MRMC 014 The many voices of Peter Ustinov cassette

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Picture of cassettes The many voices of Peter Ustinov cassette (Peter Ustinov)

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Catalogue numberMRMC 014
Sleeve picturePicture cover to follow
TitleThe many voices of Peter Ustinov cassette
ArtistPeter Ustinov
Cover conditionNear mint
Record conditionNear mint
BBC records label codeA
Item deleted?Yes
BBC label
Distributed / printed by
Media typeREB 26
Media genreComedies - Situation View all other tracks listed as Comedies - Situation.
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Extra notes on cover, middle (gatefold sleeve) and any inserts

''Civilised and gentle entertainment for 55 minutes flowed from the conversation of Peter Ustinov last night ... The conversation, though rather one-sided as was natural, was a continuous and amusing stream of anecdote, mimicry and reflection. With Peter Ustinov all the procedures to which we are used were thrown to the winds and we saw a personality expanding, a stream of talk which threw off a hundred different flashes of mimicry and wit. He has an amazing capacity for making a scene or a story come to life and an uncanny facility with accents.''
MARY CROZIER, The Guardian, 29.3.61

''When I realised that we were in for fifty-five minutes of Peter Ustinov, all talking, I had misgivings. O ye of little faith! He was entirely captivating from start to finish, as I should have known he would be. I do not know which to praise more: the brilliant versatility of his imitations, or the sensitivity with which he communicated personalities. The big joke played on John Huston, of which Ustinov had well-nigh total recall, reproducing innumberable voices from an imaginary Charing Cross Hospital, was very gay.''
MAURICE RICHARDSON, The Observer, 2.4.61

''Asked about his experiences in so many lands, he returned an unfaltering stream of impersonations, all funny, and so sharp that they lit a corresponding image in your mind as they passed.''
PETER BLACK, Daily Mail, 29.3.61

''Rarely have fifty-five minutes sped faster than when he chairborne members of 'Tonight' got Peter Ustinov talking after supper. However seriously one takes television and the times, the candid viewer must admit - at least, this one must - that in terms of sheer entertainment Mr. Ustinov's virtuoso performance was the hilarious highlight of many more than seven days.''
MAURICE WIGGIN, Sunday Times, 2.4.61

Cliff Michelmore, born on 11th December 1919, came to Television from BBC Radio in 1950. He first appeared in [programmes for children, in regional programmes and outside broadcasts, and was also producer and writer. From 1955 to 1957 he was interviewer on the nightly television programme ''Highlight''. From 1957 to 1966 he introduced and interviewed on the ''Tionight'' programme, and from 1966 to 1968 for ''Twenty-Four Hours''. He also appeared in various sports programmes, in ''Panorama'', in outside broadcasts space shots from Cape Kennedy, and in the programmes ''Death of a President'', ''Talkback'' and ''With Cliff Michelmore''. He was one of the nchormen for BBC television's coverage of the General Election Results in 1964 and 1966, and the American Presidential Elections. Over the years he has gained a number of awards - Guild of Television Producers and Directors' Personality of the Year in 1956; the Television Society Silver Medal, 1957; the Television Critics Award 1959; and the Variety Club and T. V. Personality of the Year, 1961.

Kenneth Allsop, Yorkshire-born, contributes widely, as book critic, columnist and feature-writer, to newspapers and magazines. He has published a dozen books, among them a prize-winning novel and studies of Prohibition and the American migrant worker. He also works for the BBC current affairs programme, ''Twenty-Four Hours.''. Since this recorded conversation with Peter Ustinov, they have additional common ground for exchanges on academic matters: Mr. Ustinov was elected Rector of Dundee Universaity on 17th October 1968 and Mr. Allsop elected Rector of Edinburgh University in the same year.

Derek Hart, born in London on March 18th 1925, became an actor in 1946 and made his first broadcast for BBC Radio in the same year. He subsequently broadcast in many drama and feature programmes from London and the regions. A member of the BBC's Repertory Company for three years, he left in 1953 in order to freelance. His television career dates back to 1948 when he appeared in a number of plays. He took part in the first ''Tonight'' programme in 1957, and has subsequently become one of BBC's best known and most widely experienced interviewers.

Based on a television programme shown on BBC on 28th March 1961.

Produced by

Donald Baverstock and Alisdair Milne.

Other versions

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REB 26The many voices of Peter Ustinov

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