0-7513-4400-1 Rock and gem

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Picture of books Rock and gem (Ted Smart)

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Catalogue number0-7513-4400-1
Sleeve picturePicture of 0-7513-4400-1 Rock and gem by artist Ted Smart
TitleRock and gem
ArtistTed Smart
Cover conditionNear mint
Record conditionNear mint
Item deleted?No
Distributed / printed byDK
Media typePrimary
Media genreAnything else View all other tracks listed as Anything else.
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My ratingNot set
Guest ratingCurrent average value is 3.

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Front cover
Front cover of 0-7513-4400-1
Back cover
Back cover of 0-7513-4400-1


Below is a list of tracks for this release.
Side & trackTrack and ArtistLength
A1 The formation of the Universe
A2 - The formation of the Earth
A3 - The Earth's crust
A4 - Collection rocks and minerals
A5 Rock formation
A6 - Types of rock
A7 - Igneous rocks
A8 - Sedimentary rocks
A9 - Metamorphic rocks
A10 What is a mineral?
A11 - Identifying minerals
A12 - Mineral associations
A13 - What is a crystal?
A14 - Crystal systems
A15 - Crystal habits
A16 - What is a gemstone?
A17 - Gem mining
A18 - Gem cutting
A19 - Native elements
A20 - Sulphides
A21 - Sulphosalts
A22 - Oxides
A23 - Hydroxides
A24 - Halides
A25 - Carbonates
A26 - Phosphates, Arsenates, and vanadates
A27 - Borates and nitrates
A28 - Sulphates, chromates, tungstates and molybdates
A29 - Silicates
A30 - Organic gems
A31 How fossils are formed
A32 - The fossil record
A33 - Plants
A34 - Invertebrates
A35 - Vertebrates
Total length of media 0:00.

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