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BBC Radioplay Music Library produced a series of Radioplay LPs & CDs exclusive to the British Broadcasting Corporation for use in its radio broadcasts. BBC Radioplay LPs & CDs were produced solely for broadcast by BBC radio stations and featured recordings that were free from Copyright, containing tracks recorded by the BBC (or partner organisations in Europe, USA etc). A number were live recordings, but there are also versions of well known songs recorded in the radio stations studios. For the vinyl LPs the front sleeves were usually of exactly the same design, with a picture of the featured artist & title being the only difference. The rear sleeve notes the title, tempo, intro, duration, end, composer, publisher and blurb related to the track (so the presenter could appear knowledgable!) BBC Radioplay LPs have some unique recordings, and as they were usually pressed by companies like Nimbus and were for broadcast, the quality of the production and pressing is usually very high. All CDs prefaced with the TAIRCD reference. CDs were manufactured at the Nimbus plant. "BBC Radioplay Music is not available to the public."

BBC Records - Radioplay Music - SRP / TSRP

KEY: First C is cover condition, second C is media condition, L is the BBC label code, D is if the release has been deleted.
Click on the catalogue number to view the values for each individual entry.
Cat. no.Title
SRP 7401Bert Kaempfert Orchestra
SRP 7402The Moogeyman Cometh
SRP 7410Big 'n' brassy
SRP 7412The two beats happy sound
SRP 7420Intermezzo
SRP 7424Cinderella's synfonia
TSRP 7425Newfoundland drinking songs
TSRP 7428My mood is you
SRP 7435Songs that make bathrooms beautiful
TSRP 7445Sonny and Slim meet Canned Heat at Montreux
SRP 7448Cool like conniff
SRP 7505Sweet and sour, Canadian style
SRP 7517Moonlight moog
SRP 7521Fretwork
TSRP 7524Muller's magic
SRP 7525Country harvest
TSRP 7539Everytime
TSRP 7542Jazz'ma tazz
TSRP 7543Songs your mother sang
TSRP 7548I gotta be free
TSRP 7550Looking back
TSRP 7551Times to remember
TSRP 7552Keep it in the family
SRP 7558The quickness of the sun
SRP 7562She's glad I'm Steve
SRP 7570Truck it and see
SRP 7571Never hit your Grandma with a shovel
TSRP 7572Jazz on a Summer's day
SRP 7574Guitar boogie
SRP 7577Soundscreen: From the big movie musicals
SRP 7578The big love themes
SRP 7579Satin Latin
TSRP 7580Don't think twice, it's all right!: A tribute to Joan Baez
TSRP 7584Starsound
SRP 7592Band in hand
SRP 7601Jolly Roger
SRP 7603Troy Cory's Christmas Crackers
TSRP 7605Standin up in a hammock
TSRP 7609The Chieftains with Planxty, Eddie & Finbar Furey and the Wolfetones
TSRP 7610Gordon Lightfoot
SRP 7613Trombones at dawn
SRP 7615The Music of Franz Von Suppe
SRP 7618Viennese pops - Volume 2
TSRP 7701If only you could play like this
SRP 7705Swing high, swing low
TSRP 7707Unashamed nostalgia
SRP 7714The Glendale Plumbing Company
TSRP 7716Clooney and Clan
TSRP 7717Here & now
TSRP 7719The ABC Showband
TSRP 7720Flying high
TSRP 7721Give it one!
TSRP 7726Jo-Ann Kelly meets Dick Wellstood
TSRP 7727Party pot-pourri
TSRP 7730Two sides of Rick Whitehead
SRP 7734Sing and be happy
TSRP 7736Maple leaf rag
TSRP 7746The best thing that ever happened
SRP 7747Meet a happy guy
SRP 7755Feelings
SRP 7756Black classics
SRP 7758Storyville
SRP 7762All by myself
SRP 7772Disco-Mania

BBC Records - Radioplay Music - TAIR

KEY: First C is cover condition, second C is media condition, L is the BBC label code, D is if the release has been deleted.
Click on the catalogue number to view the values for each individual entry.
