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Below is a full list of Other Records on the site.

This listing includes all other releases not included in any other section which I have.

Other Records

KEY: First C is cover condition, second C is media condition, D is if the release has been deleted.
Click on the catalogue number to view the values for each individual entry.
Cat. no.Title
45-DB 3813Ten thousand miles
RE-D 1095A closer walk with Thee
45-RCA 1036Magic moments
FEP 2060Four more
RE-A 1113Bye bye, love
UP 603C'mon everybody
FEP 2044The late great Buddy Holly
45-HLA 9157Be-bop-a-lula
45-DB 4256Side saddle
45-DB 4351Travellin' light
45-HLU 9149Only the lonely (Know how I feel)
45-RCA 1216Are you lonesome tonight?
45-RCA 1207It's now or never
45-RCA 1194A mess of blues
45-Q 72395More than I can say
45-DB 4506Nine times out of ten
45-WB 33Walk right back
45-CL 15215I'm coming home (to see my baby)
45-DB 4716When the girl in your dreams is the girl in your heart
45-DB 4567The old pull 'n' push
R 4949Love me do
45-Q 72419What to do
RNZ 504Morning town ride
DM 161Nights in white satin
DB 8726Grandad
FHRO 14AFolk train
SCRATCH 5She creatures of Hollywood Hills
1 C 006-94 879Daytona demon (German import)
SCRATCH 4Pretty vacant (Demo version)
SCRATCH 201Anarchy in the UK
7N 25746Magic fry
CHS 2275Heart of glass
POSP 179And the birds were singing
SCRATCH 7(Don't you gimme) No lip
6007 192Y. M. C. A.
UP 36468Milk and alcohol
MER 22Oops up side your head
AMS 7426Cool for cats
VS 242The sounds of the suburbs
EMI 5102Another one bites the dust
BP 334Turning Japanese
TOY 1Four from Toyah
SAFE P 38Thunder in the mountains - Picture disc
RCA 151Hooked on a can can
CHS TT 17Ghost town
USA 1224Love me down
W 8115The look of love
EMS 78Mistletoe & wine
JIVE 77Caribbean Queen (No more love on the run)
BEG 135She sells sanctuary
CRACKER 1Christmas cracker
R 6115West end girls
UGH 14Love is a slug
7 P 338Eloise
MMVC 1Melody Maker free e. p.
VS 888(Forever) Live and die
A 7242Pretty in pink
DA 8Thorn in my side
VER 28Livin' on a prayer
MUTE 51Sometimes
LON 103Don't leave me this way
YZ 65Living doll (Comic relief)
SUPER 1Superheroes
IRM 140Hey Matthew
IS 319With or without you
PB 41447Never gonna give you up
W 8341Who's that girl
YZ 312Orinoco flow (Sail away)
DAFT 1John Kettley (Is a weather man)
SCRATCH 1An interview with Sisters of Mercy
SCRATCH 3An interview with Iron Maiden
653001 7Lovely day (Sunshine mix)
E MUTE 93Stop !
IS 395Harvest for the World
PB 41845Perfect
IS 402Angel of Harlem
PROMO 1.029Evening falls (Disco promocional Spanish import)
PROMO 1.014Orinoco flow (Disco promocional Spanish import)
VS 1234Another day in paradise
IS 411When love comes to town
PWL 48Walk on by
FAC 293 - 7World in motion (England)
44 372All together now
SBK 18Ice ice baby
ECT 002Summer sampler
SNOG 1I'm too sexy
20 4671 7Weather with you
SARAH 91Wish you would
NBV 013Mudsharp E. P.
INSP 95515Don't speak
NBX 03333 ep
R7 - 547634Walk on by - Limited edition coloured vinyl - Record Store Day 2014
MAL-ONE-004 1Everybody's happy nowadays (RSD 2021 - Limited edition 100 copies)
MAL-ONE-004 2Down in the Tube station at night (RSD 2021 - Limited edition 100 copies)
MAL-ONE-004 3God save the Queen (RSD 2021 - Limited edition 100 copies)
MAL-ONE-004 4If you don't like The Clash, you don't like Rock 'n' Roll (RSD 2021 - Limited edition 100 copies)
MAL-ONE-004 5New rose (RSD 2021 - Limited edition 100 copies)
MAL-ONE-004 6No more heroes (RSD 2021 - Limited edition 100 copies)
12 IS 109Two hearts beat as one
BEG 115 TGo west
BEG 135 TShe sells sanctuary
BEG 147 TRain little face
VS 749 - 12Don't you (Forget about me)
UGH 14 TLove is a slug
POSPA 790Lessons in love
YZ 312 TOrinoco flow
YRT 34If only I could
W 9851TVogue
MERXR 311Dirty cash
12 MUTE 144Abba-esque
NBX 002Backwater one
CRE 158 TFinnegans break
CRE 158TPFinnegans break
YZ 312 CDOrinocco flow
SCRATCD 6Spiral Scratch CD
VVCS 9Virgin value 9 - Limited edition
862 271 - 2All that she wants
NBX 009Backwater four
660254 27 seconds - European import
WEA 041 CDXOoh aah ... just a little bit - Limited edition
663273 2Three lions
D 1494Milk
DX 1494Milk
IND 95515Don't speak
BLUFF 043 CDShine on me
LPS----------Last picture show
879865 04Can't get you out of my head
PERF 32 CDSResuRection
TWD---------The white disc
COMICCD 01(I'm gonna be) 500 miles - Comic relief
YOUNGA1---Good morning consumers
YOUNGA2---False education (Autographed)
LL 3359The wonderful Vera
DRDS 1024Million dollar memories 4 - Dutch import
WH 5002Moments to remember
K - 58415A splash of cover (White label)
92 - 3867 - 1Madonna
ART 20Pop goes art ! (Hand drawn unique cover)
IMA 3Under a blood red sky
V 2364Once upon a time
831101 - 227 wereldsterren met hun grootste hits - Dutch import
U 25The unforgettable fire
UKB - 3U. K. Buzz # 003
HITS 5Hits 5
WX 54True blue
ONE 1387Serious fun
