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Below is a listing from the CDs Category.

Welcome to my listing of CDs from my collection. To view a different section (for example the BBC Transcription discs if there are any for this), select the new section in the links above this message.

To view details of a particular release, simply click on the picture or the text which follows underneath in the display below. By viewing a release page, you will find a lot more information about that particular release which includes basic details of it like the artist and year of release, any track details for the release (if applicable), lists of other similar releases as well as any other pictures I have taken. If there are linked videos, then you will be able to see the them in a form of a youtube embedded object into the webpage!

This section includes all the releases where they were not directly released by the BBC itself, but normally licenced by the BBC to a third party. Although I am only actively collecting records from Doctor Who (see Doctor Who link), I *might* be interested in others. Feel free to contact me if you have something similar to other items in the collection. Would you mind please contacting me using the Contact me page?

cds picture AudioGo Ltd. CDs (1976-2011)

AudioGO (formerly BBC Audiobooks) was a publisher of audiobooks and a range of spoken word and large-print titles. It was majority owned by AudioGO Ltd, and minority owned by BBC Worldwide. It was formed in 2010, when AudioGO purchased a majority share in BBC Audiobooks, and traded until it went into administration in 2013. AudioGO published unabridged audio novels, and the BBC Radio Collection which incorporated dramatisations and non-fiction output derived from BBC Radio programmes. Novels were published under the imprint AudioGO, and BBC-sourced content under the BBC Audio imprint, the latter making up about 20% of new titles as at 2010.

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Picture of Womble stories by artist Bernard Cribbins from the BBC cds - Records and Tapes library
Bernard Cribbins
Womble stories

ISBN 978-1-4084-6810-0 UK flag *****
Picture of Vintage Beeb - Comedy favourites by artist Various from the BBC cds - Records and Tapes library
Vintage Beeb - Comedy favourites

ISBN 978-1-4458-6151-7 UK flag *****