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Full list of BBC Sound Effects

Below is a full list of BBC Sound Effects on the site.

This listing includes the BBC records which the studios used to add sound effects to programmes. These were not made available to the public commercially.

BBC Records - Sound effects-EC

KEY: First C is cover condition, second C is media condition, L is the BBC label code, D is if the release has been deleted.
Click on the catalogue number to view the values for each individual entry.
Cat. no.Title
EC 1A5 ton Austin Diesel truck (Interior)
EC 1B5 ton Austin diesel truck
EC 2A2 Ton Diesel Truck (Interior)
EC 2B2 Ton Diesel Truck
EC 3A15 CWT Commer Diesel Truck (Interior)
EC 3B15 CWT Commer diesel truck
EC 4ATransport depot
EC 5A5-7 Cwt Bedford Light Van (Interior)
EC 5B5-7 Cwt Bedford Light Van (Interior)
EC 5C5-7 Cwt Bedford light van (Exterior)
EC 6AFox Hunting: Whaddon Chase Hunt
EC 6BFox Hunting: Quorn Hunt
EC 6CFox hunting: Quorn Hunt
EC 6DFox Hunting: Quorn hunt
EC 6EFox Hunting: Quorn Hunt
EC 7AComedy sounds: Impact rhythms
EC 7BComedy sounds
EC 7CComedy sounds
EC 7DComedy sounds
EC 7EComedy sounds
EC 7FComedy sounds
EC 7GComedy sounds
EC 7HComedy sounds
EC 7JComedy sounds
EC 7KComedy sounds
EC 7LComedy sounds
EC 7MComedy sounds
EC 8AOffice equipment
EC 8BOffice equipment
EC 8COffice equipment
EC 8DOffice equipment
EC 8EOffice printing equipment
EC 8FOffices / Office printing unit
EC 8GComputer room equipment
EC 8HOffices
EC 8KOffices
EC 9APublic houses
EC 9BPublic House
EC 9CSports club bar
EC 9DPublic houses
EC 9EPublic houses
EC 9FPublic houses
EC 9GPublic houses
EC 9HPublic houses
EC 9JPublic houses
EC 10ADiesel Electric Train (Interior) English Electric Vulcan: 2000 B. H. P.
EC 10BDiesel electric train
EC 10CDiesel electric train English Electric Vulcan 2000 B.H.P.
EC 10DDiesel train
EC 10EDiesel train
EC 11ADiesel taxi (Interior)
EC 11BDiesel taxi (Exterior)
EC 11CDiesel taxi (Interior)
EC 12ATug (450 H. P.)
EC 12BTug (180 H. P.)
EC 12CTug whistles / Tug
EC 13ABetting shop
EC 13BGaming club
EC 13CGambling
EC 14AMotor launch (On deck)
EC 14BMotor launch
EC 14CBoat (4 hp outboard engine)
EC 14DBoats - 7 hp. twin-cylinder diesel engine / 2 1/4 h.p. outboard engine
EC 14E19ft motor boat (12 H.P. Petrol engine)
EC 14F19ft motor boat (12 hp petrol engine)
EC 14G16Ft Speedboat (40 hp outboard)
EC 14H16ft speedboat (40 H.P. Outboard)
EC 14J
EC 14K
EC 14LLifeboat - Swanage (Recorded on board)
EC 14MLifeboat (Recorded on board)
EC 15AWorkmen's cafe
EC 15BRestaurant
EC 15CRestaurants
EC 15DRestaurants
EC 15ECafes
EC 15FChatter
EC 15GChatter
EC 16AClearing a building site
EC 16BIndustrial skyline / Heavy engineering works
EC 16CCement mixers / Building site
EC 16DMechanical excavator / Pneumatic drills
EC 16EBuilding construction
EC 16FDemolition work
EC 16GDemolition work
EC 16HBulldozer / Excavators & pumps
EC 16JBricklaying
EC 16KLarge building site / Building work
EC 16LBuilding work / Building & demolition work
EC 16MMotorway construction
EC 16NMotorway construction
EC 16P
EC 16Q
EC 16RBridge building: London Bridge
EC 16SHammering (Exterior)
EC 16TReady-mixed cement
EC 16UMotorway construction
EC 16VMotorway construction
EC 17ATraffic on trunk road / In a city side street
EC 17BMotor traffic: London
EC 17CMotor traffic
EC 17DSuburban traffic / Traffic
EC 17ETraffic in fog / Traffic on wet main road
EC 17FTraffic (Under cover) / Hammersmith
EC 17GTraffic: A41 trunk road
EC 17HTraffic: Provincial town
EC 17JSmall country town
EC 17KLondon traffic
EC 17LLondon traffic
EC 17MTraffic on M1 motorway
EC 17NMotor traffic
EC 17PHorsedrawn traffic
EC 17QHorsedrawn traffic
EC 17RHorsedrawn traffic
EC 17SLorries passing slowly / Tractors & lorries passing slowly
EC 17TSmall town atmosphere / Village & playground atmospheres
EC 17UStreet atmosphere / Traffic at night
EC 17V
EC 17W
EC 17X
EC 17YRoad tunnel traffic
EC 17ZRoad tunnel traffic
EC 18AWind
EC 18BBlizzard / Strong, gusty wind
EC 18CWind
EC 18DWind
EC 19ATorrential rain / Hail beating on window
EC 19BHeavy rain
EC 19CRain
EC 19DThunder
EC 19EThunder
EC 19FWind and rain
EC 20ACity skyline / In a provincial town
EC 20B / Winter in a suburban garden
EC 20CSeagulls circling over cliff / Dawn in a suburban garden
EC 20DCoastal garden in winter
EC 20EHarbour wall atmosphere
EC 21ASeawash
EC 21BHeavy seawash on promenade
EC 21CSeawash
EC 21DSeawash
EC 22AWater lapping on shore / Mountain stream
EC 22BWaterfall
EC 22CRushing water: Rapids
EC 22DWater
EC 22EWeir in full flood / Water rushing through lock gates
EC 22FWater surging into cave / Water running into large drain
EC 22GFountains
EC 22HWater lapping
EC 23AShops
EC 23BSupermarket
EC 23CShopping precinct - Stevenage
EC 23DDraper's shop / Butcher's shop
EC 23EConfectioner's shop & Newsagent / Confectioner's shop
EC 23FShops
EC 23GLaunderette
EC 23HLaunderette
EC 23J
EC 23K
EC 23L
EC 23M
EC 23N
EC 23P
EC 23Q
EC 23R
EC 23S
EC 23T
EC 23U
EC 23V
EC 23W
EC 23X
EC 23Y
EC 23ZCash registers
EC 24AWimbledon tennis, 1964
EC 24BTennis - Hard court in park
EC 25ABells / Door chjimes and buzzerds
EC 25BBuzzers and bells
EC 25CBells
EC 25DSleigh bells
EC 25EElectronic alarm signals
EC 26ADiesel railcar (Interior)
EC 26BDiesel railcar
EC 26CDiesel railcar
EC 28AAnimals
EC 28BAnimals
EC 28CAnimals - Pigs
EC 28DAnimals - Piglets
EC 28EAnimals
EC 28FLambs
EC 28GGoats
EC 29AFarm machinery
EC 29BDairy farming
EC 29CDairy farming
EC 29DDairies
EC 29EDairies
EC 29FDairies
EC 30ASouthern region steam train - Hauled by Stroudley 0-6-0 tank locomotive
EC 30BSouthern Region Steam Train
EC 30CSouthern region steam engine (Express: Interior)
EC 30D
EC 30ESouthern & Western region goods train
EC 30FSteam railway goods yard
EC 30GLocal steam trains
EC 30HSteam trains London Midland Region
EC 30JSteam trains
EC 31AChickens
EC 31BChickens / Poultry
EC 31CPoultry
EC 31DCocks crowing / Chickens
EC 31EFarm birds
EC 32A2.6 litre Rover saloon car (Interior)
EC 32B2.6 litre Rover saloon car (Interior)
EC 32C2.6 litre Rover saloon car (Interior and exterior)
EC 33ACrowds
EC 33BSports crowd
EC 33CProfessional league football
EC 33DProfessional league football
EC 33ELocal football match
EC 33FCountry rugby football match
EC 33GF. A. Cup Final: Wembley, 1966
EC 33HF. A. Cup final: Wembley, 1966
EC 34ABritish Rail: Southern Region-Multiple unit diesel train (Interior)
EC 34BBritish Rail: Southern Region-Multiple unit diesel train (Interior)
EC 34CBritish Rail: Southern Region-Multiple unit diesel train (Exterior)
EC 34DBritish Rail: Southern region multiple unit diesel train (Exterior)
EC 35APetrol bus (On country route)
EC 35BDiesel bus (On country route)
EC 35CDiesel bus (Interior) / Bus depot
EC 35D
EC 35E
EC 35F
EC 35G
EC 35H
EC 35J
EC 35K
EC 35L
EC 35M
EC 35N
EC 35P
EC 35Q
EC 35R
EC 35S
EC 35T
EC 35U
EC 35V
EC 35W
EC 35X
EC 35YBus ticket machine, London Transport
EC 35ZBus ticket machines (London Transport)
EC 36AMagdalen College Clock, Oxford
EC 36BMagdalen College Clock, Oxford / Merton College Clock, Oxford
EC 36CMerton College clock, Oxford
EC 36DQueens College clock, Oxford
EC 36EQueens College Clock, Oxford / University of St. Mary the Virgin church clock, Oxford
EC 36FUniversity of St Mary the Virgin Church clock, Oxford
EC 36GTrinity College clock, Oxford
EC 36HTrinity College clock, Oxford / Oxford college clocks ticking
EC 36JOriel College Clock, Oxford
EC 36KUniversity College Clock, Oxford
EC 36LWorcester College Clock, Oxford
EC 36MJesus College clock, Oxford
EC 36NLincoln College clock Oxford
EC 36PWadham College Clock, Oxford
EC 36QKeble College Clock, Oxford
EC 36RKeble College clock, Oxford / Caius College clock, Cambridge
EC 36SCaius College clock, Cambridge / Cambridge clocks
EC 36TTrinity & St. John\'s College clock, Cambridge
