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Catalogue numberBEDP 002
Sleeve picturePicture of BEDP 002 10 years of hits - Radio 1 volume 1 by artist Various from the BBC records and Tapes library
Title10 years of hits - Radio 1 volume 1
Cover conditionGood
Record conditionVery Good Plus
BBC records label code1
superbeeb label
Item deleted?Yes
superbeeb label
Distributed / printed byPye Records (Sales) Ltd
Media typePrimary
Media genreMusic - Popular View all other tracks listed as Music - Popular.
Run-off codes / Shop bar codesBEDP 002 A-1<>MB L 1
BEDP 002 B-1<>MB K 1
BEDP 002 C-1<>MB Q 1
BEDP 002 D-1<>MB S 1
Lacquer cut at and byPye Studios - Mike Brown. Information provided by Discogs website.
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Front cover of BEDP 002
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Back cover of BEDP 002
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Middle of cover of BEDP 002
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Below is a list of tracks for this release.
Side & trackTrack and ArtistLength
A1Flowers in the rain [Wood / The Move]
A2A whiter shade of pale [Brooker / Reid / Procol Harun]
A3San Francisco (Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair) [Phillips / Adler / Scott Mackenzie]
A4Massachusetts [B., R., M. Gibb / The Bee Gees]
A5Let the heartaches begin [Macaulay / Macleod / Long John Baldry]
A6Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde [Murray / Callander / Georgier Fame]
A7The mighty quinn [Dylan / Manfred Mann]
A8Young girl [Fuller / Garry Puckett and the Union Gap]
A9Baby come back [Grant / The Equals]
A10Fire [Brown / Crane / Ker / Finesilver / The Crazy World of Arthur Brown]
B1Something in the air [Keen / Thunderclap Newman]
B2Where do you do [Peter Sarstedt]
B3I heard it through the grapevine [Whitfield / Strong / Marvin Gaye]
B4The Israelites [Dacres / Kong / Desmond Dekker and the Aces]
B5Dizzy [Tommy Roe / Weller]
B6Love grows (Where my rosemary goes) [Mason / Macaulay / Edison Lighthouse]
B7In the summertime [Dorset / Mungo Jerry]
B8Yellow river [Christie]
B9I hear you knocking [Bartholomew / King / Dave Edmunds]
C1The pushbike song [I. & E. Jones / The Mixtures]
C2Knock three times [Levine / Brown / Dawn]
C3Maggie May [Stewart / Quittenton / Rod Stewart]
C4Mama weer all crazee now [Holder / Lea / Slade]
C5Clair [Gilbert O'Sullivan]
C6Crazy horses [The Osmonds / A., W., M. Osmond]
C7See my baby jive [Wood / Wizzard]
C8I'm the leader of the gang (I am!) [Gary Glitter / Leander]
C9My coo ca choo [Shelley / Alvin Stardust]
D1Seasons in the sun [McKuen / Brel / Terry Jacks]
D2Waterloo [Andersson / Anderson / Ulvaeus / Abba]
D3Gonna make you a star [David Essex]
D4Bye bye baby [Crewe / Gaudio / Bay City Rollers]
D5I'm not in love [Stewart / Gouldman / 10cc]
D6Barbados [Calvert / West / Typically Tropical]
D7I can't give you anything (But my love) [Hugo & Luici / George David Weiss / The Stylistics]
D8Love really hurts without you [Findon / Charles / Billy Ocean]
D9Mississippi [W. Theunissen / Pussycat]
Total length of media 0:00.

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Extra notes on cover, middle (gatefold sleeve) and any inserts

Radio 1 was launch at 7 a.m. on Saturday 30th September 1967 and the first record played was ''Flowers in the rain'' by The Move. Since then more than 50,000 singles have been featured on the network, many of them became big sellers but inevitably many more have sunk without trace. The successful ones are still heard on Radio 1 for 'golden oldies', 'revived 45's', 'raves from the grave' or whatever the D.J.'s call them, are an important part orf most programmes and always enjoyed by our millions of listeners. This album brings together 37 of them, they are all top three hits and proven favourites, but one is extra special. Towards the end of 1976 Radio 1 listeners entering a ''name next weeks Top 3'' competition, were invited to nominate their all-time favourite record and from the tens of thousands of entries the 'Nations All-Time Top 100' was produced. A lot of the items on this album were included but the Number 1 wasn ''I'm not in love'' by 10 c.c. - you'll find it on Side 4 - Track 5.

