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Catalogue numberREC 58
TitleFolk in Worship
Cover conditionGood
Record conditionNear mint
BBC records label codeB
Item deleted?Yes
Distributed / printed byE. J. Day, London
Country of originUK UK flag
Media typePrimary
Media genreMusic - Religious
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Run-off codes / Shop bar codesRE + 58 + 1 BBC
RE + 58 + 2 BBC
My rating*****
Guest rating*****

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Side & trackTrack and ArtistLength
A1Lord of the dance (a)
A2Go tell it on the mountain (e)
A3Wayfarin' stranger (e)
A4Kum ba yah (d)
A5Pigs can see the wind (c)
A6When I needed a neighbour (b)
A7Where have all the flowers gone? (c)
A8Blowin' in the wind (c)
A9Rock my soul (e)
B1Gospel ship (e)
B2Oh healing river (c)
B3Folk Nativity (a)
B4All my trials (e)
B5Turn you round (d)
B6Kelston Round Hill (d)
B7The Lord's Prayer (a)
B8Strangest dream (c)
B9There but for fortune (b)
B10Amen (a)
Total length of media 0:00.


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Extra notes on cover, middle (gatefold sleeve) and any inserts

Key to letters:
(a) Biblical / festival, (b) Love thy neighbour, (c) Love / freedom / anti-war, (d) Religious feelings for life (e) Spirituals

Sung and played by Dana Scott and The Crown Folk. Geoff Boddenham guitar, Greg Smith guitar, Derek Craft guitar, flute, piccolo, supported by Dave Pegg bass.

I first selected these nineteen folk songs for use in BBC religious broadcasts for schools. I made the choice as wide as possible to cover different areas of life and experiences. An equally important criterion of selection was that the songs should be enjoyable listening or have easy-to-join-in choruses ... or both!

I did not choose many songs about the Christian festivals partly because these are well covered by songs, carols, drama and other opportunities for festivity, and partly because our religious broadcasts are directed to schools during term time and this excludes the major festivals.

In the contents list I have indicated categories into which the songs can be divided. Of course, many of them overlap and could appear in more than one category - the Spirituals, for example, or a song like Bob Dylan's ''Blowin' in the wind''. Songs like ''Where have all the flowers gone?'' or ''There but for fortune'' need little introduction. But there's one comparatively new song I think is particularly impressive. It was one of the many in the BBC series ''Songs of grief and glory''. It's called ''Kelston Round Hill'', sung beautifully here by Geoff Boddenham (Derek Craft's flute also deserves a special mention in this number). The song tells in ballad style of life's sadness and joy throughout the seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter.

BBC Radio Enterprises have made this disc in the belief that individuals as well as groups (school, church or youth club) would welcome a selection of religious folk songs. I believe, too, that religious education teachers will find this selection valuable both for use in classroom and in school assembly. It was for assembly use, especially, that I first recorded these songs. Folk songs are a pleasant, relaxed way of singing about almost anything - love, death, war, peace, belief, unbelief, happiness, loneliness, protest, sadness in life, enjoyment in life. They can be pleasant and interesting to listen to (they usually have a good ''story line'') and are easy to join in. They are also effective in expressing communal feelings and ideas. In comparison hymns seem to some young people stiff and formal in content, words and musical style. Folk songs seem to me to be a real alternative to hymns in worship for some young people - and why not for not-so young too? - and a means by which they can reverently express the things they feel seriously about.

I hope that young people will not only enjoy listening to these folk songs in the community of morning assembly, but will also want to join in the choruses. Those that are not already well known, can quickly be learned, and none is difficult to sing. Many are so well known that listeners may be able to join in the whole song. We've recorded and arranged a number of these folk songs with just this sort of response and participation in mind. If the words are not known, then listeners can - in good folk style - clap to the rhythm. Try this to ''Rock my soul'', for example.

The religious part of school assemblies doesn't mean much to some of those present at them - the artistes on this record must therefore break through this barrier by their clarity, directness and enthusiasm. I think that Geoff Boddenham, Dana Scott, the Crown Folk and Dave Pegg, have successes. I hope you agree.

Dana Scott, who has just celebrated her 21st birthday, is rapidly making a name for herself in the folk world and has appeared on BBC Radio programmes and a many folk clubs around the country. She has written a number of songs which she sings herself. Her contributions to the Radio Enterprises record ''Dungeon Folk'' based on her ''Country Meets Folk'' appearances, met with favourable reaction. On this record the Crown Folk Group is also featured and as a result of hearing the disc, Dana and the Crown Folk were commissioned by BBC Schools Radio to arrange and sing a series of folk songs for use in Schools broadcasts.

