REC 340 More death and horror (Sound effects no. 21) - Red vinyl

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Picture of albums More death and horror (Sound effects no. 21) - Red vinyl (Various)

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Catalogue numberREC 340
Sleeve picturePicture of REC 340 More death and horror (Sound effects no. 21) - Red vinyl by artist Various from the BBC records and Tapes library
TitleMore death and horror (Sound effects no. 21) - Red vinyl
Cover conditionGood
Record conditionNear mint
BBC records label codeD
BBC Records and Tapes2 label
Item deleted?Yes
LabelBBC Records and Tapes2
BBC%20Records%20and%20Tapes2 label
Distributed / printed byPye Records (Sales) Ltd
Media typePrimary
Media genreSound effects View all other tracks listed as Sound effects.
Run-off codes / Shop bar codesREC 340 A-1<>MB Another dead cert from Auntie! E 1
REC 340 B-1<>MB Anyone for BBC coffee?? L 1
Lacquer cut at and byPye Studios - Mike Brown. Information provided by Discogs website.
My ratingNot set
Guest ratingCurrent average value is 3.

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Duplicate item 2Reason Has sticker on cover, condition DSDY
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Front cover
Front cover of REC 340
Back cover
Back cover of REC 340
Label Label


Below is a list of tracks for this release.
Side & trackTrack and ArtistLength
A1Death of a fly - The hydraulic press opens and shuts on ''it'' forever.0.58
A2Vampire feeding - A late-night snack is good for the blood.1.14
A3Death by harikiri - The honourable way to die - Japanise style.0.45
A4Sweeney Todd the barber - Sharpen the razor, the meat pies are nearly finished.0.49
A5Wind through crack in door1.00
A6Wind in the trees } Just to set the scene and keep you chilled0.58
A7Synthesised wind (Electronic)0.58
A8Sea monster - The foghorns call, and are answered by a slimy horror.1.51
A9Sharpening the knife - A keen blade causes no pain.0.33
A10Falling scream - Watch you don't trip.0.14
A11Premature burial - Pray it doesn't happen to you.1.34
A12Wild dogs - They don't eat from tins.0.55
A13The iron maiden - Not a political point to be seen, just sharp ones.0.18
B1Death on the swamp - Watch where you tread, you might slip forever.1.09
B2The sewer rats - You're not alone down here. I hear the patter of tiny feet.1.36
B3The poisoned drink - Cheers! - for the last time.0.37
B4The rack - The hag laughs as you grow taller.0.55
B5Midnight strangler - Lock up at night or you'll run out of breath.1.53
B6Assorted gun shots - All electronic, so they can't hurt - can they ?1.23
B7At the dentist - Open wide, there's a drill coming to bore you.1.41
B8Time bomb - The suspense will kill you.0.47
B9Death by electrocution - The last shock you'll get.0.38
B10Gouging eyeballs - One down, ont to go.0.10
B11Russian roulette - Your turn to pull the trigger comrade.0.20
B12Death by garrotting - Take a deep breath - just the one.0.15
B13Suicide by gas - Gas mask 10 for one hour, but don't strike a match.0.40
Total length of media 24:11.

More information

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Extra notes on cover, middle (gatefold sleeve) and any inserts

Hello listeners,
I believe you enyoyed my previous little excusion Death and horror (REC 269) and therefore I have had my arms twisted to do another. This recording is a little different, as many of the individual sounds have been put together to form little montages.
If you're using this recording for Amateur Dramatic purposes, copy these sounds you need onto tape and edit them as you intend to use them. On the other hand, you may have brought this just for the pleasure of listening to it - if so, try using stereo headphones to avoid upsetting those with less resilient stomachs.
My thanks to Peter Harwood, Paul Hawdon and Anne Hunt who made and recorded all the delights in this gory offering.
Happy horrors,

Most of my sound effects realisation has been with cartoons and animated films on BBC Television - Vision On and Take Hart for example - so when Mike Harding asked me to assist him in the making of this record, I jumped at the challenge of making surrealistic noises without the aid of pictures.
We started with a list of possible sounds and soon found that they combined into classic "horror" scenarios - vampires - Sweeney Todd - The iron mask.
Recorded at the Paris Studio's West End over two Saturday's (less traffic noise!) on a Neve; 24 channel; four group stereo mixer, we used all manner of equipment from a bath of papier-mache for the bog sequence (and by the second Saturday it smelt like one too) to a pound of potatoes for eye grouping and multi puncturing of flesh. Possibly the simpliest track to make was the sewer - a BBC teapot dripping water into a bowl, with the rats being yours truly drumming on an acoustic tabletop with his fingers while crushing cornflakes for the gnawing of bones - mustn't give all the secrets away - or I'll do myself out of a job. Both Mike Harding and I hope you listen to this disc in the same spirit in which it was made ... sheer insanity.
Yours horrifically

Other versions

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