BBCDVD 3042 Doctor Who - The mutants by Bob Baker / Dave Martin

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Front cover
Picture of BBCDVD 3042 Doctor Who - The mutants by artist Bob Baker / Dave Martin from the BBC records and Tapes library
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Picture of BBCDVD 3042 Doctor Who - The mutants by artist Bob Baker / Dave Martin from the BBC records and Tapes library

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Release details

Catalogue numberBBCDVD 3042
TitleDoctor Who - The mutants
Artist(s)Bob Baker / Dave Martin
Cover conditionNear mint
Record conditionNear mint
BBC records label code-
Item deleted?No
Distributed / printed by2 entertain
Country of originUK UK flag
Media typePrimary
Media genreDramas - Sci-fi
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Run-off codes / Shop bar codesA0101690210-B911 02 IFPI L556 Sony DADC
A0101690225-A511 02 IFPI L556 Sony DADC
My rating*****
Guest rating*****

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Front cover of BBCDVD 3042
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Below is a list of tracks for this release.
Side & trackTrack and ArtistLength
A1The mutants - Part 124.25
A2The mutants - Part 224.24
A3The mutants - Part 324.32
A4The mutants - Part 424.00
A5The mutants - Part 524.37
A6The mutants - Part 623.43
A7Coming soon - The Ark1.04
A8Mutt mad - The making of the Mutants20.40
A9Race against time37.38
A10Dressing Doctor Who27.05
A11Blue Peter1.36
A12Photo gallery2.58
A13Radio Times billings [PDF]
Total length of media 3:56:42.


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My rating3
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Extra notes on cover, middle (gatefold sleeve) and any inserts


Jon Pertwee (Third Doctor)
Katy Manning (Jo Grant)

Paul Whitsun-Jones (The Marshal)
George Pravda (Jaeger)
Christopher Coll (Stubbs)
Rick James (Cotton)
James Mellor (Varan)
Jonathan Sherwood (Varan's Son)
Garrick Hagon (Ky)
John Hollis (Sondergaard)
Geoffrey Palmer (Administrator)
Peter Howell (Investigator)
David Arlen (Warrior Guard)
Roy Pearce, Damon Sanders, Martin Taylor (Guards)
Sidney Johnson (Old Man)
John Scott Martin (Mutt)

Written by

Bob Baker
Dave Martin

Produced by

Barry Letts

Directed by

Christopher Barry


When a strange message pod turns up at UNIT HQ, the Doctor and his assistant Jo suddenly find themselves involved in another dangerous mission for the Time Lords. The TARDIS takes them to Skybase One above the inhospital Solos. It is the 30th century and the planet is about to gain independence from Earth's glorious empire. But someone on Solos has other plans and, alarmingly, the natives are slowly mutating into fierce-looking creatures. It's time for the Doctor and Jo to find out why ...


The Mutants is the penultimate story of Doctor Who's ninth season and is a good example of a script that reflects social and political issues of its time.
Writers Bob Baker and Dave Martin, who wrote The Claws of Axos the previous year, submitted an idea for a story about colonial oppression on an alien planet, and eventually developed the story along with script editor Terrance Dicks. Originally called Independence, the anti-apartheid themes are clear from the start.
Trips to murky alien planets like Solos were a rare treat during the Doctor's adventures in the early 1970s - and this is the third time since he had been exiled to Earth that the Time Lords send the Doctor on a special mission, a particularly handy plot device that gets the TARDIS into time and space away from Earth-based stories featuring the UNIT 'family'.
The atmospheric location filming includes scenes shot in the Chislehurst Caves in Kent. These man-made caves, which were made for chalk and flint in the 13th century, provide a suitably eerie setting for the caves of Solos. The planet's surface is also filmed in Kent - in what was the Western Quarry in Northfleet. The quarry has since closed and, since 1999 is now home to a large shopping centre!
The mutant monsters of the story's title are well realised and nightmarish in appearance. Although the Mutt creatures never returned for another Doctor Who adventure, look out for one slightly altered Mutt costume that turns up at the beginning of The Brain of Morbius a few years later ...

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