EC 36UBalliol College clock, Oxford
EC 36VNew College clock, Oxford
EC 36WOxford clocks / Christchurch College clock, Oxford
EC 36XChristchurch College clock, Oxford
EC 37ACourtroom / museum atmosphere
EC 37BTate Gallery
EC 37CBritish Museum
EC 37DBritish Museum
EC 37ELincoln Cathedral / Coventry Cathedral
EC 37FLloyd's Underwriting Room
EC 37GStock Exchange, London
EC 38AFairgrounds
EC 38BFairgrounds
EC 38CFairgounds
EC 39ASeawash
EC 40AMixed outdoor crowds
EC 40BCarnival crowd
EC 40COutdoor crowd
EC 40DLarge outdoor crowd
EC 40EOutdoor crowd - 16-19 year old boys
EC 40FOutdoor crowd
EC 40GOutdoor crowd (30 people)
EC 40HCrowd of 6000 at protest meeting
EC 40JCrowd of 6000 at protest meet - London 1970
EC 40KOutdoor chatter / Indoor crowds - small group (English)
EC 41AAircraft: VC 10
EC 41BAircraft : VC 10
EC 41CAircraft : VC 10
EC 41DAircraft: VC10
EC 41EAircraft: VC 10
EC 41FAircraft: Comet IV (Interior)
EC 41GAircraft: Comet IV (Exterior)
EC 41HAircraft: Trident (Interior)
EC 41JAircraft: Trident (Interior)
EC 41KAircraft: Trident (Exterior)
EC 41LAircraft: BAC 111 (Interior)
EC 41MAircraft: BAC 111 (Interior)
EC 41NAircraft: BAC 111 (Exterior)
EC 41PBoeing 747 jet aircraft (Exterior)
EC 41QBoeing 747 jet aircraft (Internal)
EC 41RBoeing 747 jet aircraft (Interior)
EC 41S
EC 41TBoeing 707 jet aircraft (Exterior)
EC 41UBoeing 707 jet aircraft
EC 41VBoeing 707 jet aircraft (Interior)
EC 41WBoeing 707 jet aircraft (Interior)
EC 42AAirports
EC 42BLondon airport (Heathrow) 1968
EC 42CLondon airport (Heathrow) -1968
EC 42DHeathrow airport - Terminal building 1968
EC 42EHeathrow airport - Air traffic control 1971
EC 42FLuton airport - Air traffic control 1971
EC 43AAnimals
EC 43B12 horses on hard surface
EC 43CPony trekking - Westmorland 1968
EC 43DPony trekking
EC 43EPony trekking - Westmorland 1968
EC 43FCavalry / Processions
EC 43G
EC 43HHorses (Actuality)
EC 43JHorses (Actuality) 1971
EC 44AR.A.F. V-Bomber (Exterior)
EC 44BR.A.F. V-Bomber (Exterior)
EC 44CR.A.F. V-Bomber (Exterior) / Atmosphere at an R. A. F. station
EC 45APost Office telephones
EC 45BPost Office telephones
EC 45C
EC 45D
EC 45E
EC 45FPost Office telephones 1967
EC 45GElectronic Detection Devices / Telephone Confidence Tones
EC 45HPost Office telephones / Field telephones
EC 45J
EC 45K
EC 45LPost Office
EC 45MPost Office telephones
EC 46AChurch bells (Foreign)
EC 46BChurch bells (Foreign)
EC 46CChurch bells (Foreign)
EC 46DChurch bells (Foreign)
EC 47AGerman emergency services: Fire engines
EC 47B
EC 47CPolice cars (Exterior)
EC 47D
EC 47EPolice cars: Jaguar (Interior)
EC 47F
EC 47GAmbulance - Austin Automatic (Exterior)
EC 47HAmbulance - Bedford (Exterior) / Austin Automatic (Interior)
EC 47JAmbulance - Bedford (Interior)
EC 47KFire station / 3 fire engines
EC 47LFire appliances
EC 48ADomestic clock: Double-strike
EC 48BDomestic clock
EC 48C
EC 48DDomestic clock (Bell: Heavy mechanism)
EC 48EDomestic clock (Bell)
EC 48FDomestic clock (Bell: Mid-perspective)
EC 48GDomestic clock: Heavy gong
EC 48HDomestic clock (Bell: Double-strike)
EC 48JDomestic clock: Double-strike
EC 48KDomestic clock (Double-strike on wood)
EC 48LDomestic clock (English, 1810)
EC 48MDomestic clock (English, 1810)
EC 48N
EC 48PDomestic clock - Westminster chimes
EC 48QDomestic clock - Westminster chimes
EC 48RGrandfather clock: Bell type (London, 1845)
EC 48SGrandfather clock: Bell type (London, 1845) / Clocks
EC 48TCuckoo clock (Cuckoo & chimes)
EC 48UCuckoo clock (Cuckoo only)
EC 48VEnglish domestic clock: Double-strike
EC 48WDomestic clock: Strike removed; hammer merely vibrates
EC 48X
EC 48YLantern clock, 1615
EC 48ZMetronome ticking
EC 49ALand Rover (Interior)
EC 49BLand Rover (Interior)
EC 49CLand Rover
EC 50ASt. James Park, London
EC 51AForeign traffic - Middle East
EC 51BMiddle Eastern crowds
EC 51CVietnamese crowds / Foreign crowds
EC 51DArabic crowds: Tangier
EC 51EMaltese crowds
EC 51FFinnish crowds
EC 51GMiddle East crowds
EC 51HBeirut (Lebanon)
EC 51JWest Indian crowds (Outdoors)
EC 51KNigerian crowds
EC 51LEthiopia
EC 51MEthiopia - Local Caf, Herdboys & Camel, etc.
EC 51NEthiopia
EC 52AMen's hairdressing saloon
EC 53AHorse racing - point to point meeting with bookmaker
EC 53BHorse (Flat) racing - Newbury
EC 53CHorse (Flat) racing: P. A. Anncts & atmosphere (Newbury)
EC 53DHorse (Flat) racing - Newbury
EC 53EHorse (Flat) racing - Newbury
EC 53FHorse racing (chases) - Cheltenham
EC 53GHorse racing (chases) - Cheltenham
EC 53HHorse (Flat) racing
EC 54AWorld War II aircraft: Lancaster Bomber
EC 54BWorld War II aircraft: Lancaster Bomber
EC 54CShackleton - 4 piston engine aircraft (Interior)
EC 54DShackleton - 4 piston engine aircraft
EC 55AHospitals
EC 55BHospitals
EC 55CHospitals
EC 55DHospitals
EC 55EHospitals
EC 55FDental surgery
EC 55GDental surgery - Drills
EC 56AWorld War II aircraft - Spitfire fighter (Exterior)
EC 57ALight industry
EC 57BLight industry
EC 57CLight industry
EC 57DLight industry
EC 57ELight industry
EC 57FLight industry
EC 57GLight industry - Heavy steam hisses (tyre factory), etc.
EC 57HMotor car works
EC 57JMotor car works
EC 57KPower tools / Industry
EC 57LSheet metal engineering
EC 57MEngineering
EC 57NMetal lathes
EC 57PSteel works
EC 57QDrop forge effects
EC 57RSporting gun factory
EC 57SAmmunition factory
EC 57TMachinery
EC 57UMachinery / Machine shop
EC 58A
EC 58B
EC 58CIndustry sewing machine / Factory atmosphere
EC 58D
EC 58EDomestic sewing machines
EC 59ATextile industry
EC 59BTextile industry
EC 59CTextile industry
EC 60AGerman Gasthof
EC 60BGerman crowds
EC 60C
EC 60DGermany
EC 61A
EC 61BCross-channel car ferry
EC 61CCross-channel car ferry
EC 61DCross-channel dar ferry
EC 61ECross-channel dar ferry
EC 61FCross-channel car ferry
EC 61GDredger
EC 61H
EC 61J
EC 61K
EC 61L
EC 61M
EC 61N
EC 61PPool of London
EC 61QPool of London
EC 61RShip's whistle / Ships & tugs
EC 61SShips and tugs, whistles & sirens
EC 61TShips' sirens
EC 62AQuiet bank
EC 63AApplause
EC 63BApplause at concert
EC 63CTeenage crowds
EC 63DApplause at concert
EC 63EIndoor crowds (Male)
EC 63FDance Hall atmosphere
EC 63GApplause
EC 63HAudience in hall
EC 64AOutdoor swimming pool
EC 64BSwimming (Outdoor pool)
EC 64CSwimming pool
EC 64DIndoor swimming bath
EC 64E
EC 64FIndoor swimming bath
EC 64GIndoor swimming bath
EC 64HChildren's swimming pool
EC 65ABathroom effects
EC 66A
EC 66B
EC 66C
EC 66D
EC 66EStatic
EC 66FElectrical radiation
EC 67AGame of snooker / Billiards saloon
EC 67BBilliards / Snooker
EC 67C
EC 67D
EC 67ETable tennis / Badminton
EC 67FSquash / Fencing
EC 68ASchool dining hall
EC 68BGirls' grammar school
EC 68CGirls' grammar school
EC 68DGirls' grammar school
EC 68EGirls' grammar school
EC 68FGirls' grammar school
EC 68GGirls' grammar school - Gymnasium
EC 68HBoys school
EC 68JBoy's school
EC 69AKitchens
EC 69BKitchens
EC 70ACruft's dog show
EC 70BEarls Court exhibition / Exhibition crowd
EC 71AAircraft: D. H. Dove
EC 71BAircraft: D. H. Dove
EC 71CAircraft: D. H. Dove
EC 71DAircraft
EC 72ABristol Britannia Prop-Jet airliner (Interior)
EC 72BBristol Britannia Prop-Jet airliner
EC 72CBristol Britannia Prop-Jet airliner (Exterior)
EC 73ACocktail party
EC 73BChatter
EC 73CChatter
EC 73DChatter
EC 73EChatter
EC 73FChatter
EC 73GChatter
EC 73HChatter
EC 73JChatter & crowd reaction (farcical)
EC 73KCrowd reaction / Chatter (Farcical)
EC 73LChatter - Indoors
EC 73MChatter - Indoors
EC 73NCrowd reaction
EC 73PChatter (Indoors)
EC 74AConcert hall
EC 74BConcert hall - Royal Festival Hall
EC 74CConcert hall - Royal Albert Hall
EC 74DTheatre foyers
EC 74ETheatre chatter - BBC Paris Cinema
EC 75AFireworks
EC 75BFireworks / Bonfire
EC 75C
EC 75D
EC 75E
EC 75FFire
EC 75GFire hoses playing / Factory of fire
EC 76AChildren at play
EC 76BSmall children at play
