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Full list of Other Themes Records

Below is a full list of Other Themes Records on the site.

This listing includes releases for comedy and themes not directly made / broadcast by the UK broadcasting companies - for example films - which I have.

Other comedy / themes Records

KEY: First C is cover condition, second C is media condition, D is if the release has been deleted.
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Cat. no.Title
MA 101Into action Troy Tempest
SEG 7639It's great to be young
EAP 2-694Carousel 2
EAP 3-694Carousel 3
OE 9241Guys and Dolls
SEP 2.595Oklahoma! 2
EAP 4-595Oklahoma! 4
45 XP 1004Pal Joey
45-HL-D 8445Bernadine
EAP 2-740The King and I 2
EAP 3-740The King and I 3
EAP 1-3003Sparky's magic piano
MFX . 1Mixed sound effects
7EG 107The story of Noah's Ark (Red Vinyl)
7EG 8695The sound of music
45-POP 881Exodus
45-DB 4761The young ones
45-DB 4950The next time
WO 3Top TV themes
RS - I - IUHit themes from TV
45-POP 932Moon river (Breakfast at Tiffany's)
DB 7207It had better be tonight (Pink Panther) - Demonstration record
POP 881Exodus
MA 105TV 21 themes
MA 100Journey to the Moon
MA 106Doctor Who - The Daleks
MA 103Introducing Thunderbirds
MA 102A trip to Marineville
FP 10024The Wizard of Oz
MA 108Thunderbird 1
SO 1259Monty Python's tiny black round thing (Free with New Musical Express)
UP 36406Thank Heaven for little girls
A 1589Horsell Common and the heat ray (War of the Worlds) - Promotional record
SFI 304Birds of town & country
SCT A 2411Eye of the tiger (Rocky III)
ARIST 580Ghostbusters
ARISD 580Ghostbusters (Picture disc)
WEBBER 1Requiem
DB 9124Mr love
VS 838Absolute beginners
VS 1117A groovy kind of love (Buster)
VS 1141Two hearts (Buster)
YY 5004I'm into something good (The naked gun)
AM 789(Everything I do) I do it for you (Robin Hood: Prince of theives)
655126 7The eve of war - Radio edit (War of the Worlds) - Dutch import
D 002161021Rebel's theme (Flux Pavilion's the ghost remix) - Limited edition US import picture disc
SIL7 1638The James Bond theme (RSD 2021 - Limited edition 2007 copies)
CBS 12 7731The eve of the war (The war of the Worlds)
CBS 11 - 7731Eve of war - Picture disc (War of the Worlds)
MCAT 949Axel F
ARIST 12-580Ghostbusters
ARIPD 12580Ghostbusters (Special limited edition - Luminous)
19075925501Pianos, strings and other things (The war of the worlds) - Limited edition - Record Store Day 2019
BMGSM 19Extreme ghostbusters
MFP 1175Children's favourites
C 2870146Tubby the tuba & Sparky's magic piano
6308 094The Onedin Line and other wonderful themes
C 2870301Children's nursery rhymes
MFP 50084Rupert and the firebird
SRLD 3001An adult entertainment - Red vinyl
UAG 30010Laurel & Hardy - Another fine mess
UAS 30012The pink panther strikes again - Promotional copy
DJF 20522TV themes
2384 107Sixteen small screen gems
GTVS 8BTV music spectacular
CBS 96000War of the Worlds
RKLB 1003Tales of the unexpected and other themes
NE 1122Themes
2460 188War and peace and other TV themes
BUSLP 1004Reilly ace of themes
ATXLP 07Paddington Bear's gold record - Gold vinyl
RL 85315In the pink
BBSR 508Telly hits
TVLP 3The TV hits album
BBSR 616Telly hits - Volume 2
MOMENT 105 ROriginal TV hits of the sixties - Red cover
MOMENT 105 WOriginal TV hits of the sixties - White cover (German import)
TVLP 10The TV hits album - Volume 2
RWSLP 003Possum (Limited edition vinyl RSD2021)
7432191381 - 2The return of the Pink Panther (Spanish import)
RCD 10739The Pink Panther strikes again
CDCBS 96000War of the Worlds
FILMCD 024Television's greatest hits - Volume 1
81471 - 2The blues brothers
TVT 1200 CDTelevision's greatest hits - Volume 2
CDMFP 6010Top TV themes
SPHCD 700120 top TV and movie hits
FILMCD 035Television's greatest hits - Volume 3
BM 720The Pink Panther / The return of the Pink Panther
CDBOND 007The best of James Bond - 30th anniversary collection
BITS 002Bits & pieces digital sound effects 002
BITS 006Bits & pieces digital sound effects 006
BITS 007Bits & pieces digital sound effects 007
BITS 008Bits & pieces digital sound effects 008
BITS 009Bits & pieces digital sound effects 009
BITS 010Bits & pieces digital sound effects 010
MCCD 225The best of British television
BITS 011Bits & pieces digital sound effects 011
BITS 012Bits & pieces digital sound effects 012
FILMXCD 184The cult files
CDEM 3739Trainspotting
PLAY 010The a to z of British TV themes - Volume 3
VTCD 112This is the return of cult fiction
BITS 013Bits & pieces digital sound effects 013
BITS 014Bits & pieces digital sound effects 014
553360 - 2Sci > fi album (The no. 1)
PRMDCD 36Trainspotting #2
BITS 015Bits & pieces digital sound effects 015
CECD 96000War of the Worlds - Collector's edition
SILCD 1357Great British TV themes
RWSCD 003Possum
10001272The Pink Panther cartoon collection
24342 DVDThe Pink Panther film collection
EDV 9191Dumb and dumberer
21 D 888297Scary movie
21 D 888403Scary movie 2
21 D 881151Scary movie 3
PHE 8046Airplane!
PHE 8047Airplane II - The sequel
PHE 8196Top secret!
PHE 8076The naked gun
UDR 90048American pie
21 92922Kevin and Perry go large
UDR 90151American pie 2 unseen
F1 - SGB 08610DVDCHot shots! / Hot shots! Part deux
8211725American pie - The wedding
823756 7CThe league of gentlemen's apocalypse - Limited edition
PHE 9124Airplane! Airplane II the sequel collection
3462501000The Simpsons movie
CDRP 2064Ghostbusters 1 & 2
828 239 0Paul
PC-BATMANBatman forever
0-14-031000-2The crack - a - joke book
Books-GCGiles cartoons
1-85336-090-2Naughty dots
0-00-718130-2Work is hell
1-870870-09-7Viz - The dogs bollocks
978-0-7475-6320-4Schott's original miscellany
1-86197-876-6Why don't penguins' feet freeze?
978-1-85249-232-8Fuzzy logic - Great ideas dreamt up in the pub

Star Wars

KEY: First C is cover condition, second C is media condition, D is if the release has been deleted.
Click on the catalogue number to view the values for each individual entry.
Cat. no.Title
00050087342449Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Limited edition RSD 2016
D002532311Star Wars: Rogue One - Picture disc
00050087469382Star Wars: The Mandalorian - Picture disc
D003595911Star Wars: The Mandalorian - Picture disc
PR - 103The story of Star Wars (Limited edition picture disc)
050087343149Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Picture disc
00050087463045Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker
D003596001Star Wars: The Mandalorian (Music From The Original Series) - US import
ACCCD 1014Music from the Star Wars saga
FI -27233HMOStar wars trilogy (Episodes 4-6)
TS-SWStar Wars - Episode I

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