U 26The joshua tree
AMA 5161Babylon and on
U 27Battle and hum
V 2475Turn back the clock
ART 20 PPop goes art ! (Very limited picture disc)
CDV 2001Tubular bells
7559-60329-2One of those nights
CDEM1Demo's and live material
OWNUP 2 CDA taste of pink
460909 2No parlez
OWNUP 3 CDThe last fourfathers
YRNR MC 77Rock 'n' roll years - 1977
YRNR MC 82Rock 'n' roll years - 1982
828106 - 2Greatest hits collection
CDNT 100The best of the Radio 1 sessions - Volume 1
CDWIKD 937The Wisermiserdemelza & 7
1M 0987Ford summertime special
26440 - 2The immaculate collection
CDM 7938542No more heroes
MDMCD 001The very best of Ivan Rebroff
TCD 520Punk and disorderly
MOODCD 18The sound of the suburbs
MOODCD 22The sound of the city
CREV 006 CDI helped Patrick McGoohan escape
WMC5 561The Celts - Japanese import
4509-91167-2The Celts
4509 - 91167 - 2The Celts - French import
29518647 - 2Zooropa - U2
CREV 030CDGo! With The Times (Re-release)
29194 2Parklife
CDEMTV 89The pure genius of Louis Armstrong
COTINDCD 1Man & goat alike (Mini album)
NBX 018Now that's what I call Noisebox
CDPCS 7373I should coco
TCD 2792Greatest hits of 95
MOODCD 40Top of the pops 1
LSP 9848132Sounds to blow your mind
531149 - 2Tubeaway army
PCP 2Pop culture Press - Stereo-phonic pop culture 2
CD NOW 36Now that's what I call music 36
DOU 882552God save the punks (Dutch import)
CD HUT 45Urban hymns
AB 3137Sound of Ska
VTDCD 267Now dance 2000
564459 - 2Top of the pops 99 - Volume 1
ERL 01Now (Autographed)
BBL 2029 CDRare Cult
LIFE_LIVELive at Bury Sound 2000
LIFELive songs
CD NOW 48Now 48 - Various
ANCD 2K1Ministry of sound - The annual 2002 (Boxed set)
523 0322Whales & dolphins - The best of Terrorvision
VTDCD 401The best club anthems 2002
THE GUIDE 1EDP event guide #1 - Promotional CD
BUN114How to get everything you ever wanted in ten easy steps
HEL 3007 CDBlack holes and revelations
1718264Narcissus Road
HEL 3007CDHaarp - Muse (Live from Wembley Stadium)
825646874347The resistance
VTDCD 1017Now that's what I call Xmas
STNVOL - 011Not your kind of people (Deluxe edition: includes 4 bonus tracks)
825646568802The 2nd law
CVI 1832The story of the London Underground
EDV 9126Flesh Gordon 2
21 650002001: A space odyssey
OPTD1789The railway children
MP 429 DFlash Gordon - Silver anniversary edition
21 D 88561Tron
CHV 5000Dune
21 650532010
21999 DVDDude, where's my car ?
D8/Z1 22659Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone
X09 - 12995The making of the age of mythology
D8/Z1 58816Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets
F5/Z1 58817Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban
F5/Z1 59388Harry Potter and the goblet of fire
824 5521War of the worlds - Live on stage
F1-SGB 2998001000Iceage 2 - The meltdown
DY 20815Harry Potter - Years 1-5 boxed set
F5 Y17492 / 59326Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix
GUDV1Ancient Egypt-The greatest Pharaohs part 1: 3150 B.C. - 1351 B.C.
GUDV2Ancient Egypt-The greatest Pharaohs part 2: 1350 B.C. - 30 B.C.
GUDV3Ancient Egypt-King Ramses II
CDR 69311Arthur Christmas
DSA 1425Puss in boots
830 469 2Minions
E051902BR[ spooks ] The greater good
PC-BW4Backwater four - Promotional card
PC-GinaGOoh aah just a little bit - Gina G (Limited edition, 4 cards)
PC-AgateBrazillian agate
Poster-BW4Backwater four (Including The Lemongrowers)
1-85568-022-XLakeland geology
0-7214-0115-5Understanding maps
0-7124-0128-7How it works - The rocket
0-7124-0255-0How it works - The camera
0-7137-0063-7Passenger cars 1905 - 1912
0-7214-0286-0How it works - The computer
0-85421-344-9Coffins for tailors
0-7124-2466-9John Wesley
Books-GBSBGB stamp book
0-600-56425-8Pocket guide to minerals
0-86760-226-0Prayers for Jesus
0-450-05323-7The dark
0-450-05324-5The fog
0-19-861128-5The little Oxford dictionary
0-340-36194-9American football
0-450-05316-4The Jonah
0-14-031730-9The witches
0-903505-20-7Vegetable expert
0-340-39967-8Card games for one
1986-CMV1986 coin market values
1-85249-100-0The best pubs in East Anglia
1-85152-199-2The home video handbook
1-873551-03-7Lakeland rocks and landscape: A field guide
1-85249-111-6Good pub food
0-9610648-6-2NASA Kennedy Space Centers Spaceport USA - English tourbook
NUTFTHYNorwich Union - The first 200 years
0-09-479250-XDead innocent (Autographed)
0-7513-4400-1Rock and gem
1-85249-213-9300 beers to try before you die !
978-1-85249-336-3Camra's London pub walks
978-1-84587-613-5New York popout map
978-1-4053-3369-6Eyewitness travel - New York city
978-1-74104-889-6Lonely planet - New York city - City guide
978-1-84533-938-8Gin the manual
Books-CZSBColchester Zoo souvenir book
MASTERS2020Masters official programme - Snooker
TS-HRC-MBMyrtle beach
TS-IGUI'm going Underground
TS-SOSpaced out
TS-HPHolstern Pils
TS-CCCyprus culture
TS-L-Euro96Linekers - Euro 96
TS-YWWaggledance honey beer
TS-KTEKetts Tavern easterfest
TS-Jagged-liveJagged live