EC 76CSmall children at play
EC 76DChildren at play
EC 76ESmall shildren
EC 76FChildren playing in school
EC 76GChildren
EC 77AIndoor ice rink
EC 77B
EC 77C
EC 77D
EC 77E
EC 77FWinter sports (Verbier, Switzerland)
EC 77GWinter sports
EC 78ABlacksmith's shop
EC 79AMotor racing: Le Mans
EC 79BMotor racing: Le Mans
EC 79CStock car racing
EC 79DMotor racing - Silverstone F1 international trophy 1962
EC 79EMotor racing: Silverstone
EC 79FMotor racing: Formula 1 - 1.3 litre (Silverstone)
EC 79GMotor racing (Silverstone)
EC 79HMotor Racing: Brands Hatch
EC 80ALondon Underground
EC 80BLondon Underground
EC 80CLondon Underground
EC 80DLondon Underground
EC 80ELondon Underground
EC 80FLondon Underground - Victoria Line
EC 80GLondon Underground - Victoria Line
EC 80HLondon Underground - Victoria Line
EC 81A
EC 81BMachinery: Blowers & extractors
EC 81CMachinery: Blowers & extractors
EC 81D
EC 81E
EC 81FVolcanic forces
EC 81GVolcanic forces
EC 81HGeneral purpose rumble
EC 81JChemical & electrical reaction
EC 82APeriod battle
EC 82BBattle ground
EC 82CPeriod battle (11th century)
EC 82DLarge outdoor crowds
EC 82E
EC 82F18th century naval battle
EC 82GAntique firearms
EC 83AArmy catering
EC 83BArmy drill
EC 83CArmy: Light infantry & infantry arms drill
EC 83DWorld War I army drill
EC 83EArmy
EC 83FArmy (men wearing studded boots)
EC 83GArmy
EC 84AGlass crashes
EC 84BMetal crashes
EC 84CWooden crashes
EC 84DCar crashes
EC 84ESkids
EC 84FCrashes
EC 84GGlass crashes
EC 84HGlass crashes
EC 85A1964 Renault 1100 saloon car (Interior) / Microphone outside
EC 85B1964 Renault 1100 saloon car
EC 85C1964 Renault 1100 saloon car (Exterior)
EC 85D
EC 85ERenault 4 saloon car 1967 (Interior)
EC 85FRenault 4 saloon car 1967 (Interior)
EC 85GRenault 4 saloon car 1967 (Exterior)
EC 86ADogs
EC 86BDogs
EC 86CDogs
EC 86DDogs: Sealyham terrier
EC 86EDogs: King Charles spaniels / Spaniels
EC 86FDogs
EC 86GDogs
EC 86HDogs: Malamute Alaskan huskies
EC 86JDogs
EC 86KSamoyed dogs
EC 87AHeavy explosions
EC 88AMotor horns
EC 88BMotor horns (Electric)
EC 88CMotor & miscellaneous horns
EC 88DFactory hooters & sirens
EC 89AWooden creaks
EC 89BWooden door creaks
EC 89CSqueaks, creaks & rattles
EC 89DMetal squeaks
EC 89EPulleys, winches & chains
EC 90ALaughter
EC 91AEnglish church bells - Village church
EC 91BEnglish church bells - Village church
EC 91CEngland church bells - Village church
EC 91DChurch bells
EC 91EEnglish church bells
EC 91FChurch bells
EC 91GChurch bells: Evercreech
EC 91HChurch bells
EC 91JChurch bells - St. Philips Cathedral Birmingham / St. Suthberts Edinburgh / Iona Abbey
EC 91KChurch bells
EC 91LChapel bells - Magdon College Oxford
EC 91MChurch bells: St. Albans Abbey
EC 91NHalf-muffled and muffled church bells - St. Mary the Virgin, Godmanchester
EC 91PChurch bells
EC 91QChurch bells
EC 91RChurch bells
EC 91SChurch bells
EC 92ABristol Sycamore S171 helicopter
EC 92BBristol Sycamore S171 helicopter (Exterior)
EC 92CBrantley B2B 2-seater helicopter (Exterior) (3-bladed rotor; 180 h.p. Lycoming engine)
EC 92DBrantley B2B 2-seater helicopter (Interior)
EC 92EWessex Ii 16-seater helicopter (Interior) (2 Bristol Siddeley Gnome turbines)
EC 92FWessex Ii 16-seater helicopter (Exterior) (2 Bristol Siddeley Gnome turbines)
EC 92GWhirlwind 10-seater helicopter (Interior) (1 Bristol Siddeley Gnome turbine)
EC 92HWhirlwind 10-seater helicopter (Exterior) (1 Bristol Siddeley Gnome turbine)
EC 92JWestland Wedgeon helicopter - 4-seater executive type; Alvis Leonides piston engine
EC 92KWestland Lynx helicopter (Exterior)
EC 92LFairley Ultralite helicopter (Exterior) 2-seater; jet engine
EC 92MFairey rotodyne prototype 2 Napier prop jet engines
EC 92NFairey Rotodyne prototype / Sikorski 51 helicopters
EC 92PHelicopters
EC 93ADiesel electric submarine (1961)
EC 93BDiesel electric submarine (1961)
EC 93CDiesel electric submarine
EC 93DWorld War II submarine (Captured U-boat manned by the British, rec. on After Deck)
EC 93EWorld War II submarine (U boat)
EC 93FWorld War II submarine (U boat)
EC 94ACrowds cheering (Outdoors)
EC 95AFrench crowds
EC 95BFrench crowds
EC 95CFrench markets
EC 95DFrench crowds
EC 95EFrench traffic
EC 95FFrench traffic
EC 95GFrench trains
EC 95HFrench steam trains
EC 95JFrench steam trains
EC 95KFrench steam trains
EC 95LFrench steam trains
EC 95MFrench steam trains / Paris Metro
EC 95N
EC 95PPapermaking
EC 95QPapermaking
EC 96AAmateur boxing - Royal Albert Hall, London
EC 96BBoxing
EC 96CProfessional boxing - Royal Albert Hall, London
EC 96DProfessional boxing - Royal Albert Hall, London
EC 96E
EC 96F
EC 96G
EC 96HIndoor wrestling
EC 96JIndoor wrestling
EC 97AItalian markets
EC 97BItaly
EC 97CItaly (Caracalla): Indoor Crowds
EC 97DItaly: Outdoor crowds
EC 97EItaly (Rome)
EC 97FRome
EC 97GRome traffic
EC 97HRome traffic / Termini railway station
EC 97JRome railway stations
EC 97KItalian trains
EC 98ADutch crowds
EC 98BHolland
EC 99AFootsteps on pavement: Walking
EC 99BFootsteps on pavement: Walking
EC 99CFootsteps on pavement: Running
EC 99DFootsteps on pavement: Running
EC 99EFootsteps on country road: Walking
EC 99FFootsteps on country road: Walking
EC 99GFootsteps on country road: Running
EC 99HFootsteps on country road: Running
EC 99JSlow footsteps up wooden stairs
EC 99KSlow footsteps up wooden stairs
EC 99LFast footsteps up wooden stairs
EC 99MSlow footsteps down wooden stairs
EC 99NSlow footsteps down wooden stairs
EC 99PSlow footsteps up metal stairs
EC 99QFootsteps down metal stairs
EC 99RFast footsteps up metal stairs
EC 99SFootsteps on wood: Walking (Dead acoustic)
EC 99TFootsteps on wood: Walking (Dead accoustic)
EC 99UFootsteps on wood: Running (Dead accoustic)
EC 99VFootsteps on wood: Running (Dead accoustic)
EC 100AFootsteps in undergrowth
EC 100B
EC 100CFootsteps in snow
EC 100D
EC 100EFootsteps
EC 100F
EC 100GFootsteps on stone: Walking (slight echo)
EC 100HFootsteps on stone: Walking (slight echo)
EC 100JFootsteps on stone: Running
EC 100KFootsteps up stone stairs (Slight echo)
EC 100LFast footsteps up stone stairs (slight echo)
EC 100MFootsteps down stone stairs
EC 100NFast footsteps down stone stairs
EC 100PFootsteps
EC 100QFootsteps
EC 100RFootsteps
EC 101ABMC Mini Car 1966: 844cc (Interior)
EC 101BBMC Mini Car 1966: 844cc (Interior)
EC 101CBmc Mini Car 1966 (848Cc) (Exterior)
EC 102AGranite quarry
EC 102BGranite Quarry
EC 103AMGB open sports car 1966: 1798cc (Interior)
EC 103BMGB open sports car 1966: 1798cc
EC 104AWorld War I aircraft
EC 104BWorld War I aircraft - S. E. 5A fighter (Exterior)
EC 104CWorld War I aircraft - 1916 Bristol fighter
EC 104DWorld War I aircraft - 1916 Bristol fighter (Exterior)
EC 105ABig Ben
EC 105BBig Ben / Time signals & Clocks
EC 105CBig Ben
EC 105DBig Ben
EC 105E
EC 105F
EC 105GSt. Paul's Cathedral Clock (Great Tom)
EC 105HSt.Paul's Cathedral clock (Great Tom)
EC 105JSt. Clement Danes Church, London
EC 105K
EC 105L
EC 105M
EC 105NOutdoor clock - Church of St. John the Baptist, Granborough, Bucks
EC 105POutdoor clock - St. Mary's church, North Marston, Bucks.
EC 105QOutdoor clock (Church of SS. Peter & Paul, Buckingham
EC 105ROutdoor clock / Anne Boleyn's Clock, Hampton Court
EC 105SAnne Boleyn's clock, Hampton Court
EC 105TOsterley House clock
EC 105U
EC 105VOutdoor clock
EC 105WOutdoor clock - All Saints, Oving, Bucks.
EC 107APiper light aircraft: Single piston-engine (Interior)
EC 107BPiper light aircraft (Single piston-engine)
EC 107C
EC 107D
EC 107ETiger moth list aircraft: Single piston-engine; open cockpit (Interior)
EC 107FTiger Moth light aircraft (Single piston-engine; open cockpit) - Exterior
EC 108AMetal scrap yards
EC 109AWolseley Sixteen - Sixty car 1967 (Exterior)
EC 109BWolseley sixteen - Sixty car 1967
EC 109CWolseley Sixteen - Sixty car 1967 (Interior)
EC 109DWolseley sixteen-sixty car 1967 (Interior)
