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I have watched Doctor Who since the 1970's (and yes I did hide behind the sofa!) For me my favourite era was Tom Baker, but I didn't know about the previous ones until the BBC showed one story from the previous Doctor's over one summer in the early 1980's. They interested me as I hadn't really seen them before. They were later released on video, so I lapped them up as soon as they came out!

I am often asked what I think about the 'new seasons', for me there are some very good stories in their - but just like the original run there are poor ones too! I like the 'evil angel' stories and was very tempted to buy one of those statues you could get! I liked others too but have yet to watch them all.

The other question I am asked is about which was my favourite monster, this one is more difficult and has been known to vary. As a child, I liked the Daleks, but when getting older, they lost favour. For me it was always whether the monster had intelligence, so I guess overall it has to be the Master - trying to see how the Doctor would outwit him in that particular story!

You can view one Doctor at a time and below is a list of Doctor Who stories and the media they exist on that I have. For more details of the release and story, click on the catalogue number(s).

Doctor Who Christopher Ecclestone (2005) picture Christopher Ecclestone (2005)

CodeStory titleCompaniansTapesCDsDVDs / Blu-raysBooksOther formatsParts existSeason
1.1RoseRBBCDVD 1755128
1.2The End Of The WorldoBBCDVD 1755128
1.3The Unquiet DeadsBBCDVD 1755128
1.4Aliens Of LondoneBBCDVD 1756128
1.5World War threeBBCDVD 1756128
1.6DalekTBBCDVD 1756128
1.7The Long GameyBBCDVD 1757128
1.8Father's DaylBBCDVD 1757128
1.9The Empty ChildeBBCDVD 17571,228
1.1The Doctor DancesrBBCDVD 1757128
1.11Boom Town|BBCDVD 1758128
1.12Bad Wolf|BBCDVD 1758128
1.13The Parting Of The Ways|BBCDVD 1758128

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