BBCCD SFX043 D. I. Y. and building by Various

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Front cover
Picture of BBCCD SFX043 D. I. Y. and building by artist Various from the BBC records and Tapes library
Rear cover
Picture of BBCCD SFX043 D. I. Y. and building by artist Various from the BBC records and Tapes library

BBC records label code
BBC SFX label

BBC SFX label

Release details

Catalogue numberBBCCD SFX043
TitleD. I. Y. and building
Cover conditionNear mint
Record conditionNear mint
BBC records label code$
Item deleted?Yes
Distributed / printed byBBC Enterprises Ltd
Country of originUK UK flag
Media typePrimary
Media genreSound effects - Manufactoring
View all other tracks listed as Sound effects - Manufactoring.
Run-off codes / Shop bar codes8391 ECD 43 : MASTERED BY NIMBUS
My rating*****
Guest rating*****

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What type of seller was used?Not recorded
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Front cover
Front cover of BBCCD SFX043
Back cover
Back cover of BBCCD SFX043
Middle of cover
Middle of cover of BBCCD SFX043 Middle of cover of BBCCD SFX043 Middle of cover of BBCCD SFX043


Below is a list of tracks for this release.
Side & trackTrack and ArtistLength
A1Workshop door opened0.04
A2Workshop door closed0.04
A3Tool box opened0.07
A4Tool box closed0.04
A5Tools removed from box and put on bench0.29
A6Hand-drill removed from toolbox0.03
A7Spanner removed from toolbox0.04
A8Screwdriver removed from toolbox0.03
A9Chisel hammered with mallet0.02
A10Chisel hammered and wood levered up0.15
A11Glass hamered from smashed front door pane, surround levered up0.48
A12Tack nail hammered0.11
A13Tack nail hammered0.10
A14Tack nail hammered0.08
A15Large tack nail hammered0.09
A16Tack miss-hit twice and then hammered in0.12
A17Floor nail hammered (slow rhythm with hammer ring)0.15
A18Floor nail hammered (faster rhythm with hammer ring)0.10
A19Floor nail hammered (changing rhythm with hammer ring)0.09
A20Small nails dropped on bench0.01
A21Small nails dropped on bench, one falls on metal surface0.03
A22Tenon saw, small piece of wood (steady rhythm)0.17
A23Tenon saw, small piece of wood (variable rhythm)0.17
A24Tenon saw, small piece of wood (close perspective)0.19
A25Hand saw through sheet of plywood (saw jams on some strokes)0.25
A26Hacksaw, small piece of Formica0.13
A27Hacksaw, small piece of Formica (cut piece falls on floor)0.20
A28Hacksaw, piece of metal cut piece falls on floor0.47
A29File, wood0.35
A30File, Formica (with squealing on some strokes)0.39
A31File, metal0.32
A32Planing, piece of wood0.44
A33Sanding, small piece of wood0.58
A34Sanding, paper folded then small piece of wood0.42
A35Sanding, paper folded then sheet of plywood1.27
A36Sanding, edge of plywood0.55
A37Sanding, sheet of metal0.50
A38Chiselling wood (splintering noise)1.21
A39Nail pulled0.02
A40Nail pulled0.03
A41Nail pulled0.02
A42Nail pulled0.02
A43Hood levered with chisel, splinters0.28
A44Chisel sharpened on grindstone0.58
A45Hand-drill, 2 holes in wood0.16
A46Hand-drill, single hole in wood0.07
A47Hand-drill, single hole in metal0.18
A48Hand-drill, single hole in metal, jams, is freed0.19
A49Small spanner dropped0.01
A50Large spanner dropped0.02
A51Paining, brush2.57
A52Painting, roller3.12
A53Can of spray paint shaken0.49
A54Spray painting1.26
A55Engine hoist assembled (metal clattering noise)0.44
A56Electric drill, short burst freewheeling0.03
A57Electric drill, single hole in wood0.11
A58Electric drill, single hole in wood, jams, is freed0.16
A59Electric drill, single hole in metal sheet0.12
A60Electric drill, single hole in thich metal bar0.30
A61Electric drill, rotary sanding attachment used on plywood sheet2.23
A62Electric jigsaw, small piece of wood0.20
A63Electric jigsaw, plywood sheet1.14
A64Electric grinder, freewheels0.14
A65Electric grinder, short burst on metal sheet0.08
A66Electric grinder, long bursts on metal sheet1.07
A67Pressure hose, cleaning yard3.14
A68Arc welding machine, switch on, transformer hum in standby mode, off1.51
A69Arc welding machine, switch on, weld, lose arc, restrike, weld, off0.50
A70Arc welding machine, switch on, weld, off0.36
A71Arc welding machine, switch on, strike arc second attempt, weld, off0.38
A72Arc welding machine, switch on, attempt to strike arc, fail, switch off0.59
A73Gas blowlamp lit, constant roar of flame, off2.04
A74Gas blowlamp lit, used to heat surface (changing acoustic), off3.32
A75Anvil, metal hammered hard by blacksmith (last stroke)3.07
A76Pneumatic drill used on tarmac3.07
A77General atmosphere on building site, mid distant acoustic, starts with dumper truck passing4.47
A78General atmosphere on building site, closer perspective, steel girders cut5.45
A79Building site, interior acoustic of building under construction with bricklayers in foreground3.55
A80Building site, hammering steel girders (close perspective)1.39
A81Building site, concrete aerator used to remove air bubbles rom liquid concrete (close perspective)1.11
Total length of media 1:10:31.


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My rating3
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Further information

These are a series of BBC CD albums which basically digitised the original BBC sound effects albums found in the main BBC cagalogue.


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