EC 110AHousehold effects
EC 110B
EC 110CHousehold effects - Electric automatic washing machine
EC 110DHousehold effects: Electric
EC 110E
EC 110FHousehold effects: Electric food mixer
EC 110G
EC 110HHousehold effects - Refrigerator & lighting hums
EC 110J
EC 110KHousehold effects
EC 110LHousehold effects: Old fashioned
EC 110MHousehold effects
EC 110NHousehold effects
EC 110PHousehold (Kitchen) effects
EC 110QHousehold (Kitchen) effects
EC 110RHousehold effects
EC 110SHousehold effects
EC 110THousehold effects
EC 111AGrinding & sharpening
EC 111BGrinding & sharpening
EC 111CGrinding & sharpening
EC 112AWater
EC 112BWater & wells / Water
EC 112CWater
EC 112DWater
EC 113ACovent Garden market
EC 113BCovent Garden Market / Aylesbury Market
EC 113CMaidstone Market / Pontypridd Market
EC 113DCountry market - Winslow, Bucks
EC 113EBullring market, Birmingham
EC 113FBirmingham shopping centre and market
EC 113GBillingsgate Fish Market / Peterhead Fish Market
EC 113HWest Country market - Newton Abbot, Devon, 1967
EC 113JWest Country market - Newton Abbot, Devon, 1967
EC 113KLondon street market: Stallholders
EC 114AM.G. Midget sports car 1967
EC 114BM.G. Midget sports car 1967
EC 114CM.G. Midget sports car 1967
EC 115AWindmill
EC 115BWindmill (Interior) - General atmosphere; mill operating
EC 115CWindmill (Interior)
EC 115D
EC 115E
EC 115F
EC 115G
EC 115HCorn mill
EC 115J
EC 115K
EC 115L
EC 115M
EC 115NWater mill
EC 116AAustin Gipsy cross country vehicle (Interior)
EC 116BAustin Gipsy cross country vehicle (Interior)
EC 116CAustin Gipsy cross-country vehicle(Exterior)
EC 116DMotor car: 1929 Austin 7
EC 116EAustin A35 van 1968 (Interior)
EC 116FAustin A35 van 1968 (Interior)
EC 116GAustin A35 van 1968 (Exterior)
EC 116H
EC 116J
EC 116K
EC 116L
EC 116M
EC 116N
EC 116P
EC 116Q
EC 116R
EC 116SAustin Gipsy cross-country vehcile (Exterior)
EC 117ASewage pumps (All with start)
EC 117BWater pumping engines (Diesel)
EC 117CStatic engines
EC 117DEngines
EC 117E
EC 117FMarine type steam engine 1911
EC 117GCompound rotative beam engine (Steam)
EC 117HSteam engines - W. H. Allen steam generator
EC 117J19th century workshop & machinery / 19th century machinery
EC 117KEngines & machinery
EC 119AElectric sounds
EC 120ANational daily newpaper
EC 120BNational daily newspaper
EC 120CNational daily newspaper
EC 120DNational daily newspaper
EC 120ENational daily newspaper
EC 120FNational daily newspaper
EC 121APaddle steamer (2400 H. P.)
EC 121BPaddle steamer (2400 H. P.)
EC 121CPaddle steamer (2400 H. P.)
EC 121DPaddle Steamer (2400 HP): Telegraph bell signals, etc.
EC 122AHorse on turf (Studio)
EC 122BHorse on turf (Studio) / 2 horses on turf (Studio)
EC 122C2 Horses on turf (Studio)
EC 122D3 Horses on turf (Studio)
EC 122E3 horses on turf (Studio) / 6 horses on turf (Studio)
EC 122F6 horses on turf (Studio)
EC 122GHorse on gravel (Studio)
EC 122HHorse on gravel (Studio) / 2 horses on gravel (Studio)
EC 122J2 horses on gravel (Studio)
EC 122K3 Horses on gravel (Studio)
EC 122L3 horses on gravel (Studio) / 6 horses on gravel (Studio)
EC 122M6 horses on gravel (Studio)
EC 122NHorse on turf (Studio) - No jingle or harness
EC 122PHorse on turf (Studio)
EC 122Q
EC 122RHorse on hard surface (Studio) - No jingle or harness
EC 122SHorse on hard surface (Studio)
EC 122T2 horses on hard surface (Studio) / Horses on hard surface (Studio)
EC 122U4 horses on hard surface (Studio)
EC 123ABubbling liquid
EC 124AMark V Centurion tank (Interior)
EC 124BMark V Centurion tank (Exterior)
EC 125ATriumph 650cc twin motor cycle
EC 125BNorton 500cc motor cycle
EC 125CTriumph 650cc motor cycle
EC 125DTriumph 650 CC motor cycle
EC 126AMotor cycle racing - Isle of Man Tourist Trophy races, 1967
EC 126BMotor cycle racing - Isle of Man Tourist Trophy races, 1967
EC 127AStarfighter - Single-engined jet fighter
EC 128AStreet cleaning
EC 128BRoad maintenance / Road re-surfacing
EC 129AWhite noise - Filtered to simulate sea effects
EC 129B
EC 129CConstant movement background - To simulate troop movement over rough ground
EC 129DWhite noise synthesised wind
EC 129EWhite noise - Synthesised wind (constant pitch)
EC 130AInterior house doors (Wooden)
EC 130BModern interior doors
EC 130CDoors (Large & heavy)
EC 130DMetal doors
EC 130EKitchen appliance doors
EC 130FDoors
EC 130GLocks, knockers, banging, etc.
EC 130HSliding barn doors (Wooden) / Barn doors (Wooden)
EC 130JWindows & doors / Doors & lift gates
EC 130KCurtains & windows
EC 130LCell doors
EC 131ATractor
EC 131BFerguson tractor
EC 131CMassey Ferguson motor mower / 2-stroke band saw
EC 131DFarm machinery - Drum threshing machine
EC 131EFarm machinery - Combine harvester
EC 131FFarm machinery
EC 131GFarm machinery
EC 131HFarm machinery
EC 131JFarm machinery
EC 131KTrees / Undergrowth
EC 131LTree-felling
EC 131MPerkins Fordson tractor (1945)
EC 132ACountry cricket match - Kent, 1967
EC 133AHorses & cart (Recorded on cart)
EC 133BHorses & carts on cobbles / Horses
EC 133CPony & cart (Recorded on cart)
EC 133D
EC 133EHanson cab with bells (Interior or exterior)
EC 133FMail coach (4 horses)
EC 133GCoach & four
EC 133HCoach & four / Horsedrawn vehicles
EC 136AGeneral background
EC 136BGeneral background
EC 136C3 people in hall / 700 people in large hall
EC 136D3 people in hall
EC 136E6 children in London street / 30 children in field
EC 136FChatter in factory (London)
EC 138ASailing vessel (18ft cabin 5 lock)
EC 138BSailing vessel (Clipper)
EC 138CSailing vessel - St S Malcolm Miller 1968
EC 138DSailing Vessel: STS Malcolm Miller (in average sea)
EC 138ESailing vessel - St S Malcolm Miller 1968
EC 138FSailing vessel: STS Malcolm Miller
EC 138GSailing dinghy
EC 139ARowing
EC 139BRowing (Sea Scouts whaler)
EC 139CRowing (Sea Scouts whaler)
EC 139D
EC 139ESmall boat on lake
EC 140AGongs & cymbals
EC 140B
EC 140CDrums
EC 140DDrums
EC 141AGlider (Interior) / Aircraft
EC 142ABaby
EC 142BBaby (Girl)
EC 142CBaby (Girl)
EC 142DBaby (Girl)
EC 142EBaby (Girl)
EC 142FBaby (Girl)
EC 142GBaby (Girl)
EC 142HBaby (Girl) 12 months
EC 142JBaby (Girl) - 15 months
EC 142KBaby (Girl) - 18 months
EC 142LBaby (Girl) - 2 years
EC 142MBaby girl
EC 142NBaby girl 2.75 years
EC 143ABaby (Boy)
EC 143BSmall children (indoors)
EC 143CBabies (Girls)
EC 143DBaby boy
EC 144ASouthern Region electric trains
EC 144BSouthern Region electric trains
EC 144CSouthern Region electric trains (Interior)
EC 144DSouthern Region electric trains
EC 145ACats
EC 145BCats
EC 145CCats
EC 146ASmall fire arms
EC 146BStreet battle: Vietnam / Royal bombardment of North Vietnam
EC 146CWarfare: Vietnam - 1968
EC 146DWarfare Vietnam 1969
EC 147AMotor car: Morris Bullnose 1922 (Exterior)
EC 147BMotor car: Morris Bullnose, 1922
EC 148AMotor car 1.5 litre Riley, 1959 (Worn engine; exterior)
EC 148BMotor car: 1/2 litre Riley, 1959 (Worn engine)
EC 148CMotor car 1.5 litre, 1959 (Worn engine: interior)
EC 148DMotor car: 1929 Riley 9 H. P. saloon (Exterior)
EC 148EMotor car: 1929 Riley 9 H. P. saloon
EC 149AMotor car: 1940 period 'old banger' (Exterior)
EC 149BMotor car: 1940 period 'old banger'
EC 149CMotor car (badly worn: exterior)
EC 149DMotor car (Badly worn; interior)
EC 150AMotor Car: 1914 Model 'T' Ford
EC 151AMotor car: 1960 Ford Anglia
EC 151BMotor car: 1960 Ford Anglia (Interior)
EC 151CMotor car: 1960 Ford Anglia (Interior)
EC 152ACarpenter's workshop (All with switch on & off)
EC 152BCarpenter's workshop
EC 152CCarpentry
EC 152DCarpenter's workshop: Wood
EC 152ECarpenter's workshop
EC 152F
EC 152GWoodworking factory
EC 152HOpen-air timber yard
EC 152JCircular saws
EC 152KTimber yard
EC 154AMotor car accessories
EC 154BMotor car accessories
EC 155AFirefighting pumps 1860-90
EC 156ATriumph TR3 sports car, 1957
EC 156BTriumph TR3 sports car, 1957
EC 156CTriumph TR6 sports car, 1971
