ISBN 0 563 16101 9 Sur le vif - Second stage French - Book 2

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Picture of books Sur le vif - Second stage French - Book 2 (Madeleine Le Cunff)

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Release details

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Catalogue numberISBN 0 563 16101 9
Sleeve picturePicture of ISBN 0 563 16101 9 Sur le vif - Second stage French - Book 2 by artist Madeleine Le Cunff from the BBC records and Tapes library
TitleSur le vif - Second stage French - Book 2
ArtistMadeleine Le Cunff
Cover conditionNear mint
Record conditionNear mint
BBC records label codeN/A
Item deleted?Yes
BBC label
Distributed / printed byJolly & Barber, Rugby, Warwickshire
Media typeOP 223
Media genreLanguage View all other tracks listed as Language.
Run-off codes / Shop bar codesISBN 0 563 16101 9
My ratingNot set
Guest ratingCurrent average value is 3.

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Front cover
Front cover of ISBN 0 563 16101 9
Back cover
Back cover of ISBN 0 563 16101 9


Below is a list of tracks for this release.
Side & trackTrack and ArtistLength
A1Introduction [Madeleine Le Cunff]
A2J'habitais une petite ville [Madeleine Le Cunff]
A3Ou irez-vous cet ete? [Madeleine Le Cunff]
A4Si vous aviez le choix ... [Madeleine Le Cunff]
A5Qu'est-ce que vous voulez, une femme s'y fait ... [Madeleine Le Cunff]
A6Qu'est-ce que vous lisez comme journal? [Madeleine Le Cunff]
A7Et pour vous, qu'est-ce que ca veut dire? [Madeleine Le Cunff]
A8Les coiffes, les crepes, les sabots font-ils partie d'un folklore? [Madeleine Le Cunff]
A9Y a-t-il des differences? [Madeleine Le Cunff]
A10Ca me fait plaisir! [Madeleine Le Cunff]
A11Nous esperons avoir votre visite prochainement [Madeleine Le Cunff]
A12Further comprehension scenes [Madeleine Le Cunff]
A13 Answers to exercises [Madeleine Le Cunff]
A14Verbs [Madeleine Le Cunff]
A15Vocabulary [Madeleine Le Cunff]
Total length of media 0:00.

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Other versions

I have other similar versions, here is the 'primary' release in the database:
OP 223Sur le vif 2 - Second stage French course - Programmes 11 - 20

Further information

BBC sub label for foreign language records.

This was the first BBC label starting in the early 1960's. Their were (to start with) Radio shows where by listeners could follow the programme on the Radio then purchase the record and separate book to continue their learning.

Later the shows were also recorded for television and the records and books became more widely available via record and book shops.

You can view the complete list of all BBC releases on this site by viewing the BBC List page.


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