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Picture of dvds The black adder (Richard Curtis / Rowan Atkinson)

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Catalogue numberBBCDVD 1001
Sleeve picturePicture of BBCDVD 1001 The black adder by artist Richard Curtis / Rowan Atkinson from the BBC records and Tapes library
TitleThe black adder
ArtistRichard Curtis / Rowan Atkinson
Cover conditionNo cover
Record conditionNear mint
BBC records label codeA
BBC DVD label
Item deleted?Yes
BBC%20DVD label
Distributed / printed byBBC Worldwide Ltd
Media typePrimary
Media genreComedies - Situation View all other tracks listed as Comedies - Situation.
Run-off codes / Shop bar codesA0100350683-A911 27 B 3
My ratingNot set
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Side & trackTrack and ArtistLength
A1The foretelling33.31
A2Born to be king33.32
A3The archbishop32.37
A4The Queen of Spain's beard33.50
A5Witchsmeller pursuivant30.07
A6The black seal31.04
Total length of media 3:14:41.

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Rowan Atkinson - Edmund, Duke of Edinburgh
Tony Robinson - Baldrick, Son of Robin the Dung Gatherer
Tim McInnerny - Percy, Duke of Northumberland
Brian Blessed - King Richard IV of England
Elspet Gray - Gertrude, Queen of Flanders
Robert East - Harry, Prince of Wales
Narrated by - Patrick Allentitle

Peter Cook - Richard III (Episode 1)
Peter Benson - Henry VII (Episode 1)
Philip Kendall - Painter (Episode 1)
Kathleen St. John - Goncril (Episode 1)
Barbara Miller - Regan (Episode 1)
Gretchen Franklin - Gordella (Episode 1)
Alex Norton - McAngus, Duke of Argyll (Episode 2)
Angus Deayton - Jumping Jew of Jerusalem (Episode 2)
Joolia Cappleman - Celia, Countess of Cheltenham (Episode 2)
Martin Clarke - Sir Dominick Prique of Stratford (Episode 2)
Martin Soan - 2nd Wooferoonie (Episode 2)
Malcolm Hardee - 3rd Wooferoonie (Episode 2)
David Runn - Messenger (Episodes 2,3,4)
Paul McDowell - Herbert, Archbishop of Canterbury (Episode 3)
Arthur Hewlett - Godfrey, Archbishop of Canterbury and William, Bishop of London (Episode 3)
Joyce Grant - Mother Superior (Episode 3)
Carolyn Colquohoun - Sister Sara (Episode 3)
Russell Gnoch - The Duke of Winchester (Episode 3)
Bert Parnaby - Cain, A peasant (Episodes 3,5)
Roy Evans - Abel, A peasant (Episodes 3,5)
Bill Wallis - Sir Justin de Boinod (Episode 3)
David Delve - Sir George de Boeuf (Episode 3)
Leslie Sands - Lord Graveney (Episode 3)
Miriam Margolyes - Infanta Maria Escalosa of Spain (Episode 4)
Jim Broadbent - Don Speckingleesh, an interpreter (Episode 4)
Jane Freeman - Mrs Applebottom (Episode 4)
John Rapley - Rev. Lloyd (Episode 4)
Howard Lew Lewis - Mr. Applebottom (Episode 4)
Stephen Tate - Lord Chiswick (Episode 4)
Ken Wells - 1st messenger (Episode 4)
Richard Mitchley - 2nd messenger (Episode 4)
Willoughby Goddard - Archbishop (Episode 4)
Natasha King - Princess Leia of Hungary (Episodes 4,5)
Harriet Keevil - Lady on ramparts (Episode 4)
Frank Finley - The Witchsmeller pursuivant (Episode 5)
Richard Murdoch - Ross, A lord (Episode 5)
Valentine Dyall - Angus, A lord (Episode 5)
Peter Schofield - Rife, A lord (Episode 5)
Stephen Frost - Soft, A guard (Episode 5)
Mark Arden - Anon, A guard (Episode 5)
Percy Benson - Daft Red, A peasant (Episode 5)
Forbes Collins - Dopey Jack, A peasant (Episode 5)
Patrick Duncan - Officer, An officer (Episode 5)
Barbara Miller - Jane Kirkettle (Episode 5)
Howard Lew Lewis - Piers, A yeoman (Episode 5)
Sarah Thomas - Mrs Field, A Goodwife (Episode 5)
Louise Gold - Mrs Tyler., A Goodwife (Episode 5)
Gareth Milne - Stuntman (Episode 5)
John Carlisle - Murdered lord (Episode 6)
Bert Parnaby - Cain, A blind beggar (Episode 6)
Roy Evans - Abel, A blind beggar (Episode 6)
Forbes Collins - Trusting father (Episode 6)
Des Webb - Person of unrestricted growth (Episode 6)
John Barnard - Retired Morris dancer (Episode 6)
Mad Gerald - Himself (Episode 6)
Perry Benson - Pigeon vendor (Episode 6)
Paul Brooke - Friar Bellows (Episode 6)
Big Mick - Jack Large (Episode 6)
Roger Sloman - Three Fingered Pete (Episode 6)
Patrick Malahide - Guy of Glastonbury (Episode 6)
John Hallam - Sir Wilfred Death (Episode 6)
Patrick Allen - The Hawk (Episode 6)
Ron Cook - Sean, the Irish Bastard (Episode 6)

Music by

Howard Goodall

Written by

Richard Curtis
Rowan Atkinson

Produced by

John Lloyd

Directed by

Martin Shardlow


The Black Adder, the first series of Blackadder, was written by Richard Curtis and Rowan Atkinson and produced by John Lloyd. It originally aired on BBC1 from 15 June 1983 to 20 July 1983, and was a joint production with the Australian Seven Network.

Set in 1485 at the end of the British Middle Ages, the series is written as an alternative history in which King Richard III won the Battle of Bosworth Field only to be mistaken for someone else and murdered, and is succeeded by Richard IV (Brian Blessed), one of the Princes in the Tower. The series follows the exploits of Richard IV's unfavoured second son Edmund, the Duke of Edinburgh (who calls himself "The Black Adder") in his various attempts to increase his standing with his father and his eventual quest to overthrow him.

Conceived while Atkinson and Curtis were working on Not the Nine O'Clock News, the series dealt comically with a number of medieval issues in Britain: witchcraft, Royal succession, European relations, the Crusades, and the conflict between the Church and the Crown. Along with the secret history, many historical events portrayed in the series were anachronistic (for example, the last Crusade to the Holy Land ended in 1291); this dramatic licence would continue in the subsequent Blackadders. The filming of the series was highly ambitious, with a large cast and much location shooting. The series also featured Shakespearean dialogue, often adapted for comic effect; the end credits featured the words "Additional Dialogue by William Shakespeare".
Episode 1
As the Wars of the Roses reach their climax, Edmund finds that he has accidentally killed the King and become a prince of the realm.
Episode 2
Edmund plots revenge when Dougal McAngus, the King's Supreme Commander, is awarded Edmund's Scottish lands.
Episode 3
With the crown and church at each other's throats, the King decides that Edmund should become the new Archbishop of Canterbury.
Episode 4
Edmund is to be married to an ugly Spanish princess and tries everything to stop the wedding. First appearance of Miriam Margolyes.
Episode 5
Edmund is suspected of being a witch by a mysterious witch-hunter and sentenced to death.
Episode 6
When all of Edmund's titles are removed except Warden of the Royal Privies, Edmund is furious and decides to seize the throne with the help of the six most evil men in the kingdom.
First appearance of Rik Mayall, here playing the part of Mad Gerald (though the character is credited as "himself").

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