REB 101 A review of 1970 (Includes BBC info sheet) by Various

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Front cover
Picture of REB 101 A review of 1970 (Includes BBC info sheet) by artist Various from the BBC records and Tapes library
Rear cover
Picture of REB 101 A review of 1970 (Includes BBC info sheet) by artist Various from the BBC records and Tapes library

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BBC Records label

BBC Records label

Release details

Catalogue numberREB 101
TitleA review of 1970 (Includes BBC info sheet)
Cover conditionNear mint
Record conditionNear mint
BBC records label codeB
Item deleted?Yes
Distributed / printed byE. J. Day Group, London and Bedford
Country of originUK UK flag
Media typePrimary
Media genreNews and current affairs
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Run-off codes / Shop bar codesRE + 101 + 1 BBC
RE + 101 + 2 BBC
My rating*****
Guest rating*****

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What type of seller was used?Not recorded
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Side & trackTrack and ArtistLength
A1The astronauts of Apollo 13
A2President Nixon
A3The father of Alison Kraus (Student killed at Kent University, Ohio)
A4General Canterbury (Ohio National Guard)
A5General Peers (US Army)
A6General Gowon (Of Nigeria)
A7Enoch Powell
A8Anthony Wedgwood-Benn
A9Edward Heath
A10The late Iain Macleod
A11Lord Cromer
A12Roy Jenkins
A13Harold Wilson
A14Edward Heath
A15Lord George-Brown
A16Bobby Moore
A17Henry Cooper
A18Tony Jacklin
A19Lillian Board
A20Bernardette Devlin
A21Jack Lynch (Prime Minister of Eire)
A22Major James Chichester-Clark (Prime Minister of Northern Ireland)
B1Leila Khaled
B2Mrs. Golda Meir (Prime Minister of Israel)
B3King Hussein of Jordan
B4Geoffrey Wareham (BBC reporter at funeral of Colonel Nasser)
B5Pierre Trudeau (Prime Minister of Canada)
B6James Richard Cross
B7President Salvatore Allende (Of Chile)
B8Germaine Greer
B9The late Iain Macleod
B10Frank Chapple (General Secretary EETU)
B11Robert Carr
B12Vic Feather (General Secretary TUC)
B13Peter Hain
B14S. C. Griffiths (Secretary MCC)
B15Sir Alex Douglas-Home
B16President Kaunda (Of Zambia)
B17Dr. Ramsay, Archbishop of Canterbury
B18Brian Barron (BBC reporter at Pakistan cyclone disaster)
B19President Yahya Knan (Of Pakistan)
B20President Pompidou (Of France)
B21Lord Avon
Total length of media 0:00.


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Duplicate item 1Reason Older label, condition MMCY
Run off code(s) RE + 101 + 1 BBC
RE + 101 + 2 BBC


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My rating3
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Extra notes on cover, middle (gatefold sleeve) and any inserts

''.......a year like any other, of natural calamities, but a year in which those calamities were of awful proportions: a year like any year, of wars and killing, but a year in which political violence assumed unfamiliar and frightening shapes: the hijacking, the kidnapping, the assassination, not of great heads of state, but the humbler men, murdered almost at random, like cards thrown out of a pack.''

ANTHONY KING, Professor of Government at the University of Essex, gives the assessment of a contemporary historian and looks back with the voices of:- (those shown above.)

The content of this record is taken in its entirety from the Radio 4 End of Year programme broadcast on December 29th 1970. The inserts were drawn from BBC Libraries and represent the work of many BBC radio and television programmes. The 1970 Review and this record were produced by Elizabeth Smith of General Current Affairs Dept. (Radio).

Further information

BBC Radio Enterprises Ltd and BBC Enterprises Ltd, predecessors of BBC Worldwide / BBC Worldwide Ltd., the BBC's commercial arm. Formed 1968 and 1979 respectively, they were a subsidiary wholly owned by the BBC and merged into BBC Worldwide in 1995. In that time, there were companies set up within or structured brands as part of the company to deal with separate parts of the business, e.g. BBC Records for recorded audio. Sometimes written as BBC Enterprise Ltd.

The items shown here are from the "main" BBC Records and Tapes library covering a wide secletion of genres from themes, comedy dramas and others, depending on which format you have selected.


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