Cat. no.Title
TAIR 78002Alan Broadbent & Friends
TAIR 78005Together
AIR 78007Bond, James 007
TAIR 78008Helen Ready, Cass Elliot, Linda Ronstadt
TAIR 78011Cat Stevens
TAIR 78012Sipping cider
AIR 78016Action at the movies
TAIR 78021Frank Sinatra & Jack Jones
TAIR 78022Special Collection
TAIR 78023Screen Spectaculars
TAIR 78024Getting a good thing together
TAIR 78027Lettermen
TAIR 78028Hank & Dot
TAIR 78029Together
TAIR 78032I wanna hear music!
AIR 78034Civilised country
TAIR 78035Half a mo(on)
TAIR 78038Hey, hey we're the Monkees
AIR 78039The magic sound
TAIR 78041French impression
TAIR 78043Bread winners
TAIR 78044Lee Conway - thinking of you
TAIR 78048Everyobdy Loves Me, Baby: Circus Performs the Songs of Don McLean
TAIR 78050Side Of The Road Gang
TAIR 78051L-O-V-E
TAIR 78053The Conniff collection
TAIR 78054Love Andy
TAIR 78055I believe in music
TAIR 78062Paganini
TAIR 78072Golden Dream Orchestra
TAIR 78076A little light music
TAIR 78077Biff boff biff
TAIR 78078Mosiac Design
TAIR 78080Raw deal
TAIR 78084Tidings of great joy: A Christmas album
TAIR 79002Good news
TAIR 79003Rock city
TAIR 79004String serenade
TAIR 79005Classic overtures
TAIR 79007Jazz on the Strip
TAIR 79008Blues to East
TAIR 79009Triangular
TAIR 79010Risen swing!
TAIR 79012All that jazz
TAIR 79014Media rare
AIR 79020Explosion
TAIR 79022Special collection
TAIR 79023Just what the world needs now
AIR 79025From the screen with love
TAIR 79026Sweet and sing
TAIR 79028Two sides of ...
TAIR 79029If dreams come true
TAIR 79032Something special
TAIR 79034Cosmic Rider
TAIR 79038Thank God I'm a country boy
TAIR 79039Denver's country
TAIR 79041Colours
TAIR 79043Roy Acuff I
TAIR 79044Roy Acuff II
TAIR 79045Roy Acuff III
TAIR 79046Anders plays ABBA
AIR 79047Vienna Bonbons
TAIR 79051Ruth Slenczynska plays Chopin's Etudes
TAIR 79054Kenny Wheeler plays
TAIR 79055Kai Winding & Tony Scott in Zurich
TAIR 79062Sweet and swing
TAIR 80004Another Acuff
TAIR 80005Bon(e)us
TAIR 80010The Opus Orchestra goes to the movies
TAIR 80013Music for serious and solemn occasions - Volume 3
TAIR 80015For lovers and losers
TAIR 80017There's nothing like a German band
TAIR 80018Americans In Europe - Vol. 1
TAIR 80019Americans in Europe - Vol. 2
TAIR 80020In and out of love
TAIR 80023The Linha Singers II
TAIR 80025Great hits, great memories
TAIR 80027The artist
TAIR 80028Don Gibson - Volume 1
TAIR 80029Don Gibson - Volume 2
TAIR 80035Glenn Miller classics
AIR 80037Soapy Crow
TAIR 80038Carole King
TAIR 80039Ride the music
TAIR 80040David Gates
AIR 80046Boogie Wonderland
TAIR 80047Coal Town Road
TAIR 80048Canadian brass rag
TAIR 80049Classics in brass
TAIR 80050Classical brass
TAIR 80051The Christmas Strings and Voices 2
TAIR 80052Music for flute & guitar
TAIR 80053Merry Christmas from the Holly Singers
TAIR 80056Encore
TAIR 80058Make it with you
TAIR 80059Mendelsson
TAIR 80060Elgar, Gade & Franck
TAIR 80061This one's for you
TAIR 80062We sing the songs
TAIR 80063Come to the cabaret
TAIR 80066George Benson
TAIR 80071Cash Backman
TAIR 80072Hoyt Axton
TAIR 80075Johnny Chester
TAIR 81001Roy Orbison
TAIR 81002Dolly Parton / The Kendalls
TAIR 81003Life of my own
TAIR 81004Joe Sun
TAIR 81005George Golla, his guitar, and Orchestra
TAIR 81007Anita Kerr
TAIR 81008Mark Gaddis
TAIR 81010Anita Kerr Orchestra
TAIR 81011Billy Swan / Barefoot Jerry
TAIR 81012The Big City Orchestra and Chorus
TAIR 81013Larry Coryell
TAIR 81017Stars on Radioplay
AIR 81018Swingle II - Special
TAIR 81020The cowboy and the lady
TAIR 81022George Golla / Don Burrows
TAIR 81023Richard Kerr
TAIR 81024This is it
TAIR 81025Nashville Bridge
TAIR 81027Get Up!
