51.0116 Efectos de sonido Vol 12

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Picture of albums Efectos de sonido Vol 12 (Various / BBC Radiophonic Workshop)

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Release pictures

Front cover
Picture of 51.0116 Efectos de sonido Vol 12 by artist Various / BBC Radiophonic Workshop from the BBC records and Tapes library
Rear cover
Picture of 51.0116 Efectos de sonido Vol 12 by artist Various / BBC Radiophonic Workshop from the BBC records and Tapes library

BBC records label code
Dial Discos, S. A. label


Release details

Catalogue number51.0116
TitleEfectos de sonido Vol 12
Artist(s)Various / BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Cover conditionVery Good Plus
Record conditionVery Good Plus
BBC records label codeJ
Item deleted?Yes
Distributed / printed byDial Discos, S. A.
Country of originSpain Spain flag
Media typeREC 225
Media genreSound effects
View all other tracks listed as Sound effects.
Run-off codes / Shop bar codes51.0116.A.IN1
My rating*****
Guest rating*****

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Front cover
Front cover of 51.0116
Back cover
Back cover of 51.0116
Label Label


Below is a list of tracks for this release.
Side & trackTrack and ArtistLength
A1 Mar de Mercurio [Dick Mills]1.07
A2Viaja galactico [Peter Howell]0.19
A3El Tardis despega / El Tardis aterriza [Brian Hodgson]1.17
A4Despegue de un cohete espacial / Aterrixaje de un cohete espacial [Dick Mills]0.54
A5Platillo volante despega / Platillo volante aterriza / Interior del platillo volante [Paddy Kingsland / Richard Yeoman-Clark]1.11
A6"Atmosfera" en el interior de la sala de control del vehiculo espacial [Brian Hodgson]1.00
A7"Atmosfera" en el interior de la nave [Brian Hodgson]1.03
A8Peurta electronica que se abre / Puerta electronica que se cierra [Dick Mills]0.05
A95 disparos de rayo laser [Brian Hodgson]0.12
A10Computadora espacial [Brian Hodgson]0.43
A11Generador de gravedad [Brian Hodgson]0.34
A12Cancelador del tiempo; puesta en marcha y parada [Roger Limb]0.24
A13Laboratorio espacial venusiano [John Baker]0.50
A14Maquina de guerra de Andromeda [Malcolm Clark]0.10
A15Batalla espacial [Dick Mills]0.42
A16 El baile de las moscas de fuego [Malcolm Clark]0.43
A17Sonando [Delia Derbyshire]1.11
A18Ciudad crystal [Glynis Jones]1.00
A19Bosque encantado [Dick Mills]0.49
A20El refugio de los duendes [Malcolm Clark]0.45
A21Despegue de la alfombra magica / El vuelo de la alfombra magica / La alfombra magica aterriza [Glynis Jones]0.48
A22Flor magica, crece y echa flores [Brian Hodgson]0.12
A23El tallo de la " judia magica", crece [Roger Limb]0.09
A24Hadas estelares [Dick Mills]0.38
A25Duendes de verano [Malcolm Clark]0.29
A26Aparicion de Hada / Desaparicion del Hada / Burro volando [Malcolm Clark / David Cain]0.39
A27Haciendo un sortilegio [Malcolm Clark]0.11
A28Seta magica [Malcolm Clark]0.03
A29Cancion del pajaro magico [Glynis Jones]0.30
B1 Fantasmas de la oscuridad [Delia Derbyshire]1.05
B2Espectacion tetrica [Dick Mills]0.48
B3Espactros en el viento [David Cain]1.02
B4El mal se levanta [Brian Hodgson]1.05
B5Sombra amenazadora [Malcolm Clark]0.26
B6Instantes de terror [Dick Mills]0.35
B7Sombra del pasado [Malcolm Clark]0.17
B8Psicosis de miedo [Glynis Jones]0.48
B9Dos vibraciones de terror [Glynis Jones]0.06
B10Tres ruidos de terror [Glynis Jones]0.14
B11Energia del terror [David Cain]0.07
B12Terror resbalando [Malcolm Clark]0.13
B13Algo se aproxima [Malcolm Clark]0.38
B14Monstruo gritando [Malcolm Clark]0.14
B15Monstruo que escupe fuego [Peter Howell]0.29
B16Bosque de pesadilla [Dick Mills]0.50
B17Gritos maleficos [Dick Mills]0.23
B18 Atmosfera pesada [David Cain]0.50
B19Arenas del desierto [Roger Limb]1.22
B20Terreno helado [Delia Derbyshire]1.02
B21Pico helado [Delia Derbyshire]0.39
B22Remolinos de viento [David Cain]0.49
B23Nubes pasando [Roger Limb]1.00
B24Firmamentos estrellados [Glynis Jones]0.44
B25Tormenta electrica [John Baker]0.45
B26Profundidades marinas [John Baker]0.55
B27Burbujas subiendo a la superficie [John Baker]0.24
B28Oleada primaveral [Glynis Jones]0.44
Total length of media 37:12.


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My rating3
Guest ratingCurrent average value is 3.

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Extra notes on cover, middle (gatefold sleeve) and any inserts


Other versions

I have other similar versions, here is the 'primary' release in the database:
REC 225Out of this World

Further information

BBC records released to the Spanish public. The labels and catalogue numbers are different to the UK versions.


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