The three members of the Crown Folk - Geoff Boddenham, Derek Craft and Greg Smith - are all skilled musicians and many years experience in folk music and this is the second time they have recorded on the BBC label. Yet all three have full-time jobs in industry in the North of England.

The group was formed by Geoff Boddenham two years ago, and has an enthusiastic and rapidly growing following. Well know in folk clubs throughout the country, the Crown Folk have also broadcast on the BBC Radio 1 & 2 production ''Country meets folk'' and can be heard on the LP based on the popular show, Dungeon Folk REC 35S.

Geoff Boddenham was proficient on the clarinet at twelve, but soon switched to the guitar in order to sing as well as play. He had been very much part of the folk revival scene as soloist or with groups.

Derek Craft, at thirty the ''old man'' of the group, owes much of his ability on the flute and piccolo to the training he received at the Royal Military School of Music. In addition, his extensive experience in orchestral work stands him in good stead, especially as a composer, for it is Derek who provides the original material which has been an important factor in the supplies of the group's live performances. Derek supplies the high vocal line in the group's harmonies, and play's piano in ''Oh, healing river''.

Greg Smith has been performing folk music for four years now, but admits that his first love is the classical guitar, which he is still studying. The deep tones of Greg's singing voice are admirably suited to the more robust moods, providing a contrast to Greg's more introspective style. His sensitive playing can be heard to best advantage in the slower songs.

Dave Pegg, on bass, is a member of the Ian Campbell Folk Group but recently, in addition to working with the Campbells on their records and broadcasts, has been supporting many other well known names in the world of folk - Tom Rush, Harvey Andrews and the Crown Folk among them.

David is twenty-one, lives in Birmingham and has been a professional musician for the past four years. He played every type of music from blues to dance until joining the Ian Campbell Folk Group eighteen months ago.

You can also hear Dana Scott and The Crown Folk on BBC LP DUNGEON FOLK REC 35S which features young talent from the popular Radio 1 & 2 production ''Country meets folk''.

The choruses of songs suitable for joining in are printed here:

There but for fortune (Side 2, Band 9)
Chorus: There but for fortune go you or I, you or I.

Folk Nativity (Side 2, Band 3)
Chorus: Let the Church bells ring
            Ding dong ding-a-dong ding
            (Final chorus: Children everywhere sing,
            Let the Church bells ring)

Kum ba yah (Side 1, Band 4)
Chorus: O Lordy, Kum ba yah

Go tell it on the mountain (Side 1, Band 2)
Chorus: Go tell it on the mountain, over the hills and everywhere,
            Go tell it on the mountain to let my people go

The Lord's Prayer (Side 2, Band 7)
Chorus: Hallowed by thy name

When I needed a neighbour (Side 1, Band 6)
Chrous: And the creed and the colour
            And the name won't matter,
            Were you there? Were you there?

Lord of the dance (Side 1, Band 1)
Chorus: Dance, dance, wherever you may be,
            I am the Lord of the dance, said he,
            And I'll lead you all wherever you may be,
            And I'll lead you all in the dance, said he

Pigs can see the wind (Side 1, Band 5)
Chorus: Well the summer can come and the summer can go,
            And the pigs see the wind;
            The autumn goose brings down the snow
            And the pigs can see the wind.

Blowin' in the wind (Side 1, Band 8)
Chorus: The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind,
            The answer is blowin' in the wind

All my trials (Side 2, Band 4)
Chorus: Too late, my brothers,
            Too late, by never mind;
            All my trials, Lord, soon be over.

Gospel ship (Side 2, Band 1)
Chorus: I'm gonna take a trip on that old Gospel ship
            I'm going far beyond the shy
            I'm gonna shout and sing until the bell done ring
            When I bid this world goodbye

Rock my soul (Side 1, Band 9)
Rock my soul has three choruses which are sung as follows:
Verse 1, solo Rock my soul in bosom of Abraham
                     Rock my soul in the bosom of Abraham
                     Rock my soul in the bosom of Abraham
                     O rock my soul
Verse 2, solo So high you can't get over it,
                     So low you can't get under it,
                     So wide you can't get round it,
                     O rock my soul
Verse 3, solo Rock my soul,
Verse 6, sung Rock my soul
over vv. 1 O rock my soul
From verses 7 to 12 (inclusive) all three choruses are sung together.

Production team

Produced by

Ralph Rolls
BBC Radio Enterprises
Jack Aistrop and Stephen Williams
Robin Cherry
Recording Assistants
Kay Webber and Christine Gilbert
Production secretary
Marilyn Doran
All arrangements
Geoffrey Boddenham, Derek Craft and Dana Scott.
Sleeve design
Roy Curtis-Bramwell

Further information

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