TAIR 81029Jenson Interceptor
TAIR 81030Diana Ross / Nancy Wilson
TAIR 81031Anne-Rita-Linda-Emmylou
TAIR 81033Lost in love
TAIR 81034Ryan's fancy
TAIR 82003What is love
TAIR 82004Live at Sydney Opera House
TAIR 82005Real rockin rockabilly
TAIR 82006Power tools
TAIR 82007Wonderland by night
TAIR 82009Flamenco Fiesta
TAIR 82010Flat top
TAIR 82012Norman Candler & his orchestra
TAIR 82013Norman Candler - Volume 2
TAIR 82014Norman Candler - Volume 3
TAIR 82015Norman Candler - Volume 4
TAIR 82016Every home should have one
TAIR 82017Classical cuts - Volume 1
TAIR 82018American gems volume 1
TAIR 82019Beatles Orchestral
TAIR 82021Hazel Dean Sings Bacharach & David
TAIR 82022Troy Seals
TAIR 82024Learning to survive
TAIR 82026Roger Cook's mother tongue
TAIR 82028A Christmas song
TAIR 82030Joy to the World
TAIR 82031O come all ye faithful
TAIR 82033Tony Hatch Orchestra
TAIR 82035Richard Clayderman
TAIR 82036Where do you go to?
TAIR 83001Nashville generation volume 1
TAIR 83002Nashville generation volume 2
TAIR 83003Blue sunshine
TAIR 83004Albert Hammond
TAIR 83005After hours
TAIR 83006New Celeste
TAIR 83007Retrospective landscape
TAIR 83008Wednesday
TAIR 83009Piano serenade
TAIR 83010Salute to Glenn Miller
TAIR 83011Nicole
TAIR 83012Spectrum
TAIR 83013Plaisir d'amour
TAIR 83016The Kids From Fame
TAIR 83019The best of Ray Stevens
TAIR 83020Sunset broadcast
TAIR 83021Just the way they are
TAIR 83022Long distant lover
TAIR 83023Time after time
TAIR 83024The Crusaders and Dr. L. Subramaniam
TAIR 83025The Metropole Orchestra
TAIR 83027Sweet time
TAIR 83028Girls, Girls, Girls
TAIR 83030Dream, dream, dream
TAIR 83032All right
TAIR 83033Take the money and run
TAIR 83034Paul Richey
TAIR 83037A Christmas feast
TAIR 83038New looks from an old lover
TAIR 83039Salena Jones
TAIR 83049Love twins
TAIR 84001Garden party
TAIR 84002Classical cuts - Volume V
TAIR 84003Anne Murray and Annie Ryan
TAIR 84005Wendy Mathews
TAIR 84006The two of us
TAIR 84008Hold on tightly
TAIR 84009Mickey Gilley, Porter Wagoner
TAIR 84010Heavy on easy
TAIR 84011Who speaks to me?
TAIR 84012Very alive - Again
TAIR 84013Bow to the inevitable
TAIR 84014Mix it
TAIR 84015Gene McDaniels
TAIR 84016Laughter and the tears
TAIR 84018Power switch
TAIR 84019Seen and heard
TAIR 84020Don't talk just listen
TAIR 84022Music makes you radio heroes
TAIR 84023Heartbreak Survivors
TAIR 84024Sax & ornithology
TAIR 84025You do it
TAIR 84026Don't look any further
TAIR 84027Van Sunson & Alex Call
TAIR 84028Body spirit and mind
TAIR 84030Byrne & Barnes
TAIR 84031Senior prom!
TAIR 84032You're my radio
TAIR 84033Little bit of magic
TAIR 84034Goin' up goin' down
TAIR 84035Warriors and queens
TAIR 84036Truly yours
TAIR 84037J. L. Wallace
TAIR 84038I wanna get close to you
TAIR 84039Swingin the blues
TAIR 84040Cry (Just a little bit...)
TAIR 84041Automatic
TAIR 84042Hungry for attention
TAIR 84044I got you
TAIR 84045I see the music
TAIR 84046Ready or not ...
