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Richard Curtis / Rowan Atkinson / Ben Elton, Black Adder - The complete collection

Category:BBC - BBCDVD (Click on this button to view other releases of BBC - BBCDVD DVD's.)
Label and catalogue number:BBCDVD - BBCDVD 1746
Format:Disc DVD's
Country:UK UK flag
Genre:Comedies - Situation View all other tracks listed as Comedies - Situation.
Format:Limited edition
Run-off codes:A0100350683-A011 27
A0100350562-A911 57
A010035105-A911 78
A0100379647-A811 40
A0100421679-A511 27
A01401293260-A511 18
Item deleted?Yes
Distributed / printed byBBC
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My rating:*****
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Below is a list of tracks for this release.
Side & trackTrack and ArtistLength
A1The foretelling [Richard Curtis / Rowan Atkinson]33.31
A2Born to be king [Richard Curtis / Rowan Atkinson]33.32
A3The archbishop [Richard Curtis / Rowan Atkinson]32.37
A4The Queen of Spain's beard [Richard Curtis / Rowan Atkinson]33.50
A5Witchsmeller pursuivant [Richard Curtis / Rowan Atkinson]30.07
A6The black seal [Richard Curtis / Rowan Atkinson]31.04
B1Bells [Richard Curtis / Ben Elton]30.01
B2Head [Richard Curtis / Ben Elton]26.44
B3Potato [Richard Curtis / Ben Elton]30.03
B4Money [Richard Curtis / Ben Elton]29.55
B5Beer [Richard Curtis / Ben Elton]29.12
B6Chains [Richard Curtis / Ben Elton]29.16
C1Dish and dishonesty [Richard Curtis / Ben Elton]29.21
C2Ink and incapability [Richard Curtis / Ben Elton]29.17
C3Nob and nobility [Richard Curtis / Ben Elton]29.40
C4Sense and senility [Richard Curtis / Ben Elton]26.33
C5Amy and amiability [Richard Curtis / Ben Elton]29.24
C6Duel and duality [Richard Curtis / Ben Elton]29.51
D1Captain Cook [Richard Curtis / Ben Elton]29.15
D2Corporal Punishment [Richard Curtis / Ben Elton]29.27
D3Major Star [Richard Curtis / Ben Elton]29.07
D4Private Plane [Richard Curtis / Ben Elton]28.59
D5General Hospital [Richard Curtis / Ben Elton]28.06
D6Goodbyeee [Richard Curtis / Ben Elton]29.25
E1Black Adder's Christmas carol [Richard Curtis / Ben Elton]43.18
F1Back and forth [Richard Curtis / Ben Elton]
F2The Cavalier years [Richard Curtis / Ben Elton]
F3Baldrick's video diary [Richard Curtis / Ben Elton]
Total length of media 12:41:35.

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Front cover
Front cover of BBCDVD 1746
Back cover
Back cover of BBCDVD 1746
Middle of cover
Middle of cover of BBCDVD 1746 Middle of cover of BBCDVD 1746 Middle of cover of BBCDVD 1746 Middle of cover of BBCDVD 1746 Middle of cover of BBCDVD 1746 Middle of cover of BBCDVD 1746
Label Label Label Label Label Label

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Cover conditionGood
Record conditionGood
BBC records label code-
Number have1
What type of seller was usedAmazon online shop
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