CN 5031 S 2 Adrian Juste - 3 & 4 by Adrian Juste

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Picture of albums Adrian Juste - 3 & 4 (Adrian Juste)

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Front cover
Picture of CN 5031 S 2 Adrian Juste - 3 & 4 by artist Adrian Juste from the BBC records and Tapes library
Rear cover
Picture of CN 5031 S 2 Adrian Juste - 3 & 4 by artist Adrian Juste from the BBC records and Tapes library

BBC records label code
BBC TS label

BBC TS label

Release details

Catalogue numberCN 5031 S 2
TitleAdrian Juste - 3 & 4
Artist(s)Adrian Juste
Cover conditionOrange BBC cover
Record conditionNear mint
BBC records label code~
Item deleted?Yes
Distributed / printed byBBC
Country of originUK UK flag
FormatTranscription disc
Media typePrimary
Media genreComedies
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Run-off codes / Shop bar codes12FPP 1588813-1 PAG
12FPP 1558814-1 PAG
Lacquer cut at and byP.R. Records Limited or Adrenalin - Peter Lawrence. Information provided by Discogs website.
My rating*****
Guest rating*****

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Front cover of CN 5031 S 2
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Back cover of CN 5031 S 2
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Below is a list of tracks for this release.
Side & trackTrack and ArtistLength
A1Juste ... holidays27.36
B1Juste .... crime27.59
Total length of media 55:35.


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My rating3
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Extra notes on cover, middle (gatefold sleeve) and any inserts

Copyright marterial:

Holiday brouchures (Rantzen / Prendiville / Worsnip) - Side 1
Tyrolean landlords (Hoffnung) - Side 1
The holiday king (Benny Hill) - Side 1
Basil the bard (Martin) - Side 1
Secret life of Anthony Hancock (Galton / Simpson) - Side 1
Dr. yes (Merriman) - Side 1
By air (Flanders / Swann) - Side 1
Air travel (Frank Carson) - Side 1
The holiday (Les Dawson) - Side 1
Manuel (Mike Harding) - Side 1
The cruise (Tom O'Connor) - Side 1
Noah (Bill Crosby) - Side 1
Ray Hingley sketch - Side 1
Discussion in the airplane (Booker / Foster) - Side 1
Ice (Steven Wright) - Side 1
Hotel inspectors (Cleese / Booth) - Side 1
The stepmother (Galton / Simpson) - Side 1
Holidays (Carrott / Grant / Naylor / Shand) - Side 1
Scuba diving in the Caribbean (Billy Connolly) - Side 1
Jose the bullfighter (Dana / Meyor / Pearlman) - Side 1
Spanish (Hal Roach) - Side 1
Hold up man (Henny Youngman) - Side 2
The great train robbery (Booker / Foster) - Side 2
Rinse the blood off my toga (Wayne / Shuster) - Side 2
The other cocktail party (Paul W. Keyes) - Side 2
A day in the life (John Boni / Dick de Bartolo) - Side 2
The restaurant (Dave Renwick) - Side 2
Fulsom prison (Pat Buttram) - Side 2
The publicity photo (Galton / Simpson) - Side 2
At the I. R. S. (John Boni / Dick de Bartolo) - Side 2
My neighbourhood / The hold-up (Rodney Dangerfield) - Side 2
Frank Carson sketch - Side 2

Includes the music:

Sig. 'Monkey business' (A. Clark) - Sides 1 and 2
Greek dance (Dick Walter) - Side 1
Hooray hooray, it's a holi-holiday (Farian / Jay) - Side 1
Echo beach (Mark Gane) - Side 1
Come fly with me (Sammy Cahn / James Van Heusen) - Side 1
Here comes the sun (Harrison) - Side 1
Spanish nights (Dick Walter) - Side 1
Under the broadwalk (Young / Resnick) - Side 1
Sunburn (Gouldman) - Side 1
Main title - Jaws (John Williams) - Side 1
Flamenco fantasia (Dick Walter) - Side 1
Money. money, money (B. Andersson / B. Ulvaeus / ABBA) - Side 2
I love the sound of breaking glass (Lowe / Bodnar / Goulding) - Side 2
Back stabbers (Huff / McFadden) - Side 2
Hit me with your rhythm stick (Dury / Jankel) - Side 2
Stool pigeon (A. Darnell) - Side 2
Twist my tongue sting (John Ferguson) - Side 2
Who's that lady? (Isley brothers) - Side 2
Offshore banking business (J. M. Carroll) - Side 2

Further information

BBC Transcription Services (before BBC Transcription Service (no "s"), later BBC Transcription and today BBC Radio International) discs were only made available to overseas radio stations for broadcast purposes and were not made available for sale to the general public. However, in the early 90s many international BBC libraries sold their stocks to the public. Limitation: "Typically BBC Transcription Services pressed 100 copies of each disc only with instructions to the overseas radio network to destroy the disc at the end of the licence period."

Note that the genre of shows available via this label is as wide as the main BBC labels available to view here.

Also, records have been issued home and abroad for many years (the oldest I have has a date of 1949 but they have been issued for much longer!) Unlike most catalogues of records, each side of the BBC Transcription disc has it's own catalogue number - side two normally is one number higher than side one!


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