Discovery of BBC - Polish

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BBC - Polish discovery

BBC records released to the Polish public. The labels and catalogue numbers are different to the UK versions.

singles catagory 7'' singles

CoverCat. no.TitleArtistYearRating
No coverS - 31Rock around the clock (Looking for Clancy) (Polish import)Brian Wade / Tony Cliff / Buddy19752
No coverS - 59I only want to be in the world (Polish im[port)Cindy Kent19753
No coverSS 739Some of these days (Polish import)Brooks / Francis / Supa / Lena Zavaroni19763
Picture of S - 21 Roll over Beethoven (Polish import) by artist Berry / Vincent / Davis from the BBC singles - Records and Tapes libraryS - 21Roll over Beethoven (Polish import)Berry / Vincent / Davis19754
Picture of S - 43 Rock around the clock (Polish import) by artist Wade / Cliff from the BBC singles - Records and Tapes libraryS - 43Rock around the clock (Polish import)Wade / Cliff19752