Computer books and magazines

KEY: First C is cover condition, second C is media condition, D is if the release has been deleted.
Click on the catalogue number to view the values for each individual entry.
Cat. no.Title
Books-AITBP1An introduction to BASIC part 1
Books-AITBP2An introduction to BASIC part 2
0-340-28070-0Learn computer programming with the Commodore Vic
Books-PCOTV2Personal computing on the Vic-20
0-672-21948-4Vic-20 programmers reference guide
MP40948Commodore plus/4 user manual
0-201-18157-6Amiga ROM Kernel - Hardware
0-201-18177-0Amiga ROM Kernal - Includes and autodocs
0-201-18187-8Amiga ROM Kernal - Libraries and devices
1-55755-045-XAmiga C for beginners
0-07-882367-6C / C++ programmer's reference
1-56592-515-7Web design in a nut shell
0-201-35358-XPerl and CGI for the World Wide Web
1-56592-462-2The Perl CD bookshelf
0-672-31784-2PHP and Mysql web development
0-672-32311-7Sams teach yourself PHP in 24 hours
0-672-32844-5Programming with Java in 24 hours
0-7356-2541-7Build a program now! Visual Basic 2008
978-1-84078-619-4jQuery in easy steps

Music books

KEY: First C is cover condition, second C is media condition, D is if the release has been deleted.
Click on the catalogue number to view the values for each individual entry.
Cat. no.Title
0-904520-61-7Music master - Labels catalogue

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