I am sure there are stories to go with every track, but the real interest comes in lowering the arm, putting the stylus in the groove and hearing again those memorable sounds from the past 10 years.
Head of Radio 1

Ever since the morning of September 30th 1967 I have never been quite the same. As an eager teenager I lay in bed, grasping my early morning cup of hot tea and dreaming of the exciting world of radio. Tony Blackburn's cheery voice launched ''the new 247'' and he reeled off the names of fellow dj's who would be appearing later - ''in 3 hours Keith Skues, at 12 o'clock Rosko and in six years Noel Edmunds on the breakfast show!'' I was so surprised In dropped my hot tea on my cheeky bits and ever since that Saturday I've never been the same !

The birth of Radio 1 was an event shared and enjoyed by the whole nation and ten years on the musical celebrations are still taking place. In the last few years the station itself has produced an offspring, the Roadshow - sun of Radio 1, isn't family life wonderful!

The trouble with writing liner notes for an historic piece of wax like this is that what I say now could incriminate me in another ten years. All I'll admit to is that I remember most of these hits when they first came out and they all have associations happy and sad. I've been lucky enough to have a great couple of years on Radio 1, and if the next ten years is as good musically, as the last ten, then us D.J.'s are in for a cushy time.

On Saturday September 30th at 7 a.m. I had to wake up to listen to the then new Radio 1. After ten minutes I said ''That's good, very good'' and the years later I find no reason to change my mind.

June 1973 - that was when my show began on Radio 1. I'd stood in for other people before that, but having my own daily show on Radio 1 mean the realization of a long time ambition. I am happy to have been involved in a decade that has made Broadcasting history.

All great fun - Not arf!

Heavens - that first broadcast. It remains carved on my memory bank with an acetylene welder. My knees were audible and I only had to think of the millions of lent ears to be turned into shredded underwear. But for the spiritual aid (in both senses) of producer Johnny Beerling - I would never have made it. When it was finally over I had to lie down on the studio floor - deathly pale and quaking with terror.

As a comparative newcomer to Radio 1 (March 1974) I can honestly say that I've found more creative energy, enthusiasm and awareness of what's happening on the contemporary music scene than on any other station I've worked for - and that's five! Although part of the vast BBC complex, Radio 1 itself is a relatively small ans autonomous unit no larger than many ''local'' stations. The reaction that i've seen on Roadshows confirms the incredible affection for Radio 1 has earned over the last ten years. Speaking for myself, the affection is mutual ......

In Uncle Mac's day, pop music was slightly frowned upon and anyone requesting it felt rather guilty - including me! ince Junior Choice started in 1967, listening habits have changed so much it's the mums and dads who request the oldies and the kids want the pops, and nobody feels guilty - except those mums and dads, who wipe nostalic tears from their eyes. Nellie the Elephant Rules - OK.

It wa Saturday September 30th 1967, at 7 a.m. as Robin Scott and I opened the new BBC Radio 1 network - one of the most eciting moments of my life. We knew we had an exciting new sound to offer, and were pleased when the critics agreed. Having now been with the station for 10 great years, it's been fascinating to see how it has evolved - roadshows, area visits, race meetings, and of course football matches and other Charity activities.

Reviewing the 10 years, my only regret is my Radio 1 expedition to Lock Ness - when I failed to find the monster!

Hosting a request show means I'm constantly carrying about scrappy pieces of paper with dedications from waiters in restaurants, bus conductors, schoolchildren, audiences at rock concerts and people I meet at diwsco gigs. That's in addition to all the letters people write to the programme. It forms a very accurate barameter of listener's tastes, a subject I find continually fascinating. One feels a bit hard-hearted ignoring a postcard that has 'please, please, please' repeated 60 times all over it.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it the Persian poet Qasr al-Hair who said 'He who devoureth his brother cannot blame the tiger'. I think that pplies most particularly to critics of Radio 1, don't yo
? Why, for ten years now I have been droning away on 247, introducing a wider range of fine music, I venture, than you will find anywhere else on the planet. No restricting commercial pressures here, buddies o' mine. And we have contrived to broadcast studio sessions by most of the big names in rock - some before they even had recording contracts. You call hoarsely for examples of the latter? How about Led Zeppelin, Yes, Supertramp, Roxy Music, and Generation X? But, you argue, Generation X are not a Big Name. No, that's true. not yet. but we do work a year or so ahead of the rest.

At 26, joining Radio 1 has been the highlight of my ten years in Radio. It is without doubt the ultimate aim of most disc-jockeys basically because it's larger than life; it's glamorous and very prestigious. There's so much scope and freedom within Radio 1 that keeps everyone buzzing. I hope to be part of this ''airforce'' for a long time to come.

People like Stuart Grundy, Mike Hawkes, John Walters and Teddy Warrick are the unsong heroes of British radio. These producers have given me a freedom in my four years of Radio 1 that one is rarely allowed in American commercial radio. I thank them and the listening public for making me feel at home in Britain.

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