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Catalogue numberBBCDVD 3004
Sleeve picturePicture of BBCDVD 3004 Doctor Who - Frontios by artist Christopher H. Bedmead from the BBC records and Tapes library
TitleDoctor Who - Frontios
ArtistChristopher H. Bedmead
Cover conditionNear mint
Record conditionNear mint
BBC records label code-
Item deleted?No
BBC3 label
Distributed / printed by2 entertain
Media typePrimary
Media genreDramas - Sci-fi View all other tracks listed as Dramas - Sci-fi.
Run-off codes / Shop bar codesA0101759142-A911 02 IFPI L556 Sony DADC
My ratingNot set
Guest ratingCurrent average value is 3.

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Front cover
Front cover of BBCDVD 3004
Back cover
Back cover of BBCDVD 3004
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Side & trackTrack and ArtistLength
A1Part 124.39
A2Part 224.35
A3Part 324.30
A4Part 424.26
A5Driven to distraction - The making of Frontios32.52
A6Deleted and extended scenes15.38
A7Photo gallery5.23
A8Radio Times billings [PDF]
A9Coming soon - Earthstory1.45
Total length of media 2:33:48.

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Peter Davison (Fifth Doctor)
Janet Fielding (Tegan Jovanka)
Mark Strickson (Vislor Turlough)
Jeff Rawle - Plantagenet
Peter Gilmore - Brazen
Lesley Dunlop - Norna
William Lucas - Range
Maurice O'Connell - Cockerill
Raymond Murtagh - Retrograde
Richard Ashley - Orderly
Alison Skilbeck - Deputy
John Gillett - The Gravis
William Bowen, George Campbell, Hedi Khursandi, Michael Malcolm, Stephen Speed - Tractators

Written by

Christopher H. Bedmead

Produced by

John Nathan-Turner

Directed by

Ron Jones


An irresistible force draws the TARDIS to the barren surface of Frontios, where in the far future the last surviving humans cower amongst the ruins of their wrecked spaceshift. Under constant threat from lethal meteorite bombardments, few of the doomed colony members realise that the ground of Frontios itself opens up and devours the unwary. Not permitted to assist, the Doctor's attempt to leave is thwarted when the unimaginable occurs: the TARDIS it utterly destroyed.

All the while, burrowing undetected below the planet's crust, sickening alien parasites prepare a gruesome and final fate for all humanity ...


The stories in Peter Davison's final year as the Doctor are markedly different from those from the past. Increasingly violent and gruesome situations occur, with the chance of survival much less likely. Frontios, with its almost palpable sense of doom, contributes to this new era of Doctor Who.

These stories tend to carry an even higher death-toll than usual, with precious few characters living to the conclusion of events. In this instance, the possibility of all humanity reaching extinction in a most grisly manner is omnipresent throughout. And yet it is somehow even more disturbing to witness the TARDIS' destruction. At the time of broadcast, publicity reports suggested that the TARDIS would indeed be phased out of the programme, and so its on-screen obliteration hinted that the Doctor really would be forever trapped at the end of time.

Performances here reinforce the feeling of impending disaster, with highlights including Davison's Doctor becoming increasingly frantic and unpredictable, and Mark Strickson masterfully unveiling the horrific nature of what is lurking below Frontios' surface.

Laden with doom, and featuring one of Doctor Who's most gruesome cliffhangers to date, Frontios makes for enjoyably tense, edge-of-seat viewing.

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