EC 156DTriumph TR6 sports car, 1971
EC 156ETriumph TR6 sports car, 1971
EC 158AMotor Car: 1953 14 HP Citroen (Exterior/Interior)
EC 158BMotor car: 1968 CITROEN AM 1.6 (Exterior)
EC 158CMotor car: 1968 CITROEN AM 1.6 (Exterior)
EC 158DMotor Car: 1968 Citroen AM 1.6 (Interior)
EC 159AGold & gems
EC 160AOil refinery
EC 160BOil refinery
EC 160COil refinery
EC 160D
EC 160E
EC 160F
EC 160G
EC 160H
EC 160J
EC 160K
EC 160L
EC 160MOil exploration
EC 160NDrilling for oil
EC 160PNorth Sea gas
EC 160QNorth Sea gas rig
EC 162AWorld War II - Air raid sirens / Sirens & gunfire
EC 163A1916 World War I Mk. V tank
EC 164AGunfire
EC 164BGunfire
EC 164CGunfire
EC 164DTank guns
EC 164EGunfire
EC 165ACoal mining
EC 165BCoal mining
EC 166ACaving & pot-holing
EC 166BCaving & pot-holing
EC 166CCaving & pot-holing
EC 166DCaving & pot-holing
EC 166ECaving & pot-holing
EC 166FCaving & pot-holing
EC 166GCaving & pot-holing
EC 167ABudgerigars
EC 167BCage birds
EC 168ADonkeys
EC 169AScreams
EC 169BScreams, sneezes, etc. / Coughing, breathing, etc.
EC 169CVocal effects / Vocal & heart effects
EC 170AFights
EC 171AGunfire
EC 172AGreyhound racing
EC 172BGreyhound racing
EC 173ASlot machines
EC 173BSlot machines
EC 173CSlot machines
EC 173DSetrite push-button ticket machine
EC 173ESlot machines / Turnstiles
EC 174AMotor car passing
EC 175AWarehouses
EC 175BFolk-lift trucks / Cranes
EC 175CWharf
EC 175DCranes
EC 176AStudio pottery
EC 176BStudio pottery
EC 177AVespa motor scooter, 1956 (Exterior)
EC 177BVespa motor scooter, 1956 (Rec. on machine) / Lambretta Motor Scooter, 1969 (Rec. on machine)
EC 177CLambretta scooter, 1965 (Exterior)
EC 178ATen-pin bowling
EC 178BTen-pin bowling
EC 178C
EC 178D
EC 178E
EC 178F
EC 178GBowling (American type)
EC 179AHeavy industry
EC 180ACoach horns
EC 181AHovercraft: SRN 6 (Interior)
EC 181BHovercraft: SRN 6 (Exterior)
EC 182ARailway stations - Continuous PA anncts; early afternoon
EC 182BRailway stations - Liverpool Street / London Bridge / Kings Cross / Euston
EC 182CRailway stations - Waterloo / Paddington
EC 182DRailway stations - Kings Cross / Charing Cross
EC 182ERailway stations - Euston / Liverpool Street
EC 182FLondon railway stations
EC 182GRailway booking hall - Bexleyheath and Erith
EC 182HRailway Station
EC 182JRailway station buffet - Tunbridge & London Bridge
EC 182KTrain doors and windows
EC 182LRailway station
EC 182MRailway station country town diesel terminus
EC 182NRailway station local diesel train
EC 183ASaracen or Saladin armoured car
EC 184AAircraft: Lightening twin-jet fighter (Exterior)
EC 184BLightning twin-jet fighter (Exterior)
EC 185ALondon Midland Region electric trains (Exterior) 25kV Pantograph system
EC 185BLondon Midland Region electric trains
EC 185CLondon Midland region electric train (Interior) 25kV Pantograph system
EC 186ARoller-type lawn mower
EC 186BGardening
EC 186CGardening
EC 186DGardening
EC 187ACanal longboat (Rec. on board)
EC 187BCanal longboat (Rec. on board)
EC 188APublic demonstration - In a London square
EC 188B
EC 188C
EC 188D
EC 188E
EC 188FPublic demonstration: Paris riots
EC 189ALifts (Interior) / Heavy goods lift (Interior)
EC 189BEiffel Tower lifts / Lifts
EC 190ATalking toys
EC 190BToys
EC 190CToys
EC 190DToys
EC 191AFarnborough air show
EC 192ATelemetry - Interplanetary effects
EC 192B
EC 192CSonic Booms / U. S. space ship landing
EC 192DSpace travel & interplanetary effects
EC 192EComputers
EC 192F
EC 192GWarble frequency notes
EC 192HWarble frequency notes
EC 192JSine waves tones
EC 192KSpace travel
EC 193AMotor car: Ford Escort 1300 (manual interior)
EC 193BMotor car: Ford Escort 1300 (Manual interior)
EC 193CMotor car: Ford Escort 1300 (Manual exterior)
EC 193DMotor car: Ford Escort 1300 (Manual exterior)
EC 193E
EC 193FMotor car: Ford Cortina 1600 (Interior)
EC 193GMotor car: Ford Cortina 1600
EC 193HMotor car: Ford Cortina 1600 (Exterior)
EC 194AShoe repairing
EC 194BShoe repairing
EC 194CShoe repairing
EC 195AGlassworks: Sheet glass
EC 195BGlassworks: Glassware
EC 195C
EC 195D
EC 195E
EC 195F
EC 195GGasworks: Governor House
EC 195HGasworks
EC 195JGasworks
EC 195KGasworks
EC 195LGasworks
EC 195M
EC 195N
EC 195PPapermaking
EC 195QPapermaking
EC 195RPapermaking
EC 195SPapermaking
EC 195TPapermaking
EC 195UBrickworks
EC 195VBrickworks
EC 196AAircraft: Hawker Harrier vertical take-off jet (Exterior)
EC 197AJunior children's sports day
EC 197B
EC 197CAthletics
EC 198ANarrow-gauge light railway (Exterior)
EC 198BNarrow gauge light railway (Interior)
EC 198CNarrow-gauge light railway (Interior)
EC 199AExecutions & whipping / archery
EC 200ATropical forest: West Africa
EC 201ARural England
EC 203AAtomic power station
EC 203BAtomic power station
EC 203CAtomic power station
EC 203D
EC 203E
EC 203F
EC 203GPower station (Conventional)
EC 203HPower station (Conventional type)
EC 203JPower station
EC 203K
EC 203L
EC 203M
EC 203NWater pumping station
EC 204APetrol stations
EC 205AAmerican chatter
EC 205BAmerican chatter
EC 205C
EC 205DNew York backgrounds
EC 208ADiesel train sirens / Trains
EC 208BTrains
EC 208CTrains
EC 208DLevel crossings
EC 208ETrains entering tunnel / Trains & tunnels
EC 208FTrains: Tunnels + bridges
EC 208GTrains crossing brick-built / Metal bridges
EC 209ADomestic clock - Early 19th century chimes 'A' (8 bells; 1 gong)
EC 209BDomestic clock - Early 19th century chimes (8 bells; 1 gong)
EC 209CDomestic clock - Early 19th century chimes 'B' (8 bells; 1 gong) / St. Michaels chimes
EC 209DDomestic clock - St Michaels chimes
EC 210ALondon Green Line coach
EC 210BLondon Green Line coach
EC 210CLondon Green Line coach (Interior)
EC 211ATrain Blackpool
EC 211BTrain Blackpool
EC 211CLeicester train (1904)
EC 211DLeicester tram / Sheffield tram
EC 211E
EC 211FTrams
EC 212AEmmanuel College clock, Cambridge
EC 212BCambridge clocks / Cambridge
EC 212CChrist's College clock, Cambridge
EC 213AShotguns
EC 213BShotguns
EC 500AGerman airship (Zeppelin)
EC 500BWorld War II German bombs & rockets / World War II German V2 Rocket
EC 500CWorld War II Focke Wulf 190 aircraft
EC 500DWorld War II aircraft (German)
EC 500EWorld War II Heinkel111 aircraft
EC 500FWorld War II Heinkel115 aircraft
EC 500GWorld War II Junkers 88 aircraft
EC 500HWorld War II aircraft: Junkers 88 / Messerschmitt 110 (German)
EC 500JWorld War II aircraft: Messerschmitt 110
EC 500KWorld War II aircraft: German Stuka, Battle of Britain
EC 500LWorld War II German night bombers
EC 500MWorld War II airraids 1940
EC 500NWorld War II airraids 1940
EC 500PBattle of Britain 1940
EC 500QWorld War II airraids 1941 and 1943
EC 500RWorld War II air raids
EC 500SWorld War II: Ground warfare
EC 500TWorld War II Nazi crowd
EC 500U
EC 500V
EC 500W
EC 500XWorld War II battle actuality
EC 500YWorld War II battle actualities
EC 501AWorld War II USAAF aircrafct (1945)
EC 501BAircraft: Auster
EC 501CAircraft: Avro Delta 707B, Bleriot monoplane (1909), Auster
EC 501DAircraft: Barracouda, Airspeed Oxford, Avro York
EC 501EAircraft: Beagle (Airdale)
EC 501FAircraft: Beagle (Airdale)
EC 501GAircraft: Beagle Pup.
EC 501HAircraft: Beautfighers
EC 501JWorld War II: Aircraft USAAF
EC 501KWorld War II aircraft carriers (1944)
EC 501LWorld War II aircraft carriers (1944)
EC 501MWorld War II bombers: Halifax, Wellington, Mosquito
EC 501N
EC 501PWorld War II aircraft: Sunderland, Kitty Hawk, Flying Fortress
EC 1006ACrowds: Chatter
EC 1006BCrowds: Applause
EC 1006CCrowds: Russian, French, Dutch
EC 1006D
EC 1006E
EC 1006FCrowds / Foreign atmospheres
EC 1006GCrowds Foreign: Red Indians, China / Ballroom
EC 1006HCrowds ballroom atmosphere / Foreign atmospheres
EC 1006JCrowds: Interior
EC 1006KCrowds: Interior
EC 1006LCrowds: Interior
EC 1006MCrowds: Interior
EC 1006N
EC 1006PTap dancing
EC 1006QCrowds: Czech and Dutch crowds

