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Various, Chinese classical music

Category:BBC - Gold Label-REGL (Click on this button to view other releases of BBC - Gold Label-REGL Albums.)
Label and catalogue number:BBC Radio Enterprises - REGL 1
Format:Vinyl Albums
Country:UK UK flag
Genre:Music - Classical View all other tracks listed as Music - Classical.
Run-off codes:RE 21 SIDE 1 BBC
Item deleted?Yes
Distributed / printed byDawson Rossiter Ltd London N1
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My rating:*****
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Below is a list of tracks for this release.
Side & trackTrack and ArtistLength
A1The ambush - P'ip'a (short lute) [Lu Pei-yuan]6.11
A2Some ways of touching the ch'in (long zither with 7 strings) [Tsar Teh-yun]3.45
A3Water and clouds over the rivers Hsiao and Hsiang (Ch'in) [Tsar Teh-yun]9.45
A4Wild geese descend on level sands (Cheng - long zither with 16 strings) [Cahn Hon-kwong]7.19
B1High moon (Nan Hsiao - southern notched, vertical flute) and P'ip'a (short flute) [Dr. C. K. Wong / Lu Pei-yuan]9.12
B2Thunderstorm (Ch'in) [Wu Chao-han]2.51
B3Water lily (Ch'in) [Yang Sze-chak]9.44
B4The metamorphosis of the solitary female phoenix (Nan Kuan - Southern song style with solo for a small oboe (sona)) [Wen Ch'un-hsiu]
Total length of media 48:47.

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Front cover of REGL 1
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Back cover of REGL 1
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Lu Pei-yuan
Tsar Teh-yun
Chan Hon-kwong
Dr. C. K. Wong
Wu Chao-han
Yang Sze-chak
Wen Ch'un-hsiu

For most people, China evokes the ideas of pottery, jade, porcelain, bronzes and delicious food, but its marvellous music is virtually unknown to outsiders, with the exception of Peking opera, a modern development. The best Chinese music stands comparison with the best music of any civilization. Were it not for its inaccessibility, partly for political reasons but mainly because it was never intended for a wide audience, being essentially private, it would now, through the medium of the gramophone, most probably have reached the West and made its impact. In China, records of the finest musicians are produced, but are generally not available in the West. With this album, a beginning has been made to fill the gap. It includes unaccompanied music for three great classical stringed instruments, a composition for notched flute with lute accompaniment, and an exquisitely pungent orchestral piece with an oboe playing the melody.

Includes leaflet.

Further information

A subset of records released as the "Gold Label".


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