TAIR 84049Human touch
TAIR 84050High voltage
TAIR 84053Chemistry
TAIR 84054Only two people
TAIR 84055Only here for the beer
TAIR 85002After the lights go on
TAIR 85003Ask me to dance
TAIR 85005Dance Electric
TAIR 85006Ruler of the hunt
TAIR 85007No charge
TAIR 85008Ezra Rachlin
TAIR 85009But then again
TAIR 85010Get It Straight
TAIR 85011Opinion on love
TAIR 85013Something to go on
TAIR 85014Without a doubt
TAIR 85015Guitar portrait
TAIR 85016The calling
TAIR 85017All in love
TAIR 85018Kelita Haverland
TAIR 85019The right feeling
TAIR 85021Sweet bird of youth
TAIR 85022Ernest Tubb country
TAIR 85024Midnight blue
TAIR 85026Nothing else to do
TAIR 85027A new beginning
TAIR 85028Lights out
TAIR 85029Night of the comet (Original soundtrack)
TAIR 85030Ballerina
TAIR 85031Secrets
TAIR 85033Celebration
TAIR 85034Bread and butter
TAIR 85037Take time out
TAIR 85038The classic Neil Diamond
TAIR 85039Heartache and a half
TAIR 85040Marvin Gaye / Commodores
TAIR 85041Stevie Wonder
TAIR 85042Supremes Four Tops Temptations - Vol. I
TAIR 85043Supremes Four Tops Temptations - Vol. 2
TAIR 85044Diana Ross
TAIR 85045Road runner
TAIR 85046Automatically sunshine
TAIR 85047Dancing in the street
TAIR 85048Tears of a clown
TAIR 85049Jermaine Jackson / Rockwell
TAIR 85050Easy as ABC
TAIR 85052Slippin' and Slidin'
TAIR 85053Ask me to dance
TAIR 85055Pressure points
TAIR 85056Find a way
TAIR 85059The Kern collection volume 1
TAIR 85061Gold standard
TAIR 85062States of America
TAIR 85063Doobie Brothers
TAIR 85064The unforgettable
TAIR 85065Rejoice, rejoice
TAIR 85066Newport Vintage '59
TAIR 85067Never hit your grandma with a shovel
TAIR 85068Find a way
TAIR 85069A long way to Heaven
TAIR 86001Friendship train
TAIR 86002Love gun
TAIR 86003Signed sealed and delivered
TAIR 86004Flying high
TAIR 86005Please Mr postman
TAIR 86006How sweet it is
TAIR 86007I want you around
TAIR 86008My guy
TAIR 86011Wild heart
TAIR 86012Young at heart
TAIR 86013The guitar and the lady
TAIR 86014Gangsters of love
TAIR 86016Somewhere in the night
TAIR 86018Sin for a season
TAIR 86019Yes and know
TAIR 86020Heartfelt
TAIR 86021Kern collection volume 3 - Yesterday's forever
TAIR 86022We are yours
TAIR 86023Doobie Brothers 2
TAIR 86024Summertime
TAIR 86027Evergreen
TAIR 86029Hollywood hot tracks
TAIR 86031Crazy man crazy
TAIR 86032People are people
TAIR 86034Jose Feliciano
TAIR 86035Time will reveal
TAIR 86036Still called the blues
TAIR 86039Check it out
TAIR 86040Sweet harmony
TAIR 86041On cloud nine
TAIR 86042Keep on Truckin'
TAIR 86044Praise to the Lord
TAIR 86045We are beautiful
TAIR 86046Newport Vintage '56
TAIR 86049Love Twins
TAIR 86050Get around the sixties
TAIR 86051Hollywood hot tracks 2
TAIR 86052No easy way down