BBC Records - Sound effects-ECS

KEY: First C is cover condition, second C is media condition, L is the BBC label code, D is if the release has been deleted.
Click on the catalogue number to view the values for each individual entry.
Cat. no.Title
ECS 1A1Quiet airfield atmosphere
ECS 1A3VC10 aircraft: exterior
ECS 1A4Cessna light aircraft
ECS 1A5Aircraft: Trident (Interior)
ECS 1A6Trident aircraft
ECS 1A7Sea King helicopter: Exterior
ECS 1A8Aircraft: Concorde: Exterior
ECS 1A9Piper Cherokee light aircraft
ECS 1A10Boeing 747 jumbo jet aircraft
ECS 1A11Boeing 747 jumbo jet aircraft
ECS 1A12Boeing 747 jumbo jet aircraft
ECS 1A13Boeing 707 jet aircraft: Interior
ECS 1A14Aircraft
ECS 1A15Orly Airport, Paris, France
ECS 1A16Sikorski 61N helicopter
ECS 1A17
ECS 1A18
ECS 1A19Aircraft: Lancaster bomber
ECS 1B1Suburb
ECS 1B2Quiet park
ECS 1B3Dawn chorus
ECS 1B4Churchyard at night / Rooks in treetops
ECS 1B5Devon hedgerow
ECS 1B6Country scene
ECS 1B7Woodland atmosphere
ECS 1B8Summer atmospheres
ECS 1B9River
ECS 1B10Woodland atmosphere: Dayligh
ECS 1B11Country garden
ECS 1B12
ECS 1B13Countryside in January: Early morning
ECS 1B14Woodland edge: June / Moorland: June
ECS 1B15Woodland edge and surnmer atmosphere
ECS 1B16Autumn atmosphere (Southern England)
ECS 1B17Gardens
ECS 1B18Pigeons
ECS 1B19Pet Shop
ECS 1C1Reception hall
ECS 1C2St. Paul's Cathedral
ECS 1C3London chain store
ECS 1C4Crowds-interior
ECS 1C5Indoor chatter
ECS 1C6Royal Albert Hall
ECS 1C7Royal Albert Hall
ECS 1C9Crowds: Interior - London airport
ECS 1C10Royal Festival Hall
ECS 1C11Royal Festival Hall
ECS 1C12Atmospheres
ECS 1C13Theatre crowds
ECS 1C14Holland
ECS 1C15Crowds: Interior
ECS 1C16Crowds: Interior
ECS 1C17Crowds: Interior
ECS 1C18Crowds: Interior
ECS 1C19Sports club bar
ECS 1C20Circus crowd
ECS 1C21Quiet urban post office
ECS 1C22Hotel
ECS 1C23Atmospheres
ECS 1C24Meeting
ECS 1C25Clubs and bars
ECS 1C26Shops: Supermarket
ECS 1C27Crowds: Interior
ECS 1C28Crowds
ECS 1C29Crowds: Interior
ECS 1C30Crowds: Interior
ECS 1C60Crowds: Interior (Rec. Playhouse Theatre, London)
ECS 1D1Hollow doors / Solid panel doors - Interior
ECS 1D2House doors: Interior
ECS 1D3Church doors / Doors
ECS 1D4Prison doors
ECS 1D5Household
ECS 1E1Electrical-miscellaneous
ECS 1F1Fireworks
ECS 1F2Firework display / Bonfire
ECS 1G1Gunfire (Artillery, rifle fire)
ECS 1G2Gunfire & guns
ECS 1G3Guns: Revolvers: Exterior
ECS 1H2London riverside atmosphere
ECS 1L1Articulated lorry (Diesel, 1976) - Interior
ECS 1L2Articulated lorry (Diesel)
ECS 1M1Covent Garden market
ECS 1M2Covent Garden market
ECS 1M3Markets - Devon market / London Street market
ECS 1N1Skyline
ECS 1N2London Riverside atmosphere - Chelsea / Building site atmosphere
ECS 1N3Atmosphere: Norfolk Broads
ECS 1R1Public houses
ECS 1R2Large canteen
ECS 1R3London airport buffet
ECS 1R5Club bar
ECS 1R6Public houses
ECS 1R7Tea tent
ECS 1R8Restaurant / Tea room
ECS 1R10Snack bar / Cafe
ECS 1S1Seawash
ECS 1S2Seawash
ECS 1S3Seawash
ECS 1S4Harbour atmosphere
ECS 1S6Sea wash
ECS 1S7Crowded beach / Beach
ECS 1S8Seawash / Heavy surf and waves
ECS 1S9Light seawash / Water rippling against quayside
ECS 1S10Heavy sea breaking on promenade
ECS 1T1Traffic
ECS 1T2Night traffic
ECS 1T3Traffic
ECS 1T4French traffic / Horse traffic
ECS 1T5Car park atmosphere
ECS 1T6Traffic on wet city street
ECS 1T7Traffic
ECS 1T8Traffic
ECS 1T9Suburban traffic
ECS 1T10Traffic
ECS 1T11City traffic background / Busy motorway traffic
ECS 1T12French traffic
ECS 1T13French Traffic
ECS 1W1London riverside atmosphere
ECS 1W2Household effects / Large fountain
ECS 1W3Pool of London
ECS 1W5Stream / Waterfall
ECS 1W6Water
ECS 1W7River cascading over rocks / Waterfall
ECS 1W8Weir in full flood / River rippling over stones
ECS 1W9Water
ECS 1W10Sea / Small river / Gentle stream
ECS 1W11
ECS 1W12Water: Streams
ECS 2A1Army drill with orders / Light machine gun
ECS 2A3Military vehicles
ECS 2A4Army: Parade ground manoeuvre
ECS 2B1Cathedral bells, London
ECS 2B3St. Chad's Parish Church, Rochdale (8 bells)
ECS 2B4Church Bells St. Mary-Le-Bow, London
ECS 2B5Canterbury Cathedral bells
ECS 2B6Church bells incl. Notre Dame & St. Pauls at Prince and Princess of Wales wedding 29 / 7 / 1981
ECS 2B7Church bells
ECS 2B8Church bells - St. Mary & St. Andrews church, Whittlesford
ECS 2B9Church bells - St. Sepulchres church, High Holborn
ECS 2C1Outdoor crowds
ECS 2C2Aylesbury market
ECS 2C3Crowds: Outdoor
ECS 2C4Expectant crowd background / Large expectant crowd
ECS 2C5Italian market
ECS 2C6Italy: Venice, St. Mark' S
ECS 2C7Outdoor Crowds: Henley Regatta
ECS 2C8Crowds outside Buckingham Palace, London (Mid-distant perspective) Silver Jubilee, June 1977
ECS 2C9St. Paul's Cathedral
ECS 2C10Outdoor crowds
ECS 2D3Dogs: Beagles
ECS 2E1Old fashioned lift with gates
ECS 2E2Lifts
ECS 2F2Roaring wood fire / Bonfire
ECS 2F3Fire service
ECS 2F4Fire service
ECS 2H1One-horse trap (2 Wheeler) on hard surface
ECS 2H2Two-horse brake (On hard surface)
ECS 2H3Horsedrawn brewer's dray
ECS 2H4Horsedrawn vehicles: Heavy cart / Carthorse / Blacksmith
ECS 2J1Ice
ECS 2L1Insurance: Lloyd's Of London
ECS 2M7Ford Anglia 105E Van (1963, 977cc)
ECS 2M9Ford Anglia 105E van (1963, 997 cc) - Exterior
ECS 2N1Library
ECS 2P1Printing - Newspapers
ECS 2P2Printing - Newspapers
ECS 2P3Printing
ECS 2R1Electronic cash registers
ECS 2S1Association football-League match
ECS 2S2Association football-League match
ECS 2S3County rugby football match
ECS 2S4Crystal Palace swimming pool
ECS 2S5Swimming match at Crystal Palace swimming pool
ECS 2S6Basketball at Crystal Palace (Ursuline v Sutton)
ECS 2S7Sports crowd: Outdoor
ECS 2S8Winter sports: Sking / Indoor sports
ECS 2S9Scuba diving
ECS 2S10Association football
ECS 2S11Association football match: Crowd reactions
ECS 2S12Cricket match (From umpire's prespective)
ECS 2S13Village green cricket match
ECS 2S14Village green cricket match
ECS 2S15Local football match (Crowd of 300)
ECS 2S16Sports & games: Gymnasium
ECS 2T1London railway station Victoria
ECS 2T2Southern region suburban train (Interior)
ECS 2T3Euston station
ECS 2T4Euston Station
ECS 2T5Trains: Goods yard (Feltham)
ECS 2T6Trains passing
ECS 2T7Festiniog narrow gauge steam train (Rec. Blaenau Ffestiniog, N. Wales)
ECS 2T8Diesel train
ECS 2T9Diesel train
ECS 2T10
ECS 2T11British Rail high speed train
ECS 2T12Victoria Station, London
ECS 2T13Victoria Station, London / Station atmospheres
ECS 2T14Southern regional electric train (Exterior)
ECS 2W1Wind in trees / Eerie wind
ECS 2W2Thunder & rain
ECS 2W3Thunder
ECS 2W4Wind and rain / Rain
ECS 2W5Rain with thunder
ECS 2W6Wind / Wind & sea
ECS 2W7Wind in hedge / Wind in bushes
ECS 2W8Rain with thunder
ECS 2W9A polar wind / Howling wind
ECS 3A2India general backgrounds
ECS 3B1Period battle (17th century)
ECS 3B2Napoleonic battle: 18th centu
ECS 3C1Children playing outdoors
ECS 3C2Boys' secondary school
ECS 3C3Boys' comprehensive school: In classroom
ECS 3C4Children playing indoors 3-6 year olds
ECS 3C5Girls' secondary school
ECS 3C6Girls' secondary school
ECS 3C7Mixed school children
ECS 3C85-10 year old children playing
ECS 3C9Mixed school children (10-13 year olds)
ECS 3C10Schoolchildren
ECS 3C11Schoolchildren
ECS 3E1Heavy explosions
ECS 3E2Heavy explosions
ECS 3F1Farm animals: Pigs
ECS 3F2Farm animals
ECS 3F3Tractor (1976)
ECS 3F4Combine harvester
ECS 3H1Hospitals
ECS 3H2Hospital equipment: Pulse monitor (Actuality) (All bands with activity & traffic)
ECS 3H3Hospital casualty reception atmosphere
ECS 3M1Water mill
ECS 3M2Workshop
ECS 3P1Pottery factory
ECS 3S1Cross-channel ferry boat 'Dover'
ECS 3S2Cross-channel ferry boat 'Dover'
ECS 3S3Cross-channel ferry boat 'Dover'
