OP 9/10 Komm mit! Wir sprechen Deutsch - A BBC course for beginners lessons 1 - 10

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Picture of albums Komm mit! Wir sprechen Deutsch - A BBC course for beginners lessons 1 - 10 (John L. M. Trim / Frank Kuna)

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Catalogue numberOP 9/10
Sleeve picturePicture cover to follow
TitleKomm mit! Wir sprechen Deutsch - A BBC course for beginners lessons 1 - 10
ArtistJohn L. M. Trim / Frank Kuna
Cover conditionVery Good Plus
Record conditionNear mint
BBC records label codeO
BBC OP TV label
Item deleted?Yes
BBC%20OP%20TV label
Distributed / printed byWest Brothers
Media typePrimary
Media genreLanguage View all other tracks listed as Language.
Run-off codes / Shop bar codesOP 9 BBC B
My ratingNot set
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Front cover
Front cover of OP 9/10
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Back cover of OP 9/10
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Side & trackTrack and ArtistLength
A2Bei frau stockel
A3Die stadt
A4In der drogerie
A5Im kaffeehaus
B1Das telefon
B2Bei peters
B3In der oper
B4Im kaufhaus
Total length of media 0:00.

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Written by

John L. M. Trim, M. A. - Lecturer in Phonetics, University of Cambridge; Fellow and Lecturer in German, Selwyn College and Frauz Kuna, Dr/phil. (University of Vienna), Lecturer in German, University of East Anglia, Norwich; sometime Lecturer in German, University of Cambridge.

Linguistic advisor:
Joseph A. Cremona, M. A., PhD., Lecturer in Romance Philology, University of Cambridge

Produced by

Colin Nears

The voices on the record are those of
Heidi Treutler
Sabine Michael
Dieter Geissler
Paul Hansard

This record is the first of a set of three, each with an accompanying book. The record, and the book, will help you to get the maximum benefit from the television broadcasts. The record contains the basic dialogue of the scenes from the first ten broadcasts. The language is spoken at a normal conversational pace, with gaps left for you to repeat the words after the actors. In the book you will find this basic dialogue printed lesson by lesson, together with explanations and exercises.

What is will do for you
It will teach you to speak simple but good German at the normal speed, and with a good accent.

It will help you to understand the broadcasts, and to memorize not just the vocabulary but the way that the words are used.

It will make revision easy, and if you miss a broadcast, then you will be able to fill the gap by playing over the record and reading the lesson in the book.

The record cover shows Heidi Treutler and Dieter Geissler who appear in the television programmes together with Sabine Michael and Paul Hansard.

How to us it
First watch and listen to the programme. After the broadcast, try to follow this routine:
first without looking at the book, play the appropriate band of the record over and over again, repeating the words after the actors until you know the dialogue by heart

Then play the appropriate band again several times, this time reading through the dialogue, until you are quite familiar with the sound and spelling of the words.

Then study the explanation sections and do the exercises in the book

Then act the dialogue with a friend and go on talking afterwards, making your own combinations of sentences and expressions

Then if possible, watch the repeat of the programme. If you do have to miss a broadcast and its repeat, follow this routine in any case with the book and the record on their own, and you will find that you will be able to catch up.

The companion book (Komm mit! Wir sprechen Deutsch), price 2s 6d, and further copies of this record can be ordered through any recognised bookseller or direct from BBC Publications, 35 Marylebone High Street, London, W. 1. When ordering by post, please quote AE 42 for the booklet, and AE 43 for the record.

Further information

BBC sub label for foreign language records.

This was the first BBC label starting in the early 1960's. Their were (to start with) Radio shows where by listeners could follow the programme on the Radio then purchase the record and separate book to continue their learning.

Later the shows were also recorded for television and the records and books became more widely available via record and book shops.

You can view the complete list of all BBC releases on this site by viewing the BBC List page.


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