TAIR 86054Hollywood hot tracks 3
TAIR 86057Thanks for the memory
TAIR 86058Christmas fayre
TAIR 86059Country people
TAIR 87002Hollywood hot tracks 4
TAIR 87005Dazz Band
TAIR 87006Lovin' fever
TAIR 87007Living for the city
TAIR 87009Keep the faith
TAIR 87010American girls
TAIR 87011Singin' in the Movies 1
TAIR 87013New highway
TAIR 87014Wings of an eagle
TAIR 87015Ramblin' Man
TAIR 87016Thelma & Streeta
TAIR 87017Classic cuts 9 - In the mist
TAIR 87018Radioplay stars again
TAIR 87019Ain't no trick
TAIR 87020Lionel Richie in concert
TAIR 87021Music for serious occasions 1
TAIR 87023Th' dudes
TAIR 87025Wonder monger
TAIR 87026Pop go the movies 1
TAIR 87027I know what love is
TAIR 87028Guitar man
TAIR 87029Forever my love
TAIR 87030Williams-Fairey Engineering Band
TAIR 87031Sugar candy misses
TAIR 87032Harry Belafonte
TAIR 87033Blossom Dearie
TAIR 87034Art for arts sake
TAIR 87035Hollywood hot tracks 5
TAIR 87036Seams OK
TAIR 87037Flight over Broadway
TAIR 87038The flying emus compilation
TAIR 87039Pop go to the movies 2
TAIR 87040Wilson / Turner
TAIR 87041Remember me
TAIR 87042First take
TAIR 87043Through Bushes and Briar
TAIR 87044Close enough for country
TAIR 87045Blue Christmas
TAIR 87046Spinning Tops
TAIR 87047Glen Campbell at Wembley
TAIR 87048Emmylou Harris at Wembley
TAIR 87049Sound Connection
TAIR 87050Jazz classics - Volume 1
TAIR 87051Jazz classics - Volume 2
TAIR 87052Killin' jive
TAIR 87053Let's stay together
TAIR 87054Actual emotional love
TAIR 87055A hard act to follow
TAIR 87056Pressin' on
TAIR 87057Roy Orbison
TAIR 87058Blues with a feeling
TAIR 87059Let it rock
TAIR 87060Tony Bennett with the Count Basie Orchestra
TAIR 87061Blondie
TAIR 87062Leader of the pack
TAIR 87063Sugar baby love
TAIR 87064Brendan Shine
TAIR 87065Christmas is ...
TAIR 87066Reelin' in the years
TAIR 87067Johnny Cash / George Jones at Wembley
TAIR 87068Sincerely
TAIR 87069Second serenade
TAIR 87070Country Life
TAIR 88001Bobby Goldsboro
TAIR 88002Boogie woogie doctor
TAIR 88003Motown sing the hits
TAIR 88004Squire's fancy
TAIR 88005Presenting the Frank Chacksfield Orchestra
TAIR 88006Closer to your heart
TAIR 88007Stevie Wonder in concert
TAIR 88008Whole lotta shakin'
TAIR 88009Stars sing Motown
TAIR 88010Country in mind
TAIR 88011Bobby Goldsboro
TAIRCD 001Radioplay - The greatest hits
TAIRCD 003Get around the 70s
TAIRCD 004Supreme moments
TAIRCD 007Get around the 80s
TAIRCD 010Master blaster
TAIRCD 011Kinda country
TAIRCD 013The delectable Miss D.
TAIRCD 014Funkaroony
TAIRCD 016The Christmas song
TAIRCD 017The Carpenters
TAIRCD 019Witness
TAIRCD 020America / Doobie Brothers
TAIRCD 021Islands in the stream
TAIRCD 022Soul spectrum
TAIRCD 023Slave to the rhythm
TAIRCD 024Sailing by ....