ECS 3S4Cross-channel ferry boat 'Dover'
ECS 3S5Cross-channel ferry boat 'Dover'
ECS 3S6Cross-channel ferry boat 'Dover'
ECS 3S9Sailing dinghy
ECS 3S10Steam launch (Length 31ft-built in 19th century)
ECS 3S11Paddle steamer (Built 1940 - horizontal steam engine - rec. from quay)
ECS 3S12Paddle steamer (Built 1940 - horizontal steam engine)
ECS 3S13Paddle steamer (Built 1940 - horizontal steam engine)
ECS 3S14Sailing ship: Gaff-rigged ketch: Exterior
ECS 3S15Sailing ship: Gaff-rigged ketch: Exterior
ECS 3S16Sailing ship: Gaff-rigged ketch: Exterior
ECS 3S17Sailing ship: Gaff-rigged ketch: Exterior
ECS 3T1Suburban steam train: Interior (2-6-2 tank locomotive-post 1945)
ECS 3T2Suburban steam train: Interior (2-6-2 tank locomotive-post 1945)
ECS 3T3Surburban steam train (Exterior)
ECS 3T8Steam trains: Interior
ECS 3T9Steam trains - Maunsell Q class No 541 0-6-0 Loco 1938, with pre 1940 rolling stock (Rec. Bluebell railway)
ECS 3W1Pipe
ECS 3W2Sirens and bells
ECS 3W3Foghorn
ECS 4A1Mice, rats
ECS 4B4AEC regent bins( 1950\'s)
ECS 4B5Trams: Sheffield tram no. 189
ECS 4B6Trams (1903): Newcastle
ECS 4C1Refuse collection (Occasional distant speech)
ECS 4E1Static engines (Constant runs)
ECS 4E2Static engines (Constant runs)
ECS 4F1Footsteps
ECS 4H1Household
ECS 4H2Household: Washing machines (Automatic and manual)
ECS 4H3Household
ECS 4H4Washing machine
ECS 4H5Household
ECS 4M3Veteran cars
ECS 4M5Motor car: Ford Cortina 1500cc
ECS 4M6Motor car: Ford Cortina 1500cc
ECS 4M7Motor car: Ford Cortina 1500cc
ECS 4M8Motor car: Ford Cortina 1500cc
ECS 4M10
ECS 4M11
ECS 4M12
ECS 4M13
ECS 4M14
ECS 4M15
ECS 4M16
ECS 4M17
ECS 4M18Ford Fiesta motor car (1980 model, 1300cc) interior
ECS 4M19Ford Fiesta motor car (1980 model, 1300cc) interior
ECS 4M20Ford Fiesta motor car (1980 model, 1300cc) interior
ECS 4M21Ford Fiesta motor car (1980 model, 1300cc) interior
ECS 4M22Bond sports car (C. 1970)
ECS 4M23Bond sports car (C. 1970)
ECS 4M24Bond sports car (C. 1970)
ECS 4M25Motor car: Ford Cortina 1.6
ECS 4M26Motor car: Ford Cortina 1.6
ECS 4M27Motor car: Ford Cortina 1.6
ECS 4M28Motor car: Ford Cortina 1.6
ECS 4M29Motor car: Ford Cortina 1.6
ECS 4P1Petrol stations
ECS 4S2Canoes
ECS 4S3Dinghy (Powered by a small outboard motor)
ECS 4S4Canal Narrow boat (Exterior)
ECS 4S5Canal Narrow boat: On board
ECS 4S627Ft Cabin cruiser (50 Hp. Diesel): In cockpit
ECS 4S727Ft Cabin cruiser (50 Hp. Diesel): In cockpit
ECS 4S827Ft Cabin cruiser (50 Hp. Diesel): In cockpit
ECS 4S9Punting (With aluminium pole)
ECS 4S10Lifeboat: Selsey 48' Orkney class lifeboat
ECS 4S11Lifeboat: Selsey 48' Orkney class lifeboat
ECS 4S12Lifeboat: Selsey 48' Orkney class lifeboat
ECS 4T1London Underground: Oxford Circus station: Ticket hall atmosphere
ECS 4T2London Underground: Bakerloo line train: 1938 stock: Exterior
ECS 4T3Trains: Paris Metro, France
ECS 4T4London Underground: Victoria line
ECS 5B1Marine bugle calls
ECS 5C1Glass crashes
ECS 5C2Glass & china crashes
ECS 5C3Demolition
ECS 5E1Electronic sounds
ECS 5E2Electronic sounds
ECS 5E3Electronic sounds
ECS 5E4Electronic sounds
ECS 5E5Electronic sounds
ECS 5E6Electronic sounds
ECS 5E7Electronic sounds
ECS 5E8Electronic sounds
ECS 5F1Fairgrounds
ECS 5F2Fairgrounds
ECS 5F3Fairgrounds
ECS 5F4Fairgrounds
ECS 5M1Honda 90 motor cycle
ECS 5M2Honda 250 motor cycle
ECS 5M3Honda 250 motor cycle
ECS 5M4Motorcycle scrambling
ECS 5S1Oil rigs - Offshore oil rig 'Sea quest'
ECS 5S2Oil rigs - Offshore oil rig 'Sea quest'
ECS 5T1Electric typewriter (Close perspective)
ECS 5T2Electric typewriter (Live acoustic)
ECS 5T3Manual typewriter (Close perspective)
ECS 5T4Manual typewriter (Live acoustic)
ECS 5T5Portable typewriter (Close perspective)
ECS 5T6Portable typewriter (Live acoustic)
ECS 5T7Fast typing (Mid-distant office acoustic)
ECS 6B1Mechanical Digger (Four Wheels)
ECS 6C1Cameras
ECS 6F1Botswana, Africa / Cicadas in Springtime
ECS 6F2Swaziland, Africa
ECS 6F3Italian conversation
ECS 6F4France: Tour De France 1983
ECS 6F5France: Tour De France 1983
ECS 6F6Belgiun
ECS 6F7Germany
ECS 6F8France
ECS 6F9China
ECS 6F10China
ECS 6M1Factory machines: Blanket manufacture
ECS 6M2Trouser manufacture
ECS 6M3Factories: Hum of machines and activity
ECS 6M4Motor industry
ECS 6T1Traction engine (single cylinder)
ECS 6T2Steam roller / Traction engine (Interior/Exterior)
ECS 7B1Bicycles
ECS 7F1Bicycles
ECS 7M1Monasteries
ECS 7M2Monasteries
ECS 7T1American telephones
ECS 7T2American telephones
ECS 7T3Telephones - 1985: Sceptre 10
ECS 7T4Telephones (Telephone box)
ECS 8B1Baby boy crying
ECS 8B2Baby boy: Waking up sounds
ECS 8B3Baby girl: Nine months old
ECS 8T1Model Railways
1 A 38Airplanes
8 A 30Horse gallops
19 G 4Blank record
LP 27470The national amthem of Great Britain
12PH 9181War sounds
12PH 29647U. S. A. A. F. fighters
12RS 71555Animals
1 A 156Aircraft engines - Merlin - Exterior
1 A 162Helicopter
1 A 180Aircraft D.H. Tiger Moth single engine open cockpit - Exterior
1 A 181Aircraft D.H. Tiger Moth single engine open cockpit - Exterior
1 A 184Aircraft D.H. Dove 6/8 seater airliner - Exterior
1 A 185Aircraft D.H. Dove 6/8 seater airliner - Exterior
1 A 186Aircraft D.H. Dove 6/8 seater airliner
1 A 188Aircraft D.H. Dove 6/8 seater airliner - Interior: Cabin
1 A 201Aircraft: S.E. 5A (1914-1918 war single-engined fighter) - Exterior
1 A 203Aircraft: Saunders Roe Hovercraft (N.R.D.C.I.) - Exterior
1 A 207Jet fighter / Single seat fighter
2 A 22Maroons and bells
2 A 64Tenor bell - Lavenham, Suffolk
2 A 73Tenor bell - St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin
3 A 38Big Ben
3 A 39Big Ben
5 A 64Coal mining
5 A 103Garage
5 A 117Lift
5 A 132Building instustry
6 A 14Fire / Fire engines
8 A 60Horses (on cobbles)
8 A 63Horses on turf
13 A 17Squad drill with commands / Platoon drilling with commands
15 A 12Telephones
15 A 22Telephones
15 A 24Radio interference
19 A 3Rowing
19 A 12114 H.P. motor boat (On deck)
19 A 12214 H.P. motor boat 1952 (On deck)
19 A 129Ships - Wind in rigging and rough sea
19 A 133Gentle seawash on rocks
23 A 88Fireworks
23 A 95Fireworks (Guy Fawkes day)
23 A 100Gunfire
23 A 101Gunfire
23 A 102Gunfire
23 A 105German anti-aircraft gunfire
24 A 3Atmosphere in large building / Provincial town
24 A 17Amusement arcade machines / Slot machines
24 A 33Countryside in summer / Atmosphere in Lincoln Cathedral
1 B 39Goats / Cows
1 B 75Dogs
1 B 82Animals
2 B 63Chickens
2 B 68Farmyard: Poultry
2 B 76Owls at night
4 B 2Drums
4 B 13Drums
4 B 15Drums
4 B 18Gongs & cymbals
6 B 11Big drum
6 B 30Footsteps on pavement
13 B 70Racing cars (Jersey road race)
13 B 81Veteran cars
13 B 87Austin diesel taxi, 16 H.P.
13 B 95Lorry (30 cwt Morris Commercial) - Inside driving cab
13 B 98Motor car: Interior - Rolls Royce (Silver Ghost, 1907)
13 B 102Lorry and car / Car interior
13 B 103Police car / Ambulance
13 B 109Motor car interior (Hillman Minx, 1954)
13 B 124Vespa motor scooter
13 B 129Motor vehicles
13 B 153Motor horns
13 B 157Bus depot
13 B 169London Transport bus
19 B 20Sirens
20 B 90Trains
23 B 24Water
23 B 34Stream running
23 B 40Fountains: Italy
23 B 41Heavy waterfall
3 C 160Cricket match / Hyde Park
3 C 173People sounds
3 C 228Crowds and children outside
3 C 230Ladies hairdressing salon
3 C 232Children's sports / Hospital reception
3 C 240Theatre chatter / Crowds
3 C 257Airport control room
3 C 308Public house
3 C 310Crowds outside
3 C 313Crowds
3 C 350Village pub / Cocktail party
4 C 6Doors & curtains
23 C 14Heavy rain / Thunder
23 C 16Wind
23 C 23Gale rushing flood water
23 C 29Wind
23 C 30Weather - Thunderstorms
13 E 3Harp glissandos
20 E 6Trumpet fanfares
19 G 18Warble frequent botes - Gliding warble notes

BBC Records - Sound effects-MP

KEY: First C is cover condition, second C is media condition, L is the BBC label code, D is if the release has been deleted.
Click on the catalogue number to view the values for each individual entry.
Cat. no.Title
MP 15025Birds
MP 15066Indian Elephant, Coyote, Porcupine, Wild Horse
MP 15067Black Rhinoceros, Jackal, Hoolock Gibbon, Hog
MP 15069Elephant, Chimpanzee, Agile & Concolor Gibbon
MP 15070Lar Gibbon, Capuchine Monkey, Baboon, Mandrill
MP 15076Gibbon, Wolf
MP 15146African & Indian Elephant, Jaguar
MP 15155Animals
MP 15193Howler Monkey, Frog Chorus, Cicada, Elephant
MP 25061Hippopotamus, Grey Seal, Roe, Fallow Deer, Sika
MP 25112Atmos, Slapton Ley, Devon, Grasshoppers Etc.
MP 25120Animlas
MP 25125Atmosphere / places
MP 25150Birds
MP 25166Red-throated diver
MP 25188Birds
MP 25211Rhesus Monkey, Leopard, Tiger, New Forest Pony
MP 25236Animals
MP 25237Animals
MP 25239Animals
MP 25307Lion, Spotted Hyena, Black Backed Jackal, Zebra
MP 25454(Unknown)
MP 25464Birds
MP 31658Signature tune for Match of the Day

BBC Records - Sound effects-NH

KEY: First C is cover condition, second C is media condition, L is the BBC label code, D is if the release has been deleted.
Click on the catalogue number to view the values for each individual entry.
Cat. no.Title
NH 2ABirds
NH 3ABirds
NH 4ABirds
NH 8ATemperature mixed forest atmosphere
NH 9ATemperature mixed forest atmosphere
NH 10AForest atmosphere
NH 11AWarm temperate forest atmosphere
NH 15AGrassland atmosphere / Tropical savanna atmosphere
NH 20AVillage atmosphere
NH 24ATropical desert atmosphere / Fens swamps atmosphere
NH 25ATemperate desert atmosphere
NH 26AFens and swamps atmosphere / River atmosphere
NH 28AInsects: Field cricket, bee
NH 29AInsects: Bees, beetles, crickets
NH 30AInsects
NH 31AAmphibians: Frogs
NH 32AMackow, marsh frog, southern tree frog
NH 34APolar bear, bison, cat, wild cattle, camel, boar
NH 35ASimian fox, heskey dog, elk, deer
NH 38A(Unknown)
NH 40AOtter, reindeer, seal
NH 43ABirds
NH 44AWhinchat / Tern / Stonechat / Willow warbler
NH 46ABirds
NH 48ABirds
NH 54ZWolves, dingo, greek spur thighed tortoise
NH 55ZBirds / Sea lions
NH 58ZNepal and Australian animals
NH 63Z(Unknown)
NH 64ZAtmosphere - Tropical desert shrub, summer evening
NH 65ZTropical evergreen forest rec malagasy
NH 66ZMalagasy and Gloucestershire animals
NH 67ZScarlet tufted malachite sunbird, chimpanzees, white neck raven
NH 68ZChimpanzees, red howler monkey
NH 71ZBullnozed dolphin, evergreen rainforest brown lemur
NH 73ZRing-tailed lemur
NH 74ZSalmon, herring gulls
NH 75ZBlack tailed praire dogs, western diamond black rattle snake, American bison, red howler monkey
NH 77ZGalapagos hawk, sea lion
NH 78ZWhite whale, humpback whale, galapagos sealion, hood mocking bird, galapagos giant tortoise
NH 80ZNightingale, sedge warbler, blackbird
NH 82ZS. W. Australia & Gloucestershire animals
NH 87ZRhino / Hedgehog
NH 89Z
NH 92ZBirds / Insects in summer
NH 93ZAmerican elephant / Chimpanzee / Concolor Gibbon / Agile Gibbon
NH 98ZCicadas / Tsetse fly / Honey Bee
NH 100ZAustralian animals
NH 101ZAustralian & Gloucestershire animals
NH 102ZAustralian / Spanish animals
NH 107ZShrew / rat / birds / owl
NH 108ZAfrican animals
NH 110ZChaffinch / Linnet / Blue Tit
NH 111ZHampshire animals
NH 113ZEast Anglian and Kent animals
NH 114ZEnglish animals
NH 115ZSpanish animals
NH 116ZSpanish animals
NH 117ZSpanish animals
NH 118ZGoldeno riole, white stork,r uins:-s wifts,s tarlingsb, onelli
NH 119ZWhite stork, great grey shrike, crested tit, garden warbler
NH 120Zswifts, azure winged magpie
NH 121ZCorn bunting, golding griole, various (Spain)
NH 122ZWigeon various
NH 123ZChaffinch, Spanish spilrow, great tit, blue tit, calandra lark, hoopoc nightingale
NH 124ZSardinian warble, crested lark, black vulfure, various
NH 125ZBlack vulture, various
NH 126ZAustralian shelduck, crested screamer, great flamingo, wigeon chaffinch robin
NH 127ZMustle thrush, carrion crow, various
NH 128ZRobin, Starling, Nut Hatch, Chaffinch
NH 129ZOyster Catcher, Manx Sheerwater, Arctic Tern / Lesser Black-backed Gull, Common Gull, Great Skua, Canada Goose
NH 130ZMallard and ducklings, Eider, Tawny Owl
NH 131ZBlue tit, great tit, cuckoo, house martin
NH 132ZReed Warbler, Linnet, Wren, Woodlark
NH 133ZBlackbird, Blackcap, Jackdaw

BBC Records - Sound effects-SFX

KEY: First C is cover condition, second C is media condition, L is the BBC label code, D is if the release has been deleted.
Click on the catalogue number to view the values for each individual entry.
Cat. no.Title
BBCCD SFX001BBC sound effects
BBCCD SFX002Exterior atmospheres
BBCCD SFX003Household
BBCCD SFX004Interior backgrounds
BBCCD SFX005Transport
BBCCD SFX006Animals and birds
BBCCD SFX007Human crowds, children and footsteps
BBCCD SFX008Comedy, fantasy and humour
BBCCD SFX009International
BBCCD SFX010Communications
BBCCD SFX012British birds
BBCCD SFX013Industry
BBCCD SFX014Cities
BBCCD SFX015Natural atmospheres 1 - Europe and Northern Asia, west of the Urals
BBCCD SFX017Sport and leisure
BBCCD SFX018Bang !
BBCCD SFX019Alarms and sirens
BBCCD SFX020Weather: Winds
BBCCD SFX021Weather: Storms
BBCCD SFX022Ships and boats
BBCCD SFX023Ships and boats (2)
BBCCD SFX024America
BBCCD SFX025Aircraft
BBCCD SFX027Babies
BBCCD SFX028Hospitals
BBCCD SFX029Morocco
BBCCD SFX030Africa: The natural world
BBCCD SFX031Equestrian events
BBCCD SFX032Greece
BBCCD SFX033Adventure sports
BBCCD SFX034Livestock (1)
BBCCD SFX035Livestock (2)
BBCCD SFX036Farm machinery
BBCCD SFX037Horses (1)
BBCCD SFX038Horses (2) and dogs
BBCCD SFX039Schools and crowds
BBCCD SFX041Trains
BBCCD SFX042Trains
BBCCD SFX043D. I. Y. and building
BBCCD SFX045Vehicles
BBCCD SFX046Istanbul
BBCCD SFX047British birds
BBCCD SFX048Crowds
BBCCD SFX049Suburbia
BBCCD SFX051London
BBCCD SFX052Exterior atmospheres II: British rural backgrounds
BBCCD SFX053India and Nepal: City life
BBCCD SFX054Rural Pakistan
BBCCD SFX055Footsteps I
BBCCD SFX056Footsteps II
BBCCD SFX057Urban South America
BBCCD SFX058Rural South America
BBCCD SFX059Hungary
BBCCD SFX060The Czech Republic and Slovakia

BBC Records - Engineering Division

KEY: First C is cover condition, second C is media condition, L is the BBC label code, D is if the release has been deleted.
Click on the catalogue number to view the values for each individual entry.
Cat. no.Title
TG 1BBC ENgineering test record

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