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Below is a listing from the Books catagory.

Welcome to my listing of Books from my collection. To view details of a particular release, simply click on the picture or the text which follows underneath in the display below. By viewing a release page, you will find a lot more information about that particular release which includes basic details of it like the artist and year of release, any track details for the release (if applicable), lists of other similar releases as well as any other pictures I have taken. If there are linked videos, then you will be able to see the them in a form of a youtube embedded object into the webpage!

This section includes all the releases which don't fit into any other catagory. I am not actively collecting anything in this section at this time!

books picture Picture from Other Other Books (1966-1984)

Here we have all music not applicable to other sections. It mostly contains popular music artists which are not yet included in my favourite artists section.

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Picture of 1-85568-022-X Lakeland geology by artist E. H. Shackleton
Lakeland geology
E. H. Shackleton
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Understanding maps
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How it works - The rocket

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How it works - The camera
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Passenger cars 1905 - 1912
Picture cover to follow
How it works - The computer

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Coffins for tailors
Picture cover to follow
John Wesley
Picture of Books-GBSB GB stamp book by artist Stanley Gibbons
GB stamp book
Stanley Gibbons

Picture of 0-600-56425-8 Pocket guide to minerals by artist Andrew Clark
Pocket guide to minerals
Andrew Clark
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Prayers for Jesus
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The dark

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The fog
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The little Oxford dictionary
Picture cover to follow
American football

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