TAIRCD 028Sugar babies
TAIRCD 030Solid gold
TAIRCD 031Getting' tough
TAIRCD 032Get around the fifties
TAIRCD 033Four Tops reach out
TAIRCD 037Best of Smokey Robinson and the Miracles
TAIRCD 046Get ready
TAIRCD 051Singer and the song
TAIRCD 063Instrumental express
TAIRCD 069Stateside smashes
TAIRCD 078Rhythm ... & Blues
TAIRCD 082Soul spectrum - Volume 2
TAIRCD 098The sound of Philadelphia
TAIRCD 106Roll with it
TAIRCD 120U got the look
TAIRCD 122Elton John
TAIRCD 12779-86
TAIRCD 12887-91
TAIRCD 132Let the music play
TAIRCD 135Music music music
TAIRCD 137Forever in blue jeans
TAIRCD 141Don't worry be happy
TAIRCD 142Erotica
TAIRCD 149Love songs - Volume 2
TAIRCD 150Bed of roses
TAIRCD 151Dance crazy
TAIRCD 152The world is stone
TAIRCD 155The heat is on
TAIRCD 158Sweet freedom - Hits of the 80s and 90s
TAIRCD 159Cat's in the cradle
TAIRCD 162Lonely street
TAIRCD 163These dreams
TAIRCD 174So close
TAIRCD 175La Bamba - Pop classics volume 9
TAIRCD 178Volume 2: 1974-1982
TAIRCD 183Volume 3: 1983-1993
TAIRCD 191The strangest party
TAIRCD 193Livin' for the weekend
TAIRCD 195Stool pigeon
TAIRCD 196Alive and kickin
TAIRCD 197The hits - Volume 1: 1974-1978
TAIRCD 198Earth song
TAIRCD 201The hits - Volume 2: 1979-1983
TAIRCD 204Isn't she lovely
TAIRCD 208All by myself
TAIRCD 210The classic years
TAIRCD 211Against the grain - A new country sampler
TAIRCD 216Betcha by golly wow
TAIRCD 218Stateside smashes volume 4 - Black or white
TAIRCD 220Love songs - Volume 7
TAIRCD 227Hot hot hot
TAIRCD 232Miles away
TAIRCD 233Show tunes

BBC Records - Radioplay Music (Best of Radioplay) - RPLA

KEY: First C is cover condition, second C is media condition, L is the BBC label code, D is if the release has been deleted.
Click on the catalogue number to view the values for each individual entry.
Cat. no.Title
RPLA 1The best of Radioplay - Volume 1
RPLA 2The best of Radioplay - Volume 2
RPLA 3The best of Radioplay - Volume 3
RPLA 4The best of Radioplay - Volume 4
RPLA 5The best of Radioplay - Volume 5
RPLA 6The best of Radioplay - Volume 6
RPLA 7The best of Radioplay - Volume 7
RPLA 8The best of Radioplay - Volume 8
RPLA 9The best of Radioplay - Volume 9
RPLA 10The best of Radioplay - Volume 10
RPLA 11The best of Radioplay - Volume 11
RPLA 12The best of Radioplay - Volume 12
RPLA 13The best of Radioplay - Volume 13 - Country / Female vocals
RPLA 14The best of Radioplay - Volume 14
RPLA 15The best of Radioplay - Volume 15
RPLA 16The best of Radioplay - Volume 16
RPLA 17The best of Radioplay - Volume 17
RPLA 18The best of Radioplay - Volume 18
RPLA 19The best of Radioplay - Volume 19 - Bond themes
RPLA 20The best of Radioplay - Volume 20
RPLA 21The best of Radioplay - Volume 21 - Swingle II
RPLA 22The best of Radioplay - Volume 22
RPLA 23The best of Radioplay - Volume 23
RPLA 24The best of Radioplay - Volume 24 - Airmen of Note
RPLA 25The best of Radioplay - Volume 25
RPLA 26The best of Radioplay - Volume 26

BBC Records - Radioplay Music (Sigs and Sessions) - SNS

KEY: First C is cover condition, second C is media condition, L is the BBC label code, D is if the release has been deleted.
Click on the catalogue number to view the values for each individual entry.
Cat. no.Title
SNS 002Paul Mille
SNS 003Van Alexander and his orchestra
SNS 004Patchwork Orchestra & Butsch Kellem Group
SNS 008The Bobby Lee Orchestra / Buddy Dufault & His Orchestra
SNS 012Roland Baker Show Band
SNS 014The Paul Reym Orchestra / The Frank Alamo Orchestra
SNS 015Syd Dale Orchestra
SNS 016Etienne Cap and his orchestra
SNS 017Munich Pop Symphonics
SNS 018Butsch Kellem Group
SNS 020Patchwork Orchestra
SNS 023The Disco Tramps
SNS 025Sam Fonteyn Orchestra
SNS 027The Frank Duval Combo / The Vilmos Kormendi Sound
SNS 032Barry White songs
SNS 034H.R. Orchestra
SNS 035Belmonte and his Afro-Latin Seven
SNS 036Syd Dale and his Orchestra
SNS 037The HR Orchestra
SNS 040Go Go Disco
SNS 041Walter Rizzati Orchestra
SNS 044Keyboard Festival
SNS 045Lado's Latin Combination / The Kenny Bird Orchestra
SNS 051George Hermann and his Orchestra
SNS 052Ben Cooper and his Orchestra
SNS 056April Orchestra

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