30 p. m.
* Programme 1 | Friday December 11 | Tuesday January 12
                      2 |     ''           ''         18 |       ''           ''       19
                      3 |     ''     January       1 |       ''           ''       26
                      4 |     ''           ''           8 |       ''       February 2

Introducing the record is Harold Webb, the Information Director of the Distributive Industry Training Board and formerly one of the BBC's Industry Correspondents. The Distributive Industry Training Board is one of Britain's biggest training boards having responsibility for overseeing the training needs of about 2 1/4 million employees in 400,000 establishments. It is mainly concerned with training in the country's retailing, wholesaling, and other distributive outlets.

1. Use a decimal point, not a comma, between and p.
2. Amounts in whole pounds are written like this:
2,750 or like this: 5.00
3. Amounts in new pence only are written like this:
97p, 6p. or like this 0.97, 0.06
4. Mixed amounts of pounds and pence are written like this:
29.97, 1.10, 18.03
5. The new halfpenny should generally be expressed as a vulgar fraction and written like this: 31/2p, 1/2p or like this: 0.31/2, 0.001/2, 0.981/2

When handwritten

Figures Words
29-00 Twenty-none pounds
29-26 Twenty-nine pounds 26
29-08 Twenty-nine pounds 08
0-26 Twenty-six pence

Use a hyphen instead of the decimal point.

Figures Words
29.08 Twenty-nine pounds 08
0.26 Twenty-six pence

Figures Words
29.00 Twenty-nine pounds
29.26 Twenty-nine pounds 26

Note: Always have at least one figure (a nought if necessary) between the pound sign and the hyphen (or decimal point when printed or typed), e.g. 0.75

Always have two figures after the hyphen (or decimal point when printed or typed), e.g. 7.80, 32.06

Order from your bank - available in 20 lots of each denomination from 15th October 1970 and in 11 lots of each denomination from 15th January 1971.

Record produced and narrated by John Turtle.
Role playing situations played by:
Mrs. Margaret Annison - Peter Robinson.
Jim Archbell - Distributive Industry Training Board.
George Bromley - Distributive Industry Training Board.
Mrs. Joan Laker-Jones - J. Sainsbury.
Graham Lawton - Grants of St. James's.
Mrs. Rose Sayers